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Publisher name:MB
Milton Bradley

Published games

0071965MB Board 
101 Dalmat1991MB Board 
13 Dead End Drive1995MBMichael GrayBoard 
20 Questions1989MBScott A. Mednick
A. Robert Moog
3 Men on a Horse1936MB Board 
3D Krimi-Puzzle1995MB Board 
4 gewinnt 4x42009MB Board 
A Day With Ziggy Game1977MB Board 
Achtung Hai1988MB Board 
Ad-Lib Crossword Cubes1963MB
E.S. Lowe
Affenfassen2005MB Board 
Affengeil1996MB Board 
Affenjagd MB Board 
Agathas letzter Wille1996MBMichael GrayBoard 
Air Trix1976MB Board 
Aladdin the Magic Carpet Game1992MB Board 
All Aboard1986MB Board 
Alle meine Schweinchen2003MB Board 
Alle Neune MB Board 
Alles im Eimer MB Board 
Alumni Fun1964MB Board 
Amazing Spider Man with the Fantastic Four!1977MB Board 
Angriff der Eldar MB BoardStar Quest
Animorphs: The Invasion Game1998MB Board 
Ants In The Pants1984MB
Marvin GlassBoard 
Archie Bunker's Card Game1972MB Board 
Arctur 's Königreich1994MB Board 
Are You 4 Real2002MB Board 
Arielle die kleine Meerjungfrau MB Board 
Arithmetic Bingo1960MB Board 
Arthur Goes to the Library1996MB Board 
Ask Zandar1992MB Board 
Atlantis1982MB Board 
Aufgepaßt nachgedacht!1992MB Board 
Augen auf1978MB Board 
Ausgeflippt2001MB Board 
Ausgefuchst1984MB Board 
Autsch!2007MB Board 
Avanti Spaghetti!1991MB Board 
Axis & Allies1984MBLawrence H. HarrisWarMB Gamemaster Series
Back Off! Buzzard1990MB Board 
Backgammon Schule1975MB Board 
Balaroo1967MB Board 
Balderdash1984MB Board 
Bali1985MB Board 
Bambi1992MB Board 
Bamboozle1962MB Board 
Bandu1992MBKlaus ZochBoard 
Baretta1976MB Board 
Bargain Hunter1981MB Board 
Barnabas Collins Dark Shadows Game1969MB Board 
Barney First Fishing Game1999MB
Barney's Follow the Egg Game1998MB Board 
Barrel of Monkeys1966MB Board 
Bash!1965MB Board 
Batman1966MB Board 
Battle Bots Build' Em Bash 'Em2002MB Board 
Battle Cry1960MBRichard BorgWarAmerican Heritage
Battle Dome1996MB Board 
Battle Masters: Imperial Lords1992MB
Games Workshop
Stephen BakerBoard 
Stephen BakerBoard 
BattleBots: Kickbot Arena2001MB Board 
Battleship1931MB Board 
Battleship Card Game2002MB War 
Beat the Clock1969MB Board 
Bed Bugs1985MB Board 
Beginners Bridge1965MBCharles H. GorenBoard 
Berlin1987MB Board 
Bermuda Triangle1975MB Board 
Berzerk1980MB Board 
Beverly Hills 90210 Card Game1992MB Board 
Beverly Hills 90210 Survey Game1991MB Board 
Bi Ba Bummelbus2003MB Board 
Bid it Right1964MB Board 
Big Bird's Nesticks1977MB Board 
Big Foot1977MB Board 
Bigfoot 4x4x41984MB Board 
Bingo Is His Name-O2002MB Board 
Bird in the Hand1984MB Board 
Black Box1977MBEric W. SolomonBoard 
Blazing Camels1996MBAlex RandolphBoard 
Blockbusters1982MBSteve RyanBoard 
Bob the Builder - Scoop's Construction Site Game2001MB Board 
Body English1967MB Board 
Body Language1975MB Board 
Bonkers1990MB Board 
