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Parker Brothers

Publisher name:Parker Brothers
Comment:Hasbro Label

Published games

10-Four, Good Buddy1976Parker Brothers Board 
100 Acre Wood Stamp Game1997Parker Brothers
1313 Dead End Drive2002Parker Brothers Board 
A Big Train Game1965Parker Brothers Board 
A-Team1984Parker Brothers Board 
Abalone1998Parker Brothers Board 
Abalone Mini Parker Brothers Board 
Abalone quattro2005Parker Brothers Board 
Across the Continent1890Parker Brothers Board 
Admirals1964Parker Brothers War 
Advance to Boardwalk1988Parker BrothersCharles PhillipsBoard 
Airways Parker Brothers Board 
Aladdin1992Parker Brothers Board 
Aladdin - Jasmine Magic Ring Game1994Parker Brothers Board 
Aladdin Magic Carpet Card Game1992Parker Brothers Board 
Aladdin Sounds of Fun Electronic Talking Board Game1992Parker Brothers Board 
All American Football1925Parker Brothers Board 
All the King's Men1979Parker BrothersReuben KlamerBoard 
Alphabet Soup1980Parker Brothers Board 
Amateur Golf1928Parker Brothers Board 
America's Funniest Home Videos Game1990Parker Brothers Board 
American Flag Game1940Parker Brothers Board 
Amnesia1990Parker Brothers Board 
Annie1981Parker Brothers Board 
Annie Card Game1982Parker Brothers Board 
Anno 40001972Parker Brothers Board 
Arch Rival1992Parker Brothers Board 
Arkansas Bluff1975Parker Brothers Board 
Army Air Corps1942Parker Brothers Board 
Arrowlette1955Parker Brothers Board 
As The World Turns1966Parker Brothers Board 
Astron1955Parker Brothers
Waddingtons Games
Atlantis1997Parker BrothersJ. + C. Courtland-SmithBoard 
Atmosfear DVD Brettspiel2005Parker Brothers BoardDVD Brettspiele
Auf der Kippe1980Parker Brothers Board 
Ausgetrickst1978Parker Brothers Board 
Avalanche1966Parker BrothersFrank SindonBoard 
Aviation - The Air Mail Game1928Parker Brothers Board 
Azteken Schatz2006Parker Brothers Board 
Azuma1992Parker Brothers Board 
Babar: The King of the Elephants1978Parker Brothers Board 
Bamboozle1997Parker Brothers Board 
Bantu1955Parker Brothers Board 
Bargain Day1937Parker Brothers Board 
Barney Balloon Race Game1993Parker Brothers Board 
Barney Jumbo1993Parker Brothers Board 
Barney Miller1977Parker Brothers Board 
Barney Picture Game1993Parker Brothers Board 
Batman & Robin - The Board Game1997Parker Brothers Board 
Batman Forever - Audio Game1995Parker Brothers Board 
Batman Forever - Battle at the Big Top1995Parker Brothers Board 
Batman Forever - Crimefighting Card Game1995Parker Brothers Board 
Batman Returns 3-D Board Game1992Parker Brothers Board 
Batman Returns Card Game1992Parker Brothers Board 
Batman the Animated Series 3D Board Game1992Parker Brothers Board 
Battlestar Galactica1978Parker Brothers Board 
Beast Wars Transformers Mutating Card Game1997Parker Brothers Board 
Beau Monde1929Parker Brothers War 
Beauty and the Beast: Magic Mirror Card Game1991Parker Brothers Board 
Beethoven's 2nd1993Parker Brothers Board 
Beggars & Thieves1984Parker Brothers Board 
Bettler und Diebe1984Parker Brothers Board 
Bible Outburst Parker BrothersBrian HerschBoardOutburst
Bierbörse1979Parker BrothersSid SacksonBoard 
Big Boggle1973Parker Brothers Board 
Big John1994Parker Brothers Board 
Big Trail1935Parker Brothers Board 
Billionaire1973Parker Brothers Board 
Bing Crosby's Game: Call Me Lucky1954Parker Brothers Board 
Bionic Crisis1975Parker Brothers Board 
Bionic Woman1976Parker Brothers Board 
