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Reviews from 'The Board Game Geek Database'

$8,000 Grand Prix Race Game PlayJoy Products Board 
& Cetera2003Splotter SpellenJeroen DoumenBoardRoads&Boats
'431981International Team War 
'Nam Diary2001Minden GamesGary W. GraberWar 
(T)Raumschiff Surprise Periode 12004Fishtank Board 
(Your name here) of the Jungle Inner City Games DesignsChristopher ClarkBoard 
*Star1999 Craige SchenstedBoard 
.hack//ENEMY2003Decipher IncorporatedMike Reynolds
Chuck Kallenbach
0071965MB Board 
1 2 3 Game2000Ravensburger Board 
1-2-3 Go! Orda Industries Board 
1-2-3 OY!1994Dream GreenDonald GreenBoard 
10 Days in Africa2003Out of the Box PublishingAlan R. Moon
Aaron Weissblum
10 Days in the USA2003Out of the Box PublishingAlan R. Moon
Aaron Weissblum
10 Sec. Quiz1982Ravensburger Board 
10-Four, Good Buddy1976Parker Brothers Board 
100 Acre Wood Stamp Game1997Parker Brothers
1000 Blank White Cards  Nathan McQuillan
Riff Conner
101 Dalmat1991MB Board 
13 Dead End Drive1995MBMichael GrayBoard 
1313 Dead End Drive2002Parker Brothers Board 
13: Colonies in Revolt1985SPI
Strategy and Tactics
Richard BergWarS&T
15 Love1974Waddingtons Games Board 
1500 Gold1995Ragnar BrothersSteve Kendall
Ragnar Brothers
17!2001Reveal Entertainment Incorporated
Robor Games
Robert BorlenghiBoard 
17761974Avalon HillRandall C. ReedBoardAdult Strategy
1776 The Birth Of a Nation1974Reiss Games Board 
1777: Year of the Hangman2002Clash of Arms GamesEd WimbleWar 
18 Wheeler1978 Thomas R NewtonBoard 
18061998OSGKevin ZuckerWar 
1807: the Eagle turns East1994Clash of Arms GamesKevin ZuckerWar 
18091984Victory GamesKevin ZuckerWar 
18121972SPI War 
18151982GDWJohn M. Astell
Frank Chadwick
1825, Unit 11995Hartland TrefoilFrancis G. TreshamBoard18xx
1825, Unit 21994Hartland TrefoilFrancis G. TreshamBoard18xx
1825, Unit 32004Tresham GamesFrancis G. TreshamBoard18xx
18262000Chris LawsonDavid G. D. HechtBoard18xx
18291962Hartland TrefoilFrancis G. TreshamBoard18xx
1829 Mainline2004Tresham GamesFrancis G. TreshamBoard18xx
1829 North1981Hartland TrefoilFrancis G. TreshamBoard18xx
18301986Avalon HillFrancis G. TreshamBoard18xx
18351990Hans im GlückMichael Meier-Bachl
Francis Tresham
1837 Leonard OrglerLonny OrglerBoard18xx
18411994Chris LawsonFrederico VellaniBoard18xx
1844-Schweiz2003 Helmut Ohley
Peter Minder
1845 spel1965Nederlanden van 1845 Board 
18481998Kuhlmann GeschichtsspieleGerhard H. KuhlmannBoard 
18491998Chris LawsonFrederico VellaniBoard18xx
18511998Xris LawsonChris Lawson
Mark Derrick
18531989Hartland TrefoilFrancis G. TreshamBoard18xx
1854  Lonny OrglerBoard18xx
18561995MayfairBill DixonBoard18xx
1860: Railways in the Isle of Wight2004JKLM GamesMike HuttonBoard18xx
18611999Asten Games War 
18622000 Helmut OhleyBoard18xx
18621990Simulation DesignRichard Berg
Robert Markham
Thaddeus B. Kubis
1863:civil war quad1991GMT GamesRichard Berg
Robert Markham
18642001Omega GamesDon W. AlexanderWar 
18701994MayfairBill DixonBoard18xx
18761996Chris Lawson AGPeter JacobiBoard18xx
1876 Centennial Baseball1994Chatham Hill GamesRon Toelke
Bob Guerriero
BoardNew Family Classic Games
1895-Namibia2004 Helmut Ohley
Adam Romoth
1898: The Spanish-American War2000Avalanche PressJoe KellerWarGreat War at Sea
18991994Chris LawsonIngo Mayer
Dirk Clemons
18AL1999 Mark DerrickBoard18xx
18C2C (Coast to Coast)2003 Mark FrazierBoard18xx
18EU2001 David G. D. HechtBoard18xx
18FR1999 Helmut OhleyBoard18xx
18GA1998 Mark DerrickBoard18xx
18NL1999 Helmut OhleyBoard18xx
18VA2001 David G. D. HechtBoard18xx
19141968Avalon HillJames F. (Jim) DunniganWar 
1914: Glory's End1994XTR Corp
Ty BombaWarCommand
1914: Opening Moves2001Minden GamesGary W. GraberWar 
19181972SPIJames F. (Jim) DunniganWar 
1918 Storm in the West1992XTR CorpTed RaicerWarCommand
1918: Imperial Germany's Last Chance2004Decision GamesJoseph MirandaWar 
19401980GDWFrank ChadwickWar 
19411981GDWJohn M. AstellWar 
19421978GDWMarc W. MillerWar 
19441972 Laurence J. RusieckiBoard 
1944 Second Front1997World Wide WargamesTy BombaWar 
1st Alamein1997 Louis R. CoatneyWar 
1Stein&Co2003HolzinselNicolaas(Niek) NeuwahlBoard 
2-5-8 Invicta Games Board 
2-Handed Whammy!2002SWS Board 
20 Questions1989MBScott A. Mednick
A. Robert Moog
20,000 Leagues Under The Sea Game1975Lakeside Industries Board 
200 Jahre Montgolfieren1983Hexagames / TST-EnterprisesJürgen HagedornBoard 
20381995TimJim GamesJames Hlavaty
Thomas Lehmann