Boob Tube1962MB Board 
Boogey Man1987MB Board 
Bop-It1998MB Board 
Brainwaves1977MB Board 
Bratz Passion for Fashion2002MB Board 
Break the Bank1977MB Board 
Breaker 19: The CB Trucker Game1976MB Board 
Bridge for One1967MB Board 
Broadside1962MB WarAmerican Heritage
Broadsides and Boarding Parties1982MBLawrence H. HarrisBoardMB Gamemaster Series
Buffy the Vampire Slayer2000MBBill SabramBoard 
Bugs Bunny1979MB Board 
Bullwinkle Hide 'n Seek Game1961MB Board 
Bumpin' Benny Game1988MB Board 
Buteur1981MB Board 
Butt-Ugly Martians: The Race to Rescue Dog2001MB Board 
By the Numbers1962MB Board 
Cabbage Patch Kids Bicycle Race Game1990MB Board 
Cachorrito Veloz1999MB Board 
Call My Bluff MBRichard BorgBoard 
Camouflage1961MB Board 
Camp Granada1965MB Board 
Candy Land Game1962MB Board 
Candyland1949MBEleanor AbbottBoard 
Candyland2005MB Board 
Candyland Bingo1978MB Board 
Candyland Lotto1987MB Board 
Candyland VCR1986MB Board 
Captain America Game1977MB Board 
Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels Game1980MB Board 
Car Travel Game1958MB Board 
Cardino1970MB Board 
Carol Burnett's Spoof1964MB Board 
Carrier Strike1977MB War 
Casino Yahtzee1986MB
E.S. Lowe
Casper the Friendly Ghost Game1959MB Board 
Castle Minwood1993MB Board 
Categorum1990MB Board 
Catnip1996MB Board 
Celebrity Taboo MBBrian HerschBoardTaboo
Centipede MB Board 
Challenge Yahtzee1974MB
E.S. Lowe
Chameleon1938MB Board 
Championship Baseball1984MB Board 
Channel Surfing1994MB Board 
Charles Goren's Rolomatic Bridge1969MB Board 
Charlie's Angels1977MB Board 
Chaseback1962MB Board 
Check-up Charlie1995MB Board 
Checkered Flag1987MB War 
Chevyland Sweepstakes1968MB Board 
Cheyenne1958MB Board 
Chicken Out1966MB Board 
Chicken Run: The Chicken Pot Pie Game2000MB
Chip'n Dale: Rescue Rangers Game MB Board 
Chit Chat1963MBHugh DownsBoard 
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang1968MB Board 
Choo-Choo1977MBAlex RandolphBoard 
Chopper Chase1987MB Board 
Chopper Strike1976MB War 
E.S. Lowe
Chutes and Ladders1956MB Board 
Chutes and Ladders VCR1986MB Board 
Clickety-Clak1940MB Board 
Clip-On1982MB Board 
Clown Roulette1975MB Board 
Clue: Simpsons Version2000MB Board 
Cold Turkey1995MB Board 
Columbo1974MB Board 
Comp IV1978MB Board 
Concentration1958MBJim O'ConnorBoard 
Concentration Game Refills1964MB Board 
Congo The Movie1995MB Board 
Connect Four1974MB Board 
Conquest of the Empire1984MBLawrence H. HarrisBoardMB Gamemaster Series
Consentration1960MB Board 
Conspiracy1982MBEric W. SolomonBoard 
Cookie Cop1997MB Board 
Cootie1927MB Board 
Cootie Jitterbug1999MB
Cosmic Catch2008MB Board 
Yorkshire Television Channel 4
Armand JammotBoard 
Cover to Cover2004MB
Cowboy-Schreck2000MB Board 
Crack the Case1993MBRobert R. SchochBoard 
Crack!1993MB Board 
Crash Canyon1989MB Board 