Bird Watcher1958Parker Brothers Board 
Black Box1978Parker BrothersEric W. SolomonBoard 
Blast Out1993Parker Brothers Board 
Block1905Parker Brothers Board 
Body Boggle1985Parker Brothers Board 
Boggle1978Parker BrothersAlan TuroffBoardBoggle
Boggle2004Parker BrothersAlan TuroffBoardBoggle
Boggle Bowl1987Parker BrothersNancy Babson
Charles Phillips
Boggle Jr. Numbers1992Parker Brothers Board 
Boggle Junior1995Parker Brothers Board 
Boggle Master Parker Brothers Board 
Booby Trap1965Parker Brothers Board 
Bottle1994Parker Brothers Board 
Bottle Topps1993Parker Brothers Board 
Boy Scouts1912Parker Brothers Board 
Boy Scouts' Progress Game1926Parker Brothers Board 
Bozo The Clown1967Parker Brothers Board 
Brainstorm Parker BrothersBrian HerschBoardOutburst
Bravo Traube1993Parker Brothers Board 
Bruce Jenner Decathlon Game1979Parker Brothers Board 
Bubble Up Pup1994Parker Brothers Board 
Buckshot!1970Parker Brothers Board 
Bug Out!1971Parker Brothers Board 
Bulls and Bears1937Parker Brothers
Copp Clark Publishing Company
Charles B. DarrowBoard 
Bumper Cars1987Parker Brothers Board 
Cabbage Patch Kids Card Game1984Parker Brothers Board 
Cabbage Patch Kids Friends to the Rescue1984Parker Brothers Board 
Calling All Cars1949Parker Brothers Board 
Camouflage1918Parker Brothers Board 
Campbell Kids Shopping Game1955Parker Brothers Board 
Can't Stop1980Parker BrothersSid SacksonBoard 
Caper1970Parker Brothers Board 
Captain Planet1992Parker Brothers Board 
Card Attack1992Parker Brothers Board 
Care Bears - Warm Feelings1984Parker Brothers Board 
Care Bears - Which Bears Where?1983Parker Brothers Board 
Care Bears -- On the Path to Care-a-Lot1983Parker Brothers Board 
Care Bears Busy Bodies1985Parker Brothers Board 
Care Bears Touching Tunes1984Parker Brothers Board 
Careers1957Parker Brothers Board 
Careers for Girls1990Parker Brothers Board 
Casino Royal1987Parker Brothers Board 
Castle Risk1987Parker BrothersCharles PhillipsBoard 
Catchphrase1996Parker Brothers Board 
Centurions: Jake Rockwell's Battle to Stop Dr. Terror Game1986Parker Brothers Board 
Charlie Brown's All Stars1970Parker Brothers Board 
CheHops1979Parker Brothers Board 
Chercles1970Parker BrothersA. DavisBoard 
Cherry Ames1959Parker Brothers Board 
Chicago Parker Brothers Board 
Chicken Out1988Parker Brothers Board 
Chiffre1975Parker Brothers Board 
Children's Hour1961Parker Brothers Board 
Chivalry1888Parker BrothersGeorge S. ParkerBoard 
Christian Endeavor1896Parker Brothers Board 
Cinderella1950Parker Brothers Board 
Circle Gammon1940Parker Brothers Board 
Citadel1949Parker Brothers Board 
Civl War Game 18631961Parker BrothersEditors of Life MagazineBoard 
Claim to Fame1990Parker Brothers Board 
Climb The Mountain1951Parker Brothers Board 
Close Encounters of the third Kind1978Parker Brothers Board 
Clue1956Parker Brothers Board 
Clue II VCR Mystery Game1988Parker Brothers Board 
Clue Jr.1989Parker BrothersCharles PhillipsBoard 
Clue Jr. - The Case of the Hidden Toys1998Parker Brothers
Clue Jr. - The Case of the Missing Cake2003Parker Brothers Board 
Clue Jr. - The Case of The Missing Pet1989Parker Brothers Board 
Clue Jr. Travel Game1994Parker Brothers Board 
Clue Little Detective1992Parker Brothers Board 
Clue Master Detective1988Parker Brothers
Waddingtons Games
Clue VCR Mystery Game1985Parker Brothers Board 
Clue: The Haunted Mansion2002Parker Brothers Board 