20th Century Time Travel Card Game2003 Mike FitzgeraldBoard 
21 Freeze Out1986Ponder Mason Games War 
21 Letters1973Kontrell Industries Board 
221 B Baker Street1983Gibsons GamesJay MoriartyBoard221 B Baker Street
221 B Baker Street1977John Hansen CompanyJay MoriartyBoard221 B Baker Street
24 Game1989Suntex Board 
25 Words or less1996Winning MovesBruce StertenBoard 
2nd Fleet1986Victory GamesJoseph (Joe) M. BalkoskiWarFleet
2nd Guess2000Great American Puzzle FactoryKeith MeyersBoard 
2WW1991World Wide WargamesWilliam L. BanksWar 
3 3/4 Laps Lambourne GamesTerry GoodchildBoard 
3 Blind Mice1968Lakeside Industries Board 
3 Men on a Horse1936MB Board 
3 SPOT game Kadon Enterprises
Rex Games
Edward de BonoBoard 
3 Stones2000EnginuityAndy DanielBoard 
3 Up1972Lakeside Industries Board 
3-A-Side1984SpearJim WinslowBoard 
3-D Chess1851Franklin MintAndrew Bartmess
Lionel Kieseritzky
3-D Labyrinth2002RavensburgerMax J. KobbertBoard 
3-D Viewmaster Trivia Quiz1984 Jean du PoëlBoard 
3-Ring Circus Card Game1960House of Ideas Board 
30 Second Mysteries1995University GamesA. Robert Moog
Jeff Pinsker
300 Spartans2003Zvezda Board 
38th Parallel1976S.D.C. War 
3D Tic-Tac-Toe19743M BoardPaper Games
3quence1999Sarasota GamesTimothy S. ShaferBoard 
3x3 Und Eins Vorbei Franz Carl WeberGerhard DentlerBoard 
4 Player Chess1998Two Wolf Games Board 
40 Overs Lambourne GamesTerry GoodchildBoard 
4000 AD1972House of Games Board 
421885 W.A. ThomasBoard 
48th Panzer Korps1991Pacific Rim Publishing
Jim ZoldakWar 
4th and Inches Valgames Board 
4th Dimension1979TSRJohn A. Ball
Keith Warburton
Ray Carew
4th Reich1985Task Force GamesDana Lombardy
Howard Anderson
4X42000Dal NegroMarco Maggi
Francesco Nepitello
5 Alive1993Waddingtons GamesEamon Bloomfield
Roger Ford
5 Card Nancy  Scott McCloudBoard 
5 in a Row Challenge2002Super Game CompanyMichael ChuangBoard 
5 Pad & Pencil Games People Love to Play1973Reiss Games Board 
5-in-a-row1978Whitman Board 
5ive Straight1968Straight Line ProductsNorman Washburne
Ellen Washburne
5th Year Cwali (dutch Mountains)2001CwaliCorné van MoorselBoard 
6 Billion1999Board Not Bored Games Pty LtdDavid A. CouttsBoard 
6 kleine Spiele1996RavensburgerHeinz MeisterBoard 
6 nimmt!1994AmigoWolfgang KramerBoard6 nimmt
Sechs Tage Rennen
1988Holtmann V.I.PWalter ToncarBoard 
6th Year Cwali2002CwaliCorné van MoorselBoard 
7 Ages2004Australian Design GroupHarry RowlandBoard 
7 de Table2003TOMJean-Marc TribetBoard 
7 Deadly Sins2003Kheper Games Board 
7 Safari GamewrightDavid ParlettBoard 
77 Sunset Strip1960Lowell Toy Mfg. Board 
7th Cavalry1976Attack Wargaming AssociationDave CascianoBoard 
7th Sea - No Quarter: Booster1999AEGDan VerssenBoard 
7th Sea - No Quarter: Starter Pack1999AEGDan VerssenBoard 
8 1/22003Shafir GamesHaim ShafirBoard 
881980YaquintoJames M. DayBoard 
8th Army1982Attactix War 
9 Tibbit Edition1992Tibbit International Board 
9 to 12003Gentertainment Inc. Board 
9-Way Tic Tac Toe1977Kenner Board 
90 Grad ... Um die Ecke gedacht2000HolzinselGunnar KuhlencordBoard 
A Beautiful Place1981Family PastimesJim DeacoveBoard 
A Big Train Game1965Parker Brothers Board 
A Bold Stroke1996Spearhead GamesJack RadeyWar 
A Box of Silly Word Games Gibsons Games Board 
A Bridge too Far1976Avalon Hill
Multi Man Publishing
 WarAdvanced Squad Leader
A Bug's Life Birdie Builders1998Mattel Board 
A Call to Arms: Babylon 5 Space Combat2004Mongoose PublishingMatthew SprangeBoard 
A Century of Conflict "The Great Crusade 1939~1945"1994Bandolier PublicationsLeif Edmondsen
George Chrestensen
John Fernandes
A Chicken In Every Plot!1981Animal Town Game CompanyKen KolsbunBoard 
A Cold Day In Hell2002Darn Fun Games
D&L Company
A Curious Affair at Dredmoor2003Potted Palm Productions Board 
A Dark and Bloody Ground2004Against the OddsPaul RohrbaughWar 
A Day at the Track All-Win Games Inc. Board 
A Day With Ziggy Game1977MB Board 
A Famous Victory1995Moments in HistoryRichard BergBoard 
A Fearful Slaughter: The Battle of Shiloh2004Multi Man PublishingDavid A. PowellWar 
A Fistful of Turkeys1981Metagaming
Some Turkey Games
A Fistfull of Miniatures1986North Shore PressJayson GralewiczWar 
A Game of Thrones2003Fantasy FlightChristian T. PetersenBoardA Game of Thrones
A Game of Thrones - Booster2002Fantasy FlightChristian T. Petersen
Eric M. Lang
BoardGame of Thrones
A Game of Thrones - Booster "A Sea of Storms"2002Fantasy FlightChristian T. Petersen
Eric M. Lang
BoardGame of Thrones
