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Flatlined Games

Publisher name:Flatlined Games
Street:39 Rue Gheude
City:1070 Anderlecht

Published games

Argo2016Flatlined GamesBruno Faidutti
Serge Laget
Dragon Rage2010Flatlined GamesLewis E. PulsipherRPG 
Otter Nonsense2015Flatlined GamesEric HanuiseBoard 
Robin2014Flatlined GamesFrédéric MoyersoenBoard 
Rumble in the Dungeon2012Flatlined GamesOlivier SaffreBoard 
Rumble in the Dungeon2015Heidelberger Spieleverlag
Flatlined Games
Olivier SaffreBoard 
Rumble in the House2011Flatlined GamesOlivier SaffreBoard 
SteamRollers2015Flatlined GamesMark GerritsBoard 
Twin Tin Bots2013Flatlined GamesPhilippe KeyaertsBoard 

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