Cluedo1982Parker BrothersAnthony PrattBoard 
Cluedo2000Parker BrothersAnthony PrattBoard 
Cluedo2008Parker BrothersAnthony E. PrattBoard 
Cluedo (Buchausgabe)2006Parker Brothers Board 
Cluedo - Buchformat2007Parker BrothersAnthony PrattBoard 
Cluedo - Juniordetektiv2000Parker Brothers
Cluedo 2008 Edition2008Parker Brothers Board 
Cluedo DVD Brettspiel2005Parker Brothers BoardDVD Brettspiele
Cluedo Geheimagent2009Parker Brothers Board 
Cluedo Harry Potter2008Parker Brothers Board 
Cluedo Junior1993Parker Brothers Board 
Cluedo Live2004Parker Brothers Board 
Cluedo Magnetic1991Parker Brothers Board 
Cluedo Nostalgie2003Parker Brothers Board 
Cluedo Rätselfälle2006Parker BrothersDugald KeithBoard 
Cluedo Simpsons2007Parker Brothers Board 
Cluedo Video1985Parker Brothers Board 
Cluedo-Reiseausgabe1982Parker BrothersAnthony PrattBoard 
Code Name: Sector1977Parker Brothers Board 
Code Wort1977Parker Brothers Board 
Commotion1990Parker Brothers Board 
Conflict1964Parker Brothers War 
Conumdrums1899Parker Brothers Board 
Cosa Nostra1990Parker Brothers Board 
Cottontail and Peter1922Parker Brothers Board 
Coup D'Etat1966Parker Brothers Board 
Cowboy Roundup1952Parker Brothers Board 
Crackers in my Bed1987Parker Brothers Board 
Cross Word Puzzle Game1925Parker Brothers Board 
Crossword Anagrams1938Parker Brothers Board 
Crossword Lotto1947Parker Brothers Board 
Crow1959Parker Brothers Board 
Crown Red1969Parker Brothers Board 
Dai Jobi1956Parker Brothers Board 
Dare!1988Parker Brothers Board 
Darkwing Duck1992Parker Brothers Board 
Das grosse Rennen1976Parker Brothers Board 
Das MAD Spiel1982Parker Brothers Board 
Das Spiel der Nationen1974Parker Brothers Board 
Das weiß doch jedes Kind2008Parker Brothers Board 
Davy Crockett Frontierland Game1955Parker Brothers Board 
Dealers Choice1972Parker Brothers Board 
Defi1973Parker BrothersAlex RandolphBoard 
Der 7. Sinn Parker Brothers Board 
Der fliegende Holländer1992Parker BrothersKlaus TeuberBoard 
Derby Day1930Parker Brothers Board 
Deukalion2008Parker BrothersArno Steinwender
Wilfried Lepuschitz
Dice Keno1930Parker Brothers Board 
Dice Roulette1932Parker Brothers Board 
Die Legende des Sagor1993Parker BrothersIan LivingstoneBoard 
Dino Dino1994Parker Brothers Board 
Dinosaur Island1980Parker Brothers Board 
Diplomacy1958Parker BrothersAllan B. CalhamerBoard 
Disneyland Game Parker BrothersBrian HerschBoard 
Don't Go To Jail1991Parker Brothers Board 
Double pick-up Sticks1967Parker Brothers Board 
Dreh mich um Parker BrothersAirfix Ltd.Board 
Duell1975Parker Brothers Board 
Dune1984Parker Brothers Board 
Dungeon Dice1977Parker Brothers Board 
Dungeons & Dragons: Das Fantasy-Abenteuerspiel2003Parker Brothers BoardD&D-Abenteuerspiel
Dungeons & Dragons: Ewiger Winter2004Parker Brothers BoardD&D-Abenteuerspiel
Dungeons & Dragons: Verbotener Wald2005Parker Brothers BoardD&D-Abenteuerspiel
E.T.-Der Außerirdische(Brett)1982Parker Brothers Board 
E.T.-Der Außerirdische(Karten)1982Parker Brothers Board 
Elefun1996Parker Brothers Board 
Ertappt2002Parker Brothers Board 
Expedition Alpha1980Parker Brothers Board 
Expression2002Parker Brothers Board 
Familien-Bande1995Parker Brothers Board 
Familien-Duell1992Parker Brothers Board 
Fanorona1979Parker Brothers Board 
Fast 111S Parker Brothers Board 
Finance1962Parker Brothers Board 
Fliegende Piraten Parker Brothers Board 
Flinch1963Parker BrothersAJ PattersonBoard 