A Game of Thrones - Starter2002Fantasy FlightChristian T. Petersen
Eric M. Lang
BoardGame of Thrones
A Game of Thrones: A Clash of Kings2004Fantasy FlightChristian T. PetersenBoardA Game of Thrones
A Jumping Frog Game2000Koplow Games Board 
à la carte1989Moskito SpieleKarl-Heinz SchmielBoard 
A Mere Matter of Marching2002Microgame Design GroupBruce McFarlaneWar 
A Play On Words Universal Games War 
A qui le Tour?1994Jeureve Edition Board 
A Time for Native Americans: A Biographical Card Game1993Aristoplay War 
A To Z Fundex Games Board 
A Week with Mary and Julep2003Kansas State UniversityCharles A. SmithBoard 
A-B-C OY!1994Dream GreenDonald GreenBoard 
A-Team1984Parker Brothers Board 
AAARGH!!1982Scienza & VitaGiovanni IngellisBoard 
Aachen1983World Wide WargamesJack Radey
Winston Hamilton
Ab die Post1996GoldsieberHelga Huber
Hermann Huber
Ab in den Pool!1999RavensburgerHeinz MeisterBoard 
Abaco Zuzzurellone2000Venice ConnectionDario De Toffoli
Claudio Borgnino
Abagio2003New Classic GamesAutumn Moore
Michael Moore
Abalone1989AbaloneMichel Lalet
Laurent Lévi
Abalone - for 3 players Abalone Board 
ABC Football  Bryan AldrichBoard 
ABC Monday Night Football1972Aurora Board 
ABC Song Game2002Hasbro Board 
ABC-Game Ravensburger Board 
Abduction1999Eden StudiosGeorge VasilakosBoard 
Abdul's Adventure2000Inner City Games DesignsDaniel LewisBoard 
Abenteuer im Wichtelwald2000W&LManfred LudwigBoard 
Abenteuer Menschheit2002KosmosKlaus TeuberBoard 
Aber Hallo!2000PiatnikThorsten GimmlerBoard 
Abi '971996FanFor-VerlagValentin HermanBoard 
Abilene1983Hexagames / TST-EnterprisesRoland Siegers alias Roy WinnerBoard 
Abilene1993SchmidtWinner RoyBoard 
Aboculis1997Filsfils International Board 
Abracadabra2004dV GiochiDomenico Di Giorgio
Roberta Barletta
Abraxas1993norisJohann Rüttinger
Michael Rüttinger
Abstracts1992The Incredible Game CompanyM. AgreliusBoard 
Abuse: The Final Insult2004EOS PressGreg StolzeBoard 
AC/DC1975Ampersand PressRon LarsonBoard 
Accasta1998 Dieter SteinBoard 
Access Denied2002Interformic GamesGreg TurnerBoard 
Ace of Aces: Balloon Buster1985Nova Game DesignsAlfred Leonardi
Hal McKinney
WarAce of Aces
Ace of Aces: Flying Machines1983Nova Game DesignsAlfred LeonardiWarAce of Aces
Ace of Aces: Handy Rotary Deluxe Edition1986Nova Game DesignsAlfred LeonardiWarAce of Aces
Ace of Aces: Handy Rotary Series1980Nova Game Designs WarAce of Aces
Ace of Aces: Jet Eagles1990Nova Game DesignsAlfred LeonardiWarAce of Aces
Ace of Aces: Powerhouse1981Nova Game DesignsAlfred LeonardiWarAce of Aces
Ace of Aces: Wingleader1988Nova Game DesignsAlfred LeonardiWarAce of Aces
Aces High1993World Wide WargamesJim HindWarThe Wargamer
Achtung Spitfire1995Clash of Arms GamesJ.D. WebsterWarFighting Wings
Acies  Gottardo ZancaniWar 
Ações Exame2000Grow Jogos e BrinquedosLuiz Dal Monte NetoBoard 
Acquire1968SchmidtSid SacksonBoard 
Acquire1993SchmidtSid SacksonBoard 
Acquire19623MSid SacksonBoardBookshelf Games
Acquire1971Avalon HillSid SacksonBoardLeisure Time/Family Games
Acquire1997SchmidtSid SacksonBoard 
Acquire2000Avalon HillSid SacksonBoard 
Acre1978SPIPhil Kosnett
David Werden
Acrobats1989Pressman Toy CorporationVirginia CharvesBoard 
Acronym1985Acronym Canada Inc. Board 
Acronymble1991Acronymwits Inc. Board 
Across Five Aprils1992Victory GamesSmithWar 
Across Suez1980SPIJames F. (Jim) Dunnigan
Mark Herman
Across the Board MPH Games Company Board 
Across the Continent1890Parker Brothers Board 
Across the Piave - Italy 19182001Microgame Design GroupHjalmar GerberWar 
Across the Potomac1994XTR Corp
Ben KnightWarCommand
Act One1995B. E. Game Corp Board 
Action All-Pro Football1989Western Publishing Board 
Action Test1987Piatnik Board 
Actium1995Historien SpielegalerieJean du PoëlBoard 
Activator Roundball  Gerald BlissBoard 
Activity original!1991PiatnikUlrike Catty
Maria Führer
ad acta2002BeWitched SpieleAndrea MeyerBoard 
Ad Liners1989Pressman Toy Corporation Board 
AD&D 2nd Edition Cardmaster Adventure Design Deck1993TSRRichard BorgBoard 
AD&D 2nd Edition Trivia Game1991TSRRichard BorgBoard 
Ad-Lib1970E.S. Lowe Board 
Ad-Lib Crossword Cubes1963MB
E.S. Lowe
Adam & Eva2004RavensburgerAaron WeissblumBoardFun For 2
Adam & Eva2004Rio Grande GamesAaron WeissblumBoard 
Adam Games Football Adam Games Board 
Addadda Gosling GamesMary Gosling
Graham Gosling
Addiction1978Waddingtons Games Board 
Addictionary International Playthings Inc Board 
Addition Matching Caps1997Learning Horizons
AGC Inc.