Creepy Cauldron1992MB Board 
Crocodile Dentist1990MB Board 
Cross Up1974MB Board 
Cross Up Poker1968MB Board 
Crossfire1977MB Board 
Curse of the Idol1990MB Board 
Da war doch ...1986MB Board 
Danger Dive1988MB Board 
Dark Tower1981MB Board 
Das Knuffel-Bunt-Spiel MB Board 
Das magische Labyrinth1990MB Board 
Das waren Zeiten1993MBRichard BorgBoard 
Daytona 5001990MB Board 
Dead Stop1979MB Board 
Defender1983MB Board 
Der Mann im Mond1985MB Board 
Der rosarote Panther1983MB Board 
Detektivbüro MB Board 
Deuce1985MB Board 
Didi Flitz1994MB Board 
Die Claymore Saga1992MBStephen BakerBoard 
Die Claymore Saga - Die Schatten-Legion1992MB Board 
Die Claymore Saga - Kaiserliche Garde1992MB Board 
Die Glimmerlings1985MB Board 
Die Höhle des Drachen2003MB Board 
Die Jagd nach dem blutroten Rubin1990MB Board 
Die Peking Akte1987MB Board 
Die Schöne und das Biest MB Board 
Die Simpsons - Mach Dir keinen Fleck ins Hemd1990MB Board 
Disney Princess Spiel der Wünsche MB Board 
Dogfight1963MB WarAmerican Heritage
Domination1982MBSid SacksonBoard 
Dr. Bibber2005MB Board 
Dr. Bibber "Shrek 2" MB Board 
Dr. Bibber - Reisespiel MB Board 
Dragster1976MB Board 
Dschungelbuch Memo MB Board 
Dschungelbuch Twister MB Board 
Du lügst1981MB Board 
Ducktales-Abenteuerspiel1990MB Board 
Duran Duran Game1985MB Board 
Easy Money1974MB Board 
ebay Auction Game MB Board 
Eldar Attack MB BoardSpace Crusade
Electronic Shoppimg-Center1992MB Board 
Elektronik Traum Telefon1993MB Board 
Ententanz1996MB Board 
Ernie und seine Freunde1978MB Board 
Euro Disneyland1992MB Board 
Expanse1949MB Board 
Experten Yahtzee1992MB Board 
Faden verloren1984MB Board 
Fireball Island1986MB Board 
Fliegenfalle1977MB Board 
Flix1995MBKris BurmBoard 
Florabella1993MB Board 
Flottenmanöver1972MB Board 
Flottenmanöver - Reisespiel1982MB Board 
Flottenmanöver Crossfire2006MB Board 
Foresight1967MB Board 
Fortress America1986MB BoardMB Gamemaster Series
Foxy1977MBAlex RandolphBoard 
Fraidy Cats1996MB Board 
Frogger1982MB Board 
Frustrissimo1987MB Board 
Gänsehaut MB Board 
Game of Games1996MB Board 
Game of Life1960MBReuben KlamerBoard 
Game of the States1960MB Board 
Geheimnis im Dschungel1994MB Board 
Ghosts1985MBAlex RandolphBoard 
Girls Party1996MB Board 
Girls Time2005MB Board 
Graf Duckula1990MB Board 
Groovy1973MB Board 
Grüne Welle1985MB Board 
Hamtaro Memo MB Board 
Hangman1976MB Board 
Hangman2003MB Board 
Hannah Montana Twister Moves2009MB Board 
Harte Nuß1984MB Board 
Games Workshop
Stephen BakerBoardHeroquest
Heroquest - Gegen die Ogre Horden1990MBStephen BakerBoardHeroquest
Heroquest - Morcars Magier1991MB BoardHeroquest
Heroquest: Barbarian Pack MB
Games Workshop
Heroquest: Elf Pack MB
Games Workshop
Heroquest: Kellar's Keep MB
Games Workshop
Heroquest: Return of the Witchlord MB
Games Workshop
Heroquest: Rückkehr des Hexers MB BoardHeroquest