Flipper1979Parker Brothers Board 
Flotte Flitzer2006Parker BrothersReiner KniziaBoard 
Fluch der Karibik 2 DVD Schatzsuche2006Parker Brothers BoardDVD Brettspiele
Focus1980Parker BrothersSid SacksonBoard 
Formica1992Parker BrothersMichael Lorrigan
Stephen Ray
Formula 11963Parker Brothers Board 
Free Parking1988Parker BrothersCharles PhillipsBoard 
Galerie der Diebe1993Parker Brothers Board 
Girls Party1995Parker Brothers Board 
Glücksrad1989Parker Brothers Board 
Glücksrad Junior1990Parker Brothers Board 
GmbH & Co. KG2006Parker BrothersReiner KniziaBoard 
Go For It1984Parker BrothersCharles PhillipsBoard 
Goldfieber1989Parker BrothersNick SewellBoard 
Häschen in der Grube Parker BrothersManfred LudwigBoard 
Hanni Und Nanni1988Parker Brothers Board 
Heiße Dollars1982Parker Brothers Board 
Heisse Spur1980Parker BrothersRobert DoyleBoard 
Hendrik van Loon's Wide World1933Parker Brothers Board 
Himmelsstürmer1991Parker BrothersNick SewellBoard 
Hoch 3 Parker Brothers Board 
Hotel2004Parker BrothersDenys FisherBoard 
Jurassic Park1993Parker Brothers Board 
Käpt'n und Pirat1972Parker Brothers Board 
Karriere1955Parker BrothersJames Cooke BrownBoard 
Karriere1982Parker BrothersJames Cooke BrownBoard 
König Laurin mit der Tarnkappe Parker Brothers Board 
König und Konsorten2006Parker Brothers
Hasbro Parker
Krieg der Sterne - Flucht vom Todesstern1977Parker Brothers Board 
Kroko-Doc1996Parker Brothers Board 
Krokodoc1992Parker Brothers Board 
Kugel Hupf1977Parker Brothers Board 
Landslide Parker Brothers Board 
Laß Papa pennen1994Parker Brothers Board 
Leg das Rohr1983Parker Brothers Board 
Lionheart1998Parker Brothers Board 
Black Box
1978Parker BrothersEric W. SolomonBoard 
Lost Treasure1982Parker Brothers Board 
Mad - Kartenspiel1979Parker Brothers Board 
Mad Magazine Game Parker Brothers Board 
Malarkey Parker BrothersBrian HerschBoard 
Mary Poppins Carousel Game1964Parker Brothers Board 
Mastermind1973Parker BrothersMarco MeirovitzBoard 
Mastermind2005Parker Brothers Board 
Mastermind - Reisespiel Parker Brothers Board 
Mastermind Challenge Parker Brothers Board 
Masterpiece1970Parker Brothers Board 
Maxi Boggle1981Parker Brothers BoardBoggle
Mein erstes Monopoly2007Parker Brothers Board 
Meisterwerke1971Parker Brothers Board 
Merlin1979Parker BrothersRobert DoyleBoard 
MGM Screentest DVD Brettspiel2005Parker Brothers
Hasbro Parker
 BoardDVD Brettspiele
Microdot Parker Brothers Board 
Mille Bornes Parker BrothersEdmond DujardinBoard 
Mind Maze Game1970Parker Brothers Board 
Monopoly1935Parker BrothersCharles B. DarrowBoard 
Monopoly1993Parker BrothersCharles B. DarrowBoard 
Monopoly2001Parker Brothers Board 
Monopoly - Hard-Cover Buchformat2007Parker BrothersCharles B. DarrowBoard 
Monopoly - Star Wars Edition1997Parker Brothers Board 
Monopoly Banking Powered by Visa2005Parker Brothers Board 
Monopoly Deal2009Parker Brothers Board 
Monopoly Deluxe Parker Brothers Board 
Monopoly Deluxe Edition2003Parker Brothers Board 
Monopoly Deutschland2007Parker Brothers Board 
Monopoly Disney Edition2001Parker Brothers Board 
Monopoly Disney Edition2005Parker Brothers
Monopoly Duel Masters2004Parker Brothers Board 
Monopoly DVD Edition2006Parker Brothers Board 
Monopoly Euro Edition1999Parker Brothers Board 
Monopoly Europa Edition2001Parker Brothers Board 
Monopoly Heute2005Parker Brothers Board 
Monopoly Junior1991Parker Brothers Board 