Adel verpflichtet1990F.X. SchmidKlaus TeuberBoard 
Adel verpflichtet2000AleaKlaus TeuberBoard 
Adel Verpflichtet1991Avalon HillKlaus TeuberBoard 
Adel Verplicht2004JumboKlaus TeuberBoard 
Adeptus Titanicus1988Games WorkshopJervis JohnsonWar 
Adeptus Titanicus II2000Games WorkshopGavin ThorpeWar 
Adler Luftkampfspiel1935Verlag Hugo Gräfe Board 
Adler Luftverteidigungsspiel1941Verlag Hugo Gräfe Board 
Adlerauge1999Staupe SpieleReinhard StaupeBoard 
Admania1997Cardinal Board 
Admiral Reality GamesAndreas FrankeBoard 
Admiral On Deck2001Bone GamesJoshua Howard
Bruce Biskup
Admirals1964Parker Brothers War 
Adult Late Night Games Lagoon Games Board 
Adultery1969Diplomat Sales Co., Inc. Board 
Adultrivia1984Paul Lamond Games, Prism Leisure Corp. plc
TDC Games Inc
Adultrivia II The Joker's Edition1985Trivial Development Corp. Board 
Advance1983Paz Enterprises Board 
Advance to Boardwalk1988Parker BrothersCharles PhillipsBoard 
Advanced Civilization1991Avalon HillFrancis G. TreshamBoardCivilization
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Battlesystem1985TSRDouglas NilesBoard 
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Battlesystem Skirmishes1991TSRBruce NesmithBoard 
Advanced European Theatre of Operations2002Decision GamesDouglas NilesWar 
Advanced Heroquest1990Games WorkshopJervis JohnsonBoardHeroquest
Advanced Space Crusade1990Games WorkshopJervis Johnson
Simon Forrest
Advanced Squad Leader1985Avalon HillDon Greenwood
Bob McNamara
WarAdvanced Squad Leader
Advanced Squad Leader1985Multi Man PublishingDon Greenwood
Bob McNamara
WarAdvanced Squad Leader
Advanced Squad Leader: Action Pack #11997Avalon Hill WarAdvanced Squad Leader
Advanced Squad Leader: Action Pack #21999Multi Man Publishing WarAdvanced Squad Leader
Advanced Squad Leader: Starter Kit #12004Multi Man PublishingKen DunnBoardAdvanced Squad Leader
Advanced Third Reich1992Avalon HillBruce HarperWarAdult Strategy
Advanced Tobruk2002Critical Hit Inc.Ray TapioWar 
Adventure Cards1998Venice ConnectionDario De ToffoliBoard 
Adventure Gaming1981SPIJames F. (Jim) Dunnigan
Redmond A. Simonsen
Bob Ryer
Adventurer1981YaquintoT. O'Neill
G. Petronis
Adventures by Gaslight1989Sleuth Publications BoardSherlock Homes Consulting Detective
Adventures in Toothland1987Cavity Crasher CreationsGregg MasonBoard 
Adventures with Clifford,The Big Red Dog1992Harmony Games Board 
Adversary1999Adversary Inc. Board 
Adversity2003Fundex Games Board 
Adverteasing1988Cadaco Board 
Adverteasing II1992Cadaco Board 
Adverteasing Junior1989Cadaco Board 
Aegean Strike1986Victory GamesMark HermanWar 
Aerodrome 1.1 Stanley KubiakStanley Kubiak
Winston J. Kubiak
Aeroduel1990Steve Jackson Games Board 
Aeronautika1996Historien SpielegalerieJean du PoëlBoard 
Aeronef1999Wessex GamesSteve Blease
Matthew Hardey
Aerotech1986FASA CorporationL. Ross Babcock III
Jordan K. Weisman
AFCQB  C. Heinzmann
Scott B. Bizar
Affenbande2001RavensburgerReiner KniziaBoard 
Affenbande1988Hans im GlückAndreas TriebBoard 
Affenfelsenspiel1984Edition PerlhuhnReinhold WittigBoard 
Affenraffen2002GoldsieberMichael SchachtBoard 
Affentanz2004HabaRoberto FragaBoard 
Affentempel2003RavensburgerGunter BaarsBoard 
Affenzahn2003NSVFrank StarkBoard 
Affluence1986Affluence Games Inc. Board 
Afghanistan1999Microgame Design GroupPerry A. MooreWar 
Africa2001GoldsieberReiner KniziaBoard 
Africa2001Rio Grande GamesReiner KniziaBoard 
Africa 18801998TruantFrancis PacherieBoard 
Africa 18801998Tilsit EditionsFrancis PacherieBoard 
Africa Aflame1994Australian Design GroupHarry RowlandWar 
Africa Orientale1989Decision Games
Strategy and Tactics
Jeff BrownWarS&T
African Kingdoms1997DPO War 
Africanus1994GMT GamesRichard Berg
Mark Herman
WarGreat Battles of History
Afrika1993The GamersDean EssigWarStandard Combat Series
Afrika Multi Man Publishing WarSCS
Afrika Korps1964Avalon HillCharles Roberts
WarAdult Strategy
Afrika Korps - The Desert War2002Avalanche PressBrian L. Knipple
Mauro de Vita
Afrikan tähti1951Waddingtons Games
Kari MannerlaBoard 
Afrikan tähti korttipeli1996PelikoKari MannerlaBoard 
After School1989Waddingtons Games Board 
After the Holocaust1977SPIRedmond A. Simonsen
Irad B. Hardy
Aftermath2004Fantasy Games UnlimitedMark H. WalkerRPG 
Against All Odds2003Critical Hit Inc.Ray TapioWar 
Against the Reich1986West End GamesJoseph (Joe) M. BalkoskiWar 
Agatha Christie: Behind The Screen1986Spinnaker Board 
Age of Arguments1998WarfrogMartin WallaceBoard 
Age Of Battles Zvezda Board 
Age of Chivalry1992World Wide WargamesRobert MarkhamWar 
Age of Empires II2000Journeyman PressMarcus D'Amelio
Ted Triebull
David May
Age of Exploration1994TimJim Games
Prism Games
Thomas LehmannBoard 
Age of Heroes2003Legend GamesRobert Hayes
Tamara Hayes
Age of Heroes1997Renegade Mage Board 
Age of Mythology2003Eagle GamesGlenn DroverBoard 
Age of Mythology, 5-6 Player Expansion2003Eagle GamesGlenn DroverBoard 
Age of Napoleon 1805-18152003Phalanx GamesRenaud VerlaqueWar 
Age of Renaissance1996Avalon HillDon Greenwood
Jared Scarborough
Age of Steam2002Warfrog
Winsome Games
Martin WallaceBoardAge of Steam
Age of Steam Expansion #3 Skandinavia and Korea2004WarfrogMartin WallaceBoardAge of Steam