Heroscape2004MB War 
Hexenkessel1993MB Board 
Hey Taxi1976MB Board 
High Hand MB Board 
High Spirits with Calvin and the Colonel1962MBSid SacksonBoard 
Hinterhalt1972MB Board 
Hippo Flipp kompakt2005MB Board 
Hit the Beach MB WarAmerican Heritage
Hollywood Squares1980MB Board 
Horse Stakes1996MBWolfgang RiedesserBoard 
Hot Shot Fussball1996MB Board 
Hot Shots MB Board 
Hotel1993MBDenys FisherBoard 
Hotel1986MBDenys FisherBoard 
Hotels1987MB Board 
Hühner-Krocket MB Board 
Hunchback of Notre Dame1996MB Board 
Hunchback of Notre Dame Town Square Game1996MB Board 
Hut ab!1985MB Board 
Ich sage ...1985MB Board 
Inkognito1988MBLeo Colovini
Alex Randolph
Input1984MB Board 
Irrgarten1977MB Board 
James Bond 007: Thunderball1965MB Board 
James Bond Secret Agent 0071965MB Board 
Jenga1989MBLeslie ScottBoard 
Jenga Casino2001MB Board 
Jenga for Kids1996MB Board 
Jenga für Kids1996MB Board 
Jenga Ultimate1995MB Board 
Jeopardy1964MB Board 
Jester2002MB Board 
Jet World1975MB Board 
Jumanji1996MB Board 
Käferspiel1981MB Board 
Känguruh1985MB Board 
Kameltreiber1996MBAlex RandolphBoard 
Kanto1975MB Board 
Kategorum1990MB Board 
Katzenstrolche1996MB Board 
Kermit Der Frosch1978MB Board 
Kleine Schnecke Rastlos1989MB Board 
Kleiner Dompteur1984MB Board 
Knock Out1980MB Board 
König der Löwen Spiel MB Board 
König Kokos2006MB Board 
Kojak1975MB Board 
Koo Koo Nauts1996MB Board 
Kraut und Rüben1984MB Board 
Kreskin's ESP1967MB Board 
Kroko Doc2006MB Board 
Kuli1983MB Board 
Labyrinth1994MB Board 
Last Word1986MB Board 
Legend of Zagor1983MBStephen BakerBoard 
Limbo Party1996MB Board 
London1987MB Board 
Looping Louie1994MBCarol WiseleyBoard 
Looping Louie2006MB Board 
Lord of the Rings: Monopoly2003MB Board 
Lucky Ducks1996MB Board 
MAD's Spy vs Spy1986MB Board 
Manhunt1972MB Board 
Mankomania1985MB Board 
Match Game1963MB Board 
Matrix1981MB Board 
Maus reiß aus1990MB Board 
Maus reiß aus!2004MB Board 
Meeensch Marco1992MB Board 
Mein erster Dr. Bibber MB Board 
Meine kleine Farm MB Board 
Memory: Fronts & Backs MB Board 
Merlins Cristall1995MB Board 
Mini Senso MB Board 
Mission Dreadnought MB BoardSpace Crusade
Mix-Ups1996MB Board 
Money Money1988MB Board 
Monkey Business1996MBWolfgang RiedesserBoard 
Monopoly MB Board 
Mouse Trap MBSid SacksonBoard 
Mr. Pop1992MB Board 
München1987MB Board 
Murmel-Mikado1993MB Board 
Nascar Champions1998MB Board 
Newsdesk MB Board 
O'Clock1965MB Board 
Öl-Magnat1975MB Board 
Oh, Mutter1984MB Board 
Omega Virus1994MBMichael GrayBoard 
Oodles MBBrian HerschBoard 
Operasjon1978MB Board 
Operation1977MB Board 
Original Liar's Dice1987MBRichard BorgBoard 
Outburst1998MBBrian HerschBoardOutburst
Paari1985MB Board 
Pac-Man1982MB Board 
Pagoda1984MB Board 
Panzerschlacht1976MB Board 
Parcheesi MB Board 
Paris1987MB Board 
Paris-Dakar1985MB Board 