Monopoly Junior "Shrek 2" Parker Brothers Board 
Monopoly Nostalgie Parker Brothers BoardMonopoly
Monopoly Playmaster1983Parker Brothers Board 
Monopoly Pokemon2000Parker Brothers Board 
Monopoly Reise1994Parker Brothers Board 
Monopoly Simpsons2007Parker Brothers Board 
Monopoly Spider-Man 32007Parker Brothers Board 
Monopoly SpongeBob Schwammkopf Edition2007Parker Brothers Board 
Monopoly Star Wars Episode 11999Parker Brothers Board 
Monopoly Trauminsel DVD2007Parker Brothers BoardDVD Brettspiele
Monopoly Weltreise Parker Brothers Board 
Monopoly WM-Edition1998Parker Brothers Board 
Monopoly World Edition2008Parker Brothers Board 
Monopoly-Würfel-Spiel1993Parker Brothers Board 
Monstermix1987Parker Brothers Board 
Mork&Mindy1979Parker Brothers Board 
Moviemaker Parker Brothers Board 
Munchkin Fu 2 - Monky Business2007Parker BrothersSteve Jackson (US)Board 
Ohne Moos nix los Parker Brothers Board 
Option1982Parker BrothersCPG ProductsBoard 
Ordo1978Parker BrothersEric W. SolomonBoard 
Origo2007Parker BrothersWolfgang KramerBoardParker-Autorenspiele
Orion1975Parker Brothers Board 
Outburst1998Parker BrothersBrian HerschBoardOutburst
Outburst II Parker BrothersBrian HerschBoardOutburst
Outburst Junior Parker BrothersBrian HerschBoardOutburst
Outburst!1989Parker BrothersBrian HerschBoardOutburst
Outburst!1993Parker BrothersBrian HerschBoardOutburst
Panic1903Parker Brothers Board 
Parkplatz Panik1989Parker Brothers Board 
Partini2008Parker Brothers Board 
Passt!1979Parker Brothers Board 
Pente1984Parker BrothersGary GabrelBoard 
Performance1992Parker Brothers Board 
Pictionary1993Parker BrothersRob AngelBoard 
Pictionary Junior1993Parker Brothers Board 
Pictionary Pocket Edition Parker Brothers Board 
Pictureka!2008Parker BrothersArne LauwersBoard 
Pingpong1992Parker Brothers Board 
Pistachio1994Parker Brothers Board 
Pit1973Parker Brothers Board 
Pizza Party1991Parker Brothers Board 
Pokemania2001Parker Brothers Board 
Presto Presto1993Parker Brothers Board 
Pro Action Football1994Parker Brothers Board 
Pro Draft1974Parker Brothers Board 
Probe Parker Brothers Board 
Pushover Parker Brothers Board 
Q-Bert1983Parker Brothers Board 
Quattro Flipper1996Parker Brothers Board 
Quibble2002Parker Brothers Board 
Quick 71985Parker Brothers Board 
Ranger Commandos1944Parker Brothers War 
Real People1991Parker Brothers Board 
Rheinländer1999Parker BrothersReiner KniziaBoard 
Risiko1975Parker BrothersAlbert LamorisseBoard 
Risiko1982Parker BrothersAlbert LamorisseBoard 
Risiko2008Parker BrothersAlbert LamorisseBoard 
Risiko - Das Duell2008Parker BrothersAlbert LamorisseBoard 
Risiko - Hard-Cover Buchformat2007Parker Brothers Board 
Risiko De Luxe1994Parker BrothersAlbert LamorisseBoard 
Risiko Express2007Parker BrothersReiner KniziaBoard 
Risiko Narnia2005Parker BrothersRichard BorgBoard 
Risiko Nostalgie Parker Brothers Board 
Risiko Transformers2007Parker Brothers Board 
Risiko – Star Wars – Die Klonkriege2005Parker Brothers Board 
Risk1963Parker BrothersAlbert LamorisseBoard 
Risk1968Parker BrothersAlbert LamorisseBoard 
Risk Black Ops2008Parker Brothers Board 
Riskant1991Parker BrothersMerv GriffinBoard 
Rolit1999Parker BrothersAdi GoladBoard 
Rolit2005Parker Brothers Board 
Roller Champ1992Parker Brothers Board 
Roller Coaster1989Parker BrothersCharles PhillipsBoard 
Rome & Carthage1965Parker Brothers War 
Rook1936Parker Brothers Board 
