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Mage Company

Publisher name:Mage Company
Comment:MAGE Company Ltd.
Street:15B Han Krum Street
City:Burgas 8000

Published games

12 Realms2013Mage CompanyIgnazio CorraoBoard 
12 Realms: Ancestors Legacy2014Mage CompanyIgnazio CorraoBoard 
12 Realms: Ghost Town2015Mage CompanyIgnazio Corrao
Michael Andresakis
Alexander Argyropoulos
Aether Captains2016Mage CompanyTodd SandersBoard 
Aether Captains: Clash of Corsairs2016Mage CompanyTodd SandersBoard 
Aether Captains: Fleet of Doom2016Mage CompanyTodd SandersBoard 
Burglars2017Mage CompanyKonstantinos PattakosBoard 
Carrotia2016Mage CompanyMalte KühleBoard 
Hoyuk2014Mage CompanyPierre CanuelBoard 
Hoyuk: Anatolia2015Mage CompanyPierre CanuelBoard 
Raid & Trade: War on the Streets2016Mage CompanyCharalampos TsakirisBoard 
Raid and Trade2014Mage CompanyMalte Kühle
Charalampos Tsakiris
Res Publica 2230AD2015Heidelberger Spieleverlag
Mage Company
Reiner KniziaBoard 
The Cohort2016Mage CompanyJeremie KletzkineBoard 
Wrong chemistry2012Mage CompanyTony CiminoBoard 
Wrong Chemistry - Custom Elements Mini Expansion2012Mage CompanyTony CiminoBoard 
Wrong Chemistry - Element Mini Expansion2012Mage CompanyTony CiminoBoard 
Wrong Chemistry: Expand Your Lab2013Mage CompanyTony CiminoBoard 

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