Party Twister2005MB Board 
Pass the Pigs1993MB Board 
Password1962MB Board 
Password Plus1978MB Board 
Pathfinder1978MB Board 
Payday1998MB Board 
Perfektion1990MB Board 
Pferdewette1996MB Board 
Pirate and Traveler1936MB Board 
Piraten Schatz1975MB Board 
Planet of the Apes1974MB Board 
Ploppster2003MB Board 
Pokemon Münzduell2000MB BoardPokémon
Pokemon Pikachu1999MB Board 
Pokemon Yahtzee Jr. MB Board 
Popeye der Matrose1979MB Board 
Power Barons1986MB Board 
Price Is Right1986MB Board 
Prize Property1974MB Board 
Pro Football1964MB Board 
Prof. Hirnlos2008MB Board 
Professor1982MB Board 
Prominenten Tabu1993MB BoardTabu
Quandary1996MBReiner KniziaBoard 
Querdenker1994MB Board 
Rabbatz1982MB Board 
Rack-O1956MB Board 
Rack-O1987MB Board 
Rally1984MB Board 
Rammer Hammer1993MB Board 
Rappel Zappel2007MB Board 
Rappelzappel1992MB Board 
Rate mal... Wer ist es? - Reisespiel MB Board 
Raumschiff Enterprise1994MB Board 
Regie1981MB Board 
Reinfall Reise1996MB Board 
Reinfall!1994MB Board 
Reporter1976MB Board 
Robinson Roulette1985MB Board 
Rocky Rodeo1994MB Board 
Rotoflip1981MB Board 
Rutschen und Leitern1943MB Board 
Salami1985MB Board 
Samsara1973MB Board 
Samurai Swords MB BoardMB Gamemaster Series
Scattergories1990MB Board 
Scavenger Hunt1983MB Board 
Scharade1978MB Board 
Schnelle 151987MB Board 
Schnitzeljagd1985MB Board 
Schweinerei1996MB Board 
Schweinerei1984MB Board 
Scotland Yard1985MBWerner Schlegel
Dorothy Garrels
Fritz Ifland
Manfred Burggraf
Werner Scheerer
Wolf Hoermann
Screaming Eagles1994MB Board 
Senso1979MB Board 
Sequence MB Board 
Sharp Shooters1994MB Board 
Shogun1989MB Board 
Shogun1986MBMichael GrayBoardMB Gamemaster Series
Shopping Center1992MB Board 
Simon MB Board 
Simon Challenge2003MB Board 
Skirmish MB WarAmerican Heritage
Skrupel1986MB Board 
Slotter1977MB Board 
Slotter1999MB Board 
Slotter2005MB Board 
Slotter Reise MB Board 
Slotter-Reisespiel MB Board 
Smuggle MB Board 
So'n Quak!1985MB Board 
Space Crusade MB
Games Workshop
Stephen BakerBoardSpace Crusade
Spaghetti!1991MB Board 
Spatzennest1984MB Board 
Spiel der Spiele1978MB Board 
Spiel der Spiele1986MBG. Druckman
A. Weiner
Spiel des Lebens1980MB Board 
Spiel des Lebens - Spongebob Edition2007MB Board 
Spiel des Lebens – Generation Now2007MB Board 
Spiel des Wissens1984MB Board 
Spielkuli - Angriff der Aliens1992MB Board 
Spielkuli - Schatztaucher1992MB Board 
Spinnentaktik1989MB Board 
Spion & Spion1986MBAlex RandolphBoard 
Splat!1991MB Board 
Spukschloß1985MB Board 
Square1976MB Board 
Square Mile1962MB Board 
Star Talk2001MB Board 
Star Wars1996MB Board 
Star Wars - Epic Duels2002MBCraig van Ness
Rob Daviau
Starquest1990MB BoardStar Quest
Störrischer Esel1984MB Board 
Strata 51984MB Board 
Sub Search1973MB War 
Such mich Susi1996MB Board 
Such mich Waldi1996MB Board 
Such Mich!1996MB Board 