RTL Skispringen2002Parker BrothersJohannes OdenthalBoard 
Schach dem Schlaukopf1972Parker Brothers Board 
Schloßallee1985Parker Brothers Board 
Scree1975Parker Brothers Board 
Sequence1997Parker Brothers Board 
Serengeti1973Parker Brothers Board 
Shadowlord!1983Parker Brothers Board 
Showtime1991Parker Brothers Board 
Situation 41968Parker Brothers Board 
Situation 71969Parker Brothers Board 
Skill1991Parker BrothersFrank SindonBoard 
Smess: The Ninny's Chess1970Parker Brothers Board 
Sorry1980Parker Brothers Board 
Spinjas Parker Brothers BoardSpinjas
Spinjas: Battle Stadium Parker Brothers BoardSpinjas
Spitting Image1989Parker Brothers Board 
Split Second1992Parker Brothers Board 
Spongebob Fakt oder Fischig DVD Brettspiel2005Parker Brothers BoardDVD Brettspiele
Starting Lineup Talking Baseball1988Parker BrothersAlan R. MoonBoard 
Stimmt! Parker Brothers Board 
Stop Thief1979Parker Brothers Board 
Super 52003Parker Brothers Board 
Super 5 Salto2005Parker Brothers Board 
Super Cluedo2002Parker Brothers Board 
Super Grips1990Parker BrothersMark GoodsonBoard 
Superstar Lineup Talking Football1988Parker BrothersAlan R. MoonBoard 
Survive!1982Parker BrothersJ. + C. Courtland-SmithBoard 
Tabu2004Parker Brothers BoardTabu
Tal der Abenteuer2006Parker Brothers
Hasbro Parker
Reiner KniziaBoardParker-Autorenspiele
Tal der Abenteuer - Limited Edition2006Parker BrothersReiner KniziaBoard 
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles1991Parker Brothers Board 
Tempo1990Parker BrothersCharles PhillipsBoard 
Tennis Parker Brothers Board 
The A-Team - The Adventures with B.A.1983Parker Brothers Board 
The Amusing Game of Innocence Abroad Game1888Parker BrothersGeorge S. Parker
The Amusing Game of Kilkenny Cats1890Parker Brothers Board 
The Black Cat Fortune Telling Game1958Parker Brothers Board 
The Blondie Game1969Parker Brothers Board 
The Bunny Rabbit Game1942Parker Brothers Board 
The Crystal Gazer Fortune Telling Game1926Parker Brothers Board 
The Curious George Game1977Parker Brothers Board 
The Devil to Pay1939Parker Brothers Board 
The Great Balloon Race1991Parker BrothersNick SewellBoard 
The Inventors1974Parker Brothers Board 
The Magnificent Race1975Parker Brothers Board 
The Nancy Drew Mystery Game1957Parker Brothers Board 
The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau1968Parker Brothers Board 
Throw in a row1992Parker Brothers
Elliot RudellBoard 
Top oder Flop1989Parker BrothersAlain Artaud
P. Faucon
Topminos1999Parker Brothers Board 
Topwords1995Parker Brothers Board 
Topwords Reise1996Parker Brothers Board 
Tor Parker Brothers Board 
Tornado Rex1992Parker Brothers Board 
Toru2005Parker Brothers Board 
Total Normal ?!1992Parker BrothersHarald HavasBoard 
Touché1979Parker Brothers Board 
Trade Winds1960Parker Brothers Board 
Trick x 5 Parker Brothers Board 
Trivial Pursuit1984Parker BrothersScott Abbott
Chris Haney
BoardTrivial Pursuit
Trivial Pursuit Familie Kartensatz Parker Brothers Board 
Trivial Pursuit Genus II Kartensatz Parker Brothers Board 
Trivial Pursuit Junior Komplett-Set1986Parker BrothersScott Abbott
Chris Haney
Trivial Pursuit - Kronen Zeitung1999Parker BrothersScott Abbott
Chris Haney
Trivial Pursuit - Olympic Edition1992Parker Brothers Board 
Trivial Pursuit 20 Jahre2004Parker Brothers BoardTrivial Pursuit
Trivial Pursuit 50 Jahre Deutschland Edition1999Parker Brothers
Scott Abbott
Chris Haney
Trivial Pursuit Bild-Edition2002Parker Brothers Board 