Age of Steam Expansions: France and Italy2004Winsome GamesMartin WallaceBoardAge of Steam
Age of Steam: Germany & Western USA2004WarfrogMartin WallaceBoardAge of Steam
Age of Steam: Western US & Germany2003Winsome GamesWinsome GamesBoardAge of Steam
Agent1975PelikanEric W. SolomonBoardBuchkassette
Agent of Change1991 Darwin P. BromleyBoard 
Agentenjagd Late for the Sky Production Company Board 
Agentenjagd1988PiatnikChristian Raffeiner
Helmut Walch
Lakeside Industries
Aggravation, Split Level1971Lakeside Industries Board 
Agincourt1978SPIJames F. (Jim) DunniganWar 
Agincourt1978GDWMarc W. MillerWar 
Agora2002Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardHip Pocket Games
Agora1977Tilsit EditionsNicolas Halpern-HerlaBoard 
Agri-Venture1974Rogers and Cauthen Inc. Board 
Agrihazard1973Ford Motor Company Limited Board 
AGUA2002Murmel Spielwerkstatt und VerlagAndreas RudinBoard 
Air Aces1975International Gamers AssociationRussell PowellBoard 
Air and Armor1986West End GamesBruce Maxwell
A. W. Compton
Air Assault on Crete1978Avalon HillRandall C. Reed
Vance von Borries
Air Baron1996Avalon HillEvan DavisWar 
Air Bridge to Victory1990GMT GamesGene BillingsleyWar 
Air Cav1985West End GamesJoseph (Joe) M. Balkoski
Greg Costikyan
Tony Merridy
Air Charter1970Waddingtons Games Board 
Air Cobra1980OSGTony MerridyWar 
Air Duel: Danger Zone1998One Small Step War 
Air Eaters Strike Back1981MetagamingKeith GrossWar 
Air Empire1961Avalon HillThomas N. ShawBoard 
Air Force1980Avalon HillS. Craig Taylor
Kevin Zucker
BoardAdult Strategy
Air Force Game Grace Toys Board 
Air Force-Dauntless Expansion Kit1978BattlelineS. Craig TaylorWar 
Air Land Battle1988Omega GamesDon W. AlexanderWar 
Air Power1976TSRTony AdamsBoard 
Air Strike1987GDWJ.D. WebsterWar 
Air Superiority1987GDWK. von Rudloff
J.D. Webster
WarAir Power
Air Traffic Control Airfix Board 
Air Traffic Controller U-Fly-It Board 
Air Trix1976MB Board 
Air War1977SPIDavid C. IsbyWar 
Air War Update Kit1979SPIDavid C. IsbyBoard 
Airborne2001Avalanche PressMike Bennighof
Brian L. Knipple
Airhead1986Mattel Board 
Airline1985Mulgara Board 
Airline1975Gamma Two GamesTom Dalgliesh
Ron Gibson
Lance Gutteridge
Airlines1990AbacusspieleAlan R. MoonBoard 
Airlines1998Avalanche PressBrian L. Knipple
Brien J. Miller
Airlines: United States Set 21998Avalanche PressBrian L. Knipple
Brien J. Miller
Airplay1989Western Carlyle ConceptsAllen BowerBoard 
Airport1972Dynamic Games Board 
Airport1999Brookside Game Company Board 
Airport MJC Inc. Board 
Airport1994Herder VerlagIlse Dreher-PlonkaBoard 
Airways Parker Brothers Board 
AJT Basketball   Board 
Akaba2004HabaGuido HoffmannBoard 
Akron2002 Cameron BrowneBoard 
Al Aflaj 12452004terra authenticaJoachim ZischkeBoard 
Al Cabohne2000AmigoUwe RosenbergBoardBohnanza
Al Capone1992db-SpieleDirk Henn
Barbara Weber
Al Parlamento Alma Giochi Board 
Aladdin1992Parker Brothers Board 
Aladdin1970LPK Design Board 
Aladdin - Jasmine Magic Ring Game1994Parker Brothers Board 
Aladdin Magic Carpet Card Game1992Parker Brothers Board 
Aladdin Sounds of Fun Electronic Talking Board Game1992Parker Brothers Board 
Aladdin the Magic Carpet Game1992MB Board 
Aladdin's Dragons2000Rio Grande GamesRichard BreeseBoard 
Aladdins Erbe1987FranjosFranz-Josef SchulteBoard 
Alak1984 A. K. Dewdney
Alan Baljeu
Alan Jones Formula 1 Grand Prix Racing Game1985JedkoJohn Edwards
Alan Jones
Alaric the Goth1980SSGPaul L. Van Patten Jr.Board 
Alarm1992Rhino GamesStefanie Rohner
Christian Wolf
Alaska1979RavensburgerEric W. SolomonBoard 
Albion: Land of Faerie1981SPI
David James RitchieBoardAres
Albuera1979World Wide WargamesBob LatterWarThe Wargamer
Alcatraz1999FXBernhard WeberBoard 
Alcazar1978RavensburgerMartin DavisonBoard 
Alchemy2002First QuenchFirst QuenchBoard 
Alchimech2004EL&M Productions Board 
Alert Force1983Close SimulationsWayne C. CloseBoard 
Alesia 521998Histoire & Collections
Vae Victis
Frédéric BeyWarVae Victis
Alesia: Great Battles of History2004GMT GamesRichard Berg
Mark Herman
Alexander at Tyre1993ThunderhavenDave ChapelWar 
Alexander the Great1974Avalon HillDon Greenwood
Gary Gygax
Alexander the Great2004Phalanx GamesRonald HofstätterBoard 
Alexander's Generals1992Xeno GamesWalter Ziser
Wayland Grace
Alexandria & Thapsos1994Game Publications Group
William L. BanksWarGamefix
Alexandros1991XTR Corp
Mike MarkowitzWarCommand
Alexandros2003Winning MovesLeo ColoviniBoard 
Alexandros2003Rio Grande GamesLeo ColoviniBoard 
Alfapet1994Alga Board 
Alfred Hitchcock Thrillers: the Unexplained1989John Hansen Company Board 
Alfreds Other Game1985Selchow&RighterAlfred Mosher ButtsBoard 
Algeria2000Microgame Design GroupBrian TrainWar 
Algoritmo1995Quality Game s.r.l.Giacomo DottaBoard 
Ali Baba1993AbacusspieleIan LivingstoneBoard 
Ali Baba2002RavensburgerGunter BaarsBoard 
Ali Baba1974PelikanAlex RandolphBoard 
Alias Tactic Board 
Alibi1993MayfairDarwin P. Bromley
Jim Musser
Alibi2001Adlung-SpieleMarkus NikischBoard 
Alice in Wonderland1973Spears Games, Mattel UK Ltd.J.W. Spears & Sons PLCBoard 
Alien1979Kenner Board 
Alien Armada1983Centvrion Games
Jersey Devil Game Company, Inc.
