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Cryptozoic Entertainment

Publisher name:Cryptozoic Entertainment
Comment:Cryptozoic Entertainment, Inc.
City:Lake Forest, CA

Published games

Adventure Time Card Wars: Doubles Tournament2016Cryptozoic EntertainmentMatt Hyra
Mataio Wilson
Board   16.05.16 
Adventure Time Card Wars: Fionna vs Cake2016Cryptozoic EntertainmentCory Jones
Richard Brady
Board   16.05.16 
Adventure Time: Card Wars - BMO vs. Lady Rainicorn2014Cryptozoic EntertainmentMatt HyraBoard   23.12.14 
Adventure Time: Card Wars - Finn vs. Jake2014Cryptozoic EntertainmentMatt HyraBoard   23.12.14 
Adventure Time: Card Wars - For The Glory!2014Cryptozoic EntertainmentMatt HyraBoard   23.12.14 
Adventure Time: Card Wars - Princess Bubblegum vs. Lumpy Space Princess2014Cryptozoic EntertainmentMatt HyraBoard   23.12.14 
Attack on Titan: Deck-Building Game2016Cryptozoic EntertainmentMatt HyraBoard   16.05.16 
Attack on Titan: The Last Stand2016Cryptozoic EntertainmentLudovic Maublanc
Antoine Bauza
Board   16.05.16 
Attack on Titan: The Last Stand / Das letzte Gefecht2017Cryptozoic EntertainmentLudovic Maublanc
Antoine Bauza
Board   06.02.21 
Batman: The Animated Series Almost Got Im Card Game2017Cryptozoic EntertainmentMatt HyraBoard   06.02.21 
CapCom Street Fighter Deck-Building Game2014Cryptozoic EntertainmentMatt HyraBoard   23.12.14 
Cartoon Network Crossover Crisis Deck-Building Game2016Cryptozoic EntertainmentMatt HyraBoard   16.05.16 
Cult: Choose Your God Wisely2018Cryptozoic EntertainmentKonstantin SeleznevBoard   07.02.21 
DC Comics Deck-Building Game: Heroes United2014Cryptozoic EntertainmentErik LarsenBoard   23.12.14 
DC Comics Deck-Building Game: Rivals - Batman vs The Joker2014Cryptozoic EntertainmentErik LarsenBoard H@LL9000 (DE) 01.06.18 
DC Spyfall2018Cryptozoic EntertainmentMatt Hyra
Alexandr Ushan
Dekan Wheeler
Board   07.02.21 
Der Herr der Ringe: Deckbau-Spiel2016Asmodee
Cryptozoic Entertainment
Ben StollBoard Knopfspiele (DE), SpieLama (DE) 09.09.16In print
Double Feature2014Cryptozoic EntertainmentJohn KovalicBoard   23.12.14 
Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Melee at Murdershroom Marsh2017Cryptozoic EntertainmentCory Jones
Matt Hyra
Board   06.02.21 
Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Panic at the Pleasure Palace2018Cryptozoic EntertainmentCory Jones
Matt Hyra
Board   07.02.21 
Epic Spell Wars: Duell at Mt. Skullzfyre2012Cryptozoic Entertainment Board Spielstil (DE), TequilasWelt (DE) 16.12.15 
Gravwell: Escape from the 9th Dimension2013Cryptozoic EntertainmentCorey YoungBoard muwins (DE) 24.12.14 
Hawken Real-Time Card Game2014Cryptozoic EntertainmentMatt HyraBoard   23.12.14 
Locke & Key - The Game2012Cryptozoic EntertainmentMatt HyraBoard Spieletest (DE) 06.06.13 
Mad Science Foundation2016Cryptozoic EntertainmentMax Seidman
Sharang Biswas
Board   16.05.16 
Masters of Orion2016Cryptozoic EntertainmentEkaterina Gorn
Igor Sklyuev
Board Spieletest (DE) 22.04.17 
Night Eternal: The Game2013Cryptozoic EntertainmentRob HeinsooBoard   24.12.14 
Pantone: The Game2018Cryptozoic EntertainmentScott Rogers (II)Board   07.02.21 
Penny Arcade: The Game - Gamers vs Evil2011Cryptozoic EntertainmentMike DonaisBoard Spieletest (DE) 06.06.13 
Penny Arcade: The Game - Rumble in RŽlyeh2012Cryptozoic EntertainmentMike DonaisBoard Spieletest (DE) 23.08.13 
Poker Assault2016Cryptozoic EntertainmentBen Cichoski
Danny Mandel
Board   16.05.16 
Portal2016Cryptozoic EntertainmentJeep BarnettBoard muwins (DE) 13.03.19 
Rick and Morty: The Pickle Rick Game2018Cryptozoic EntertainmentMatt HyraBoard   07.02.21 
Rick and Morty: The Ricks Must Be Crazy Multiverse Game2018Cryptozoic EntertainmentMatt HyraBoard   07.02.21 
ROFL!2013Cryptozoic EntertainmentJohn KovalicBoard   24.12.14 
Spyfall 2 / Agent Undercover 22017Cryptozoic EntertainmentAlexandr UshanBoard   06.02.21 
The Big Bang Theory – Das Partyspiel2013Pegasus Spiele
Cryptozoic Entertainment
Ben StollBoard angespielt (DE), MikesGamingNet (DE), ReichDerSpiele (DE), Spieletest (DE) 11.09.14 
The Doom That Came To Atlantic City2014Cryptozoic EntertainmentKeith BakerBoard   23.12.14 
The Walking Dead Board Game: The Best Defense2013Cryptozoic EntertainmentMatt HyraBoard   24.12.14 
The Walking Dead Card Game2013Cryptozoic EntertainmentWolfgang KramerBoard   24.12.14 
The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary2018Cryptozoic EntertainmentBrady Sadler
Adam Sadler
Board   07.02.21 

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