Summ, Bienchen Summ2005MB Board 
Summit1961MB Board 
Super Senso1981MB Board 
Super Spy1971MB Board 
Super31978MBAlan M. NewmanBoard 
Superkosmokado2005MB Board 
Swap Spots1996MB Board 
Taboo1990MBBrian HerschBoardTaboo
Taboo Body Language MBBrian HerschBoardTaboo
Taboo Junior MBBrian HerschBoardTaboo
Tabu1990MBBrian HerschBoardTabu
Tabu1994MB BoardTabu
Tabu1997MB BoardTabu
Tabu Junior1994MB BoardTabu
Take 51993MBPhilip ShoptaughBoard 
Tank Battle1975MB War 
Taushet Er Gull1988MB Board 
Teufelsdreieck1977MB Board 
The $25,000 Pyramid Game1974MB
Endless Games
The Addams Family1964MB Board 
The All In The Family Game1972MB Board 
The Allowance Game MB Board 
The American Dream1979MB Board 
The Baby-Sitters Club Game1989MB Board 
The Baby-Sitters Club Mystery Game1992MB Board 
The Beatles Flip Your Wig Game1964MB Board 
The Blop Game1966MB Board 
The Bobbsey Twins on the Farm1957MB Board 
The Bugaloos Game1971MB Board 
The Checkered Game of Life1860MB Board 
The Crocodile Hunter Game1999MB Board 
The Crocodile Hunter Outback Chase Game2000MB Board 
The Dark Crystal Card Game1982MB Board 
The Dark Crystal Game1982MB Board 
The Deputy Game1959MB Board 
The Real Ghostbusters Spiel1990MB Board 
The Trump Game1989MB Board 
Therapy1989MBJay TitelBoard 
Therapy 2. Edition1994MBJay TitelBoard 
Thunder Road1987MB Board 
Times to remember1992MBRichard BorgBoard 
Tom & Jerry: Wer jagt hier wen?1979MB Board 
Topwords Reise1996MB Board 
Town Square Game1996MB Board 
Traumtelefon2000MBMichael GrayBoard 
Travel Hotshot Football1996MB Board 
Travel Stay Alive1996MB Board 
Travel Upwords MB Board 
Trivial Pursuit: Lord of The Rings MB Board 
Trubbel MB Board 
True Colors1992MB Board 
True Or False1996MB Board 
Turbo1983MB Board 
Turbo1983MB Board 
Twister1966MB Board 
Twister Dance DVD2007MB Board 
Twister Party2005MB Board 
Twister Punktejagd2008MB Board 
U-Boot-Jagd1973MB Board 
Ultimate Jenga1996MB Board 
Upwords1984MB Board 
Vier gewinnt1975MB Board 
Vier gewinnt2005MB Board 
Vier gewinnt - Reisespiel MB Board 
Vier Gewinnt Flip2001MB Board 
Vier Gewinnt Professional2002MB Board 
Vorsicht Fälschung!1998MB Board 
W.W.F. Spiel1992MB Board 
Wahrheit oder Lüge1996MBErik Karlsson
Joel Sevelin
Was werde ich?1984MB Board 
Wer ist es?1990MB Board 
Wer ist es? "Disney" MB Board 
Wer ist es? Galerie2008MB Board 
Which Witch? MB Board 
Why?1967MB Board 
Winnie the Puuh1998MB Board 
Word Yahtzee1978MB Board 
Wort Tüftel - Reisespiel MB Board 
Wort Yahtzee1979MB Board 
Wort-Genie1994MB Board 
Wort-Salat1977MB Board 
Wuffi Flitzer1999MB Board 
WWF Wrestling Championship Spiel1991MB Board 
Yahtzee MB Board 
Yeti1977MB Board 
Zeitfalle1987MB Board 
Zick Zack1977MB Board 
Zirkus Grimassi1987MB Board 
Zitatsachen1986MB Board 
Zoll1982MB Board 

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