John J. Lesko
James M. Goss
Michael E. Crane Jr.
Alien Autopsy1998DaMert Company Board 
Alien Contact1983Phoenix EnterprisesFred Chatham
Dave Ferguson
Alien Encounter1998Lagoon Games War 
Alien Friendly?1993Iris & Kitty Inc.Carol Gustafson
Ron Gustafson
Alien High School1990Sho-Kikaku Board 
Alien Hotshots1998GamewrightMonty Stambler
Ann Stambler
Alien Invasion USA2002Immersion Games Board 
Alien Space1973GamescienceLou ZocchiBoard 
Aliens - Expansion1986Leading Edge Games Board 
Aliens Adventure Game1989Leading Edge GamesDavid McKenzie
Barry Nakazono
Aliens vs. Predator1997Precedence Publishing
Harper Prism
John Myler
Ran Ackels
Paul W. Brown
Alienz2004U.S. Games SystemsMike Fitzgerald
Bryan Kaelin
Jim Kaelin
Aliyah Jewish Trivia Game1977  Board 
All Aboard1986MB Board 
All About Colorado Springs1980All About Town, Inc. Board 
All American Football1925Parker Brothers Board 
All Change1977Waddingtons Games Board 
All Ears1992Northern Games Co. Ltd. Board 
All my Children1985TSRAnne C. GrayBoard 
All My Children Fact or Fantasy Question Card Game1998Mattel Board 
All New! Jumble2001Cadaco Board 
All Quiet on the Western Front1997Critical Hit Inc.Ted RaicerWar 
All the King's Men1979Parker BrothersReuben KlamerBoard 
All Wound Up!2004Twilight Creations, Inc.Kerry BreitensteinBoard 
All-American Football1969Cadaco Board 
All-In-The-Cards Football1987All-In-The-Cards Football, Inc. Board 
All-in-the-Dice Baseball1988All-In-The-Cards Football, Inc. Board 
All-Pro Baseball1969Ideal Board 
All-Pro Basketball1969Ideal Board 
All-Pro Football1967Ideal Board 
All-Pro Hockey Game1969Ideal Board 
All-Pro-Star Fighting IdealCharles MilhamBoard 
All-Star Baseball1941CadacoEthan AllenBoard 
Allegiance: War of Factions2004Lucid Raven ProductionsAndrew GriersonBoard 
Allenby's Blitzkrieg2002Schutze GamesPeter SchutzeWar 
Allerley Spielerey1994Pro Ligno SpielewerkstattReiner KniziaBoard 
Alles dreht sich um die Wilde Wiese1993ÖkotopiaRichard UlrichBoard 
Alles für die Katz'2000AmigoDavid ParlettBoard 
Alles für die Katz?1994F.X. SchmidRudi HoffmannBoard 
Alles Futsch!1998F.X. SchmidHermann HuthBoard 
Alles im Eimer2002KosmosStefan DorraBoard 
Alles im Griff2002AmigoLeonardo Dolfi
Luigi Ferrini
Alles klar?1999PiatnikThorsten GimmlerBoard 
Alles oder Nichts1988Hexagames / TST-Enterprises Board 
Alles oder nichts1998King Cards GmbHMaureen HironBoard 
Alley Oop1937Granger Feres Ltd. Board 
Alley-Oop TableSports, Inc. Board 
Alley-up1971Hasbro Board 
Alma, The Battle of the1978GDWFrank ChadwickWar 
Alpha Blitz1998Wizards of the CoastMike SelinkerBoard 
Alpha Omega1979Avalon HillStephen PeekWar 
Alpha Omega1977BattlelineStephen PeekWar 
Alpha Playing Cards1997tjgamesTim SchutzBoard 
Alpha-Bug Soup Learning Resources Board 
Alphabet City1986Selchow&Righter Board 
Alphabet Snap2001Early Learning Centre Board 
Alphabet Soup1985Family PastimesJim DeacoveBoard 
Alphabet Soup1980Parker Brothers Board 
Alphabet Squiggle2003Random Line, Inc. Board 
Alphabet Zoop2000Ravensburger Board 
Alphabok1969SpringbokJohn O. NilanBoard 
Alphemo1987Ludus Board 
Alquerque1283Masters Games Board 
Alsace 19442004Vae VictisChristophe Gentil-Perret
Luc Olivier
Alumni Fun1964MB Board 
Alzabandiera2001Kidultgame Board 
Am Fuß des Kilimandscharo1995Hans im GlückReiner KniziaBoard 
Am Pranger1993Öko-Vertrieb F.J. SchollesFranz Josef SchollesBoard 
Am Rande des Gletschers2002Krimsus Krimskrams-KisteAnja Menon
Patrick Menon
Amateur Golf1928Parker Brothers Board 
Amazement1975Orda Industries Board 
Amazing Illusions1981Family PastimesJim DeacoveBoard 
Amazing Spider Man with the Fantastic Four!1977MB Board 
Amazing Spider-Man1984Tsukuda Hobby Board 
Amazonas1992HabaKlaus Hartinger
Arno Miller
Amazons1992Kadon EnterprisesWalter ZamkauskasBoard 
Amber Sword of World's End1986TSRMichael PriceBoard 
Ambulance Chase2000Those Darn Games!Patrick DolanBoard 
Ambush - Move Out1984Victory GamesJoseph ReiserWar 
Ambush - Purple Heart1985Victory GamesJoseph ReiserWar 
Ambush - Silver Star1987Victory GamesP. FasoldtWar 
Ambush!1983Victory GamesJohn H. Butterfield
Eric Lee Smith
Amen1994Bible Games Co.Carnell Jones
Delaine Jones
Ron Vozar
America in Flames1998Australian Design GroupHarry RowlandWarWorld in Flames
America Triumphant - The Battle Of The Bulge2003Avalanche PressBrian L. KnippleWar 
America's Challenge1991Chatham Hill GamesRon ToelkeBoardAmerican Adventure Game
America's Funniest Home Videos Game1990Parker Brothers Board 
America's Spirit2001University GamesA. Robert MoogBoard 
American2004Eagle Games War 
American Aces1994World Wide WargamesJim Hind
Eric Lawson
American Civil War2001Eagle GamesGlenn DroverWar 
American Civil War 1861-18651983SPIBruce Shelley
Joseph Reiser
American Derby1931Henschel & Co.Burton Daniel LeviBoard 
American Flag Game1940Parker Brothers Board 
American Idol Board Game2003Imagination
Fremantle Media
American Idol Collectible Card Game2004Fleer/SkyboxJames Ernest
Falko Goettsch
American Megafauna1997Sierra Madre GamesPhil EklundBoardAmerican Megafauna
American Megafauna, 2nd edition2001Sierra Madre GamesPhil EklundBoardAmerican Megafauna
American Revolution1972SPIJames F. (Jim) DunniganWar 
Americana Golf Game Cardinal Board 
America´s Cup2003eg SpieleSpartaco AlbertarelliBoard 
Amnesia1990Parker Brothers Board 
Amoeba Ravensburger
W. Barrington-PinkBoard 
Amoeba Wars1981Avalon HillGarrett J. DonnerBoard 
Among Nations1994Game Publications Group
Dan VerssenBoardAncients
Amrodam1977amro bank Board 
Amsterdam1973Clipper Games Ltd. Board 
Amun-Re2003Hans im GlückReiner KniziaBoard 
Amun-Re2003Rio Grande GamesReiner KniziaBoard 
Amun-Re 999 GamesReiner KniziaBoard 
An American Tail Fievel Goes West1991Tyco Board 
An den Ufern des Nils1994AbacusspieleHanno Kuhn
Wilfried Kuhn
An Enchanting Evening1981Games Partnership, Ltd., Inc Board 
Ana contre Corax2003Toodoo éditionsChristophe BergBoard 
The History Channel
Michael A. BrownBoard 
Siemens Business Services
Funtasy FactoryBoard 
Anagram1991Oxford Game Co Board 
Anagram Poker Beachcraft Games Board 
Anagramania2003Karmel GamesDennis KleinBoard 
Anagrams1934Selchow&Righter Board 
Anarchy1998Endgame Entertainment Board 
Anathema2003ApeKevin Brusky
Ray Mulford
Anatolia  John HaleyBoard 
Anatomix The Green Board Game Co.Gary WyattBoard 
Ancient Conquest I1975Excalibre Games War 
Ancient Conquest II1978Excalibre GamesDennis P. O'Leary
R.J. Hlavnicka
Ancient Empires1998 Steven MathersWar 
Ancient Empires - A Simulation of the Wars of Antiquity1991 Scott Bowden
Greg Pitts
Ancient Quest  Ciaran HarperBoard 
Ancients1986Good Game IndustryWilliam L. BanksBoard 
Ancients I1992World Wide WargamesWilliam L. BanksWar 
Ancients II World Wide WargamesWilliam L. BanksWarAncients
And now for something completely different ... The board game1999Susan Prescot Games Board 
And the Pitch Baseball Sim Research Board 
And Then There Were None - Ten Little Indians1968Ideal Board 
And They're Off!1993A Really Useful GameAndrew Lloyd Webber
Anthony Pye-Jeary
Charlie Brooks
Andantino1995 David SmithBoard 
Anderland2001Staupe SpieleReinhard StaupeBoard 
Andersonville2001Minden GamesGary W. GraberBoard 
Androids1987Androids & Belt Bums Board 
Andromeda1999Rio Grande GamesAlan R. MoonBoard 
Andromeda1999AbacusspieleAlan R. MoonBoard 
Andromeda1999999 GamesAlan R. MoonBoard 
Anera's Arena2001Realm of FantasyRichard de RijkBoard 
Angel - The Board Game2001Susan Prescot GamesTerry Miller
Terry Miller Associates USA
Angelspiel1952Ravensburger Board 
Angelspiel Schmidt Board 
Anglethon2000Olmar GamesPaul MartinBoard 
Angola Ragnar BrothersRagnar BrothersWar 
Ani-Mayhem1996PioneerJon Healy
Keith Pinster
Josh Ritter
Animal Mix and Match2000Ravensburger Board 
Animal Olympics1991Real Action GamesUwe SchildmeierBoard 
Animorphs1999Decipher Incorporated Board 
Animorphs: The Invasion Game1998MB Board 
Animotrax1998Intelli VertriebsgesellschaftVéronique JaniakBoard 
Annie1981Parker Brothers Board 
Annie Card Game1982Parker Brothers Board 
Annihilator1979MetagamingJames E. TuckerBoard 
Anno 14521999PiatnikGerhard KodysBoardAnno 1452
Anno 15032003KosmosKlaus TeuberBoardAnno 1503
Anno 15032003MayfairKlaus TeuberBoardAnno 1503
Anno 1503 - Aristokraten und Piraten2004KosmosKlaus TeuberBoardAnno 1503
Anno Domini1995eg SpieleSpartaco AlbertarelliBoard 
Anno Domini - Erfindungen1999Fata Morgana Spiele
Urs HostettlerBoardAnno Domini
Another Day, Another Dollar: Horror2000Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardDeadwood
Another Day, Another Dollar: Kung Fu2000Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardDeadwood
Another Day, Another Dollar: Musicals2000Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardDeadwood
Another Day, Another Dollar: Space2000Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardDeadwood
Ant Army1979Rebel GamesKim St. JackBoard 
Ant Eater1986Hoyle Board 
Ant Trails1994Great American Puzzle FactoryDan GilbertBoard 
Ant Wars1982Jason McAllister GamesJason B McAllisterBoard 
Antagon2002Kidultgame Board 
Anti-Monopoly1984ASSRalph AnspachBoard 
Anti-Monopoly II1977ASSRalph AnspachBoard 
Anti-Monopoly III: Washington-Moskau1987ASSRalph AnspachBoard 
Antics Gosling GamesMary Gosling
Graham Gosling
Antics1983Spears Games, Mattel UK Ltd. Board 
Antietam1975SPIRedmond A. Simonsen
Thomas Walczyk
Antietam1993XTR Corp
Jon SouthardWarCommand
Antietam Campaign1995Decision GamesCharles L. DiamondWar 
Antipalos1982Antipalos Games, Inc.Rollie Tesh
Martin Collier
Antiques Roadshow: The Game2000Hasbro Board 
Antiquity2004Splotter SpellenJoris Wiersinga
Jeroen Doumen
Ants In The Pants1984MB
Marvin GlassBoard 
Anvil Dragoon1986World Wide WargamesLaurel CochranWarThe Wargamer
Anvil-Dragoon: The Second D-Day1976JagdpantherHoward AndersonWar 
Anybody's Guess1990Golden Games Board 
Anzio1969Avalon HillDavid WilliamsBoardSquad Leader
Anzio Beachhead1969SPI
Strategy and Tactics
Dave WilliamsWarS&T
Apache1981YaquintoS. Craig TaylorWar 
APBA American Saddle Racing1970APBA International Board 
APBA Basketball APBA International Board 
APBA Boxing1994APBA International Board 
APBA Major League Baseball - All Star Edition2000APBA International Board 
APBA Pro Baseball1951APBA InternationalDick SeitzBoard 
APBA Pro Hockey1993APBA International Board 
APBA Pro League Football1958APBA International Board 
APBA Professional Bowling APBA International Board 
APBA Professional Golf APBA International Board 
Apocalypse1976 Chris ElliottBoard 
Applause Big Game, Inc. Board 
Apples to Apples1999Out of the Box PublishingMatthew Kirby
Mark Alan Osterhaus
BoardApples to Apples
Apples to Apples - Expansion Set #22000Out of the Box Publishing BoardApples to Apples
Apples to Apples - Expansion Set #32001Out of the Box Publishing BoardApples to Apples
Apples to Apples - Expansion Set #42002Out of the Box Publishing BoardApples to Apples
Apples to Apples Junior2000Out of the Box PublishingMatthew Kirby
Mark Alan Osterhaus
BoardApples to Apples
Apples to Apples Junior! 9+2002Out of the Box Publishing BoardApples to Apples
Apples to Apples, Expansion Set #11999Out of the Box PublishingMatthew Kirby
Mark Alan Osterhaus
BoardApples to Apples
Appleseed   Board 
April's Harvest1995The GamersAl WamboldWarCivil War Brigade
Aquarian Age Broccoli Board 
Aquarius1998Looney LaboratoriesAndrew LooneyBoard 
Aquitaine1982HutchinsonPaddy GriffithWar 
Ara2004HabaHajo Bücken
Dirk Hanneforth
Arab-Israeli Wars1977Avalon HillS. CarusWar 
Arabana-Ikibiti1997Bambus SpieleverlagGünter CornettBoard 
Arabana-Ikibiti1998Funagain GamesGünter CornettBoard 
Arabana-Opodopo2002Bambus SpieleverlagGünter CornettBoard 
Arabian Nightmare: The Kuwait War1990World Wide WargamesJames F. (Jim) Dunnigan
A. Davis
Austin Bay
Arbitrage HC Jacoby Inc Board 
Arbitration: A Game of Decision Making2003All Things Equal, Inc. Board 
Arbora1986FranckhRolf Asche
Reinhold Wittig
BoardEdition Perlhuhn
Arbos1999M+A SpieleArmin Müller
Martin Arnold
Arc of Fire2002Tac Productions Board 
Arcadia1996White Wolf Inc. Board 
Arcadia of My Youth Bandai-Huki Board 
Arch Rival1992Parker Brothers Board 
Arch Villains Anonymous2003Weber GamesCandace WeberBoard 
Archegona2002ArcheologiaGregory ZorzosBoard 
Archie Bunker's Card Game1972MB Board 
Archimedes1995eg SpieleNicolaas(Niek) NeuwahlBoard 
Archimedes N.P.T. A/S - Oslo Board 
Arcola1979OSGKevin Zucker
Thomas Walczyk
Arctic Front1985GDWFrank ChadwickWarThird World War
Arctic Front2002Avalanche PressMike BennighofBoard 
Arctic Storm1992GMT GamesDavid James RitchieWar 
Ard-Ri Stupendous GamesStuart John BernardBoard 
Ardennes1994The GamersDean EssigWarStandard Combat Series
Ardennes '442003GMT GamesMark SimonitchWar 
Ardennes 19442003Vae VictisNicolas Stratigos
Luc Olivier
Ardennes Offensive1973SPIJames F. (Jim) DunniganWar 
Are we there yet?1994Are We There Yet, Inc. Board 
Are You 4 Real2002MB Board 
Are You Afraid of the Dark?1995Cardinal Board 
Are You...Over The Hill1986Game Works, Inc Board 
Arena2002CountermovesTrevor BlakeBoard 
Arena2003dV GiochiSilvano SorrentinoBoard 
Arena1962Lakeside Industries Board 
Arena1997AltarVladimír ChvátilBoard 
Arena Football2001Adam Games Board 
Arena Maximus2003Fantasy FlightKevin WilsonBoard 
Arena of Blood1999Games Workshop War 
Arena of Death1980SPI
Redmond A. Simonsen
David James Ritchie
ARES: Miniatures Wargaming System2002Majestic Twelve GamesDaniel Kast
Kevin Smith
Arguile1996Game FestBrian HerschBoard 
Arimaa2002 Omar Syed
Aamir Syed
Aristo1988Editions Dragons RadieuxPhilippe MouchebeufBoard 
Arithmetic Bingo1960MB Board 
Arizona Trivia1990Arizona Trivia Inc.Marshall TrimbleBoard 
Arkansas Bluff1975Parker Brothers Board 
Arkham Horror1987ChaosiumLynn Willis
Charlie Krank
Richard Launius
Arkham Horror1987Eurogames / Jeux DescartesLynn Willis
Charlie Krank
Richard Launius
Armada1986Eurogames / Jeux DescartesPhilippe des Pallières
Patrice Pillet
Armada2002EurogamesPhilippe des Pallières
Patrice Pillet
Strategy and Tactics
Greg Costikyan
Eric Goldberg
Sterling S. Hart
Armada1973PelikanSicco van HülstBoardBuchkassette
Strategy and Tactics
John MIchael Young
Stephen B. Patrick
Armati1994ConliffeArty ConliffeWar 
Armati II2004 Arty Conliffe
Rob Wolsky
Armchair Cricket1981Gibsons Games Board 
Armchair Cricket1981Armchair Games Board 
Armchair Golf   Board 
Armies of Arcana1997F. & R. LockwoodThane MorganBoard 