Trivial Pursuit Deluxe2007Parker Brothers Board 
Trivial Pursuit Disney Edition1999Parker BrothersScott Abbott
Chris Haney
Trivial Pursuit DVD Brettspiel2005Parker Brothers BoardDVD Brettspiele
Trivial Pursuit DVD Disney2005Parker Brothers BoardDVD Brettspiele
Trivial Pursuit DVD Multimote2007Parker Brothers Board 
Trivial Pursuit Electronic1998Parker BrothersScott Abbott
Chris Haney
Trivial Pursuit Entertainment Edition1988Parker Brothers BoardTrivial Pursuit
Trivial Pursuit Familie Kompaktausgabe Parker Brothers Board 
Trivial Pursuit Familien Edition1996Parker BrothersScott Abbott
Chris Haney
Trivial Pursuit Familien Edition2007Parker Brothers Board 
Trivial Pursuit für Kids2002Parker Brothers Board 
Trivial Pursuit Genus1996Parker BrothersScott Abbott
Chris Haney
BoardTrivial Pursuit
Trivial Pursuit Genus Edition Österreich Ausgabe2005Parker BrothersScott Abbott
Chris Haney
BoardTrivial Pursuit
Trivial Pursuit Genus III Edition1994Parker BrothersScott Abbott
Chris Haney
BoardTrivial Pursuit
Trivial Pursuit Genus IV1997Parker BrothersScott Abbott
Chris Haney
Trivial Pursuit hitradio ö31997Parker Brothers Board 
Trivial Pursuit Jahresausgabe 1993 Buchausgabe Parker Brothers BoardTrivial Pursuit
Trivial Pursuit Jahrtausendausgabe Komplett-Set1998Parker BrothersScott Abbott
Chris Haney
Trivial Pursuit Kompakt - Disney Pixar2007Parker Brothers BoardTrivial Pursuit
Trivial Pursuit kompakt - Essen & Trinken2009Parker Brothers
Hasbro Parker
Trivial Pursuit Kompakt - Girls vs. Boys2008Parker Brothers Board 
Trivial Pursuit Kompakt - Promi Edition Parker Brothers BoardTrivial Pursuit
Trivial Pursuit Kompakt - Star Wars Edition Parker Brothers BoardTrivial Pursuit
Trivial Pursuit Kompakt Musik2007Parker Brothers Board 
Trivial Pursuit Promi2005Parker Brothers Board 
Trivial Pursuit Refresh Familien Edition2000Parker BrothersScott Abbott
Chris Haney
Trivial Pursuit Refresh Genus Edition2000Parker BrothersScott Abbott
Chris Haney
BoardTrivial Pursuit
Trivial Pursuit Star Wars2005Parker Brothers Board 
Trivial Pursuit Star Wars Edition1999Parker BrothersScott Abbott
Chris Haney
Trivial Pursuit World Cup Edition1998Parker BrothersScott Abbott
Chris Haney
Trivial Pursuit Worldwide2003Parker Brothers Board 
Turnier1976Parker BrothersAlex RandolphBoard 
UEFA Champions League DVD Spiel2006Parker Brothers BoardDVD Brettspiele
Ultra1976Parker Brothers Board 
Uncle Wiggily1967Parker Brothers Board 
Vendetta1990Parker Brothers Board 
Verlies1978Parker Brothers Board 
Vertigo1994Parker Brothers Board 
Waagemut1976Parker Brothers Board 
Walt Disney's Adventureland Game1956Parker Brothers Board 
Was Ist Was2001Parker Brothers Board 
Was kostet die Welt?1987Parker BrothersChristian PachisBoard 
Waterloo1974Parker Brothers Board 
Waterworks1976Parker Brothers Board 
Wer bietet mehr?1987Parker Brothers Board 
Wide World1957Parker Brothers Board 
Wilde Horde2006Parker Brothers Board 
Wildfire1980Parker Brothers Board 
Wohnprojekt 88 Parker Brothers Board 
Won Over1982Parker BrothersCharles PhillipsBoard 
Wumm Wumm Willi1994Parker Brothers Board 
Yacht Race Parker Brothers Board 
Yahtzee Würfel-Poker2005Parker Brothers Board 
Zahlen Zickzack2006Parker Brothers Board 
Zahltag1977Parker Brothers Board 
Zaster1978Parker Brothers Board 
Zaster2003Parker Brothers Board 
Zuma1992Parker Brothers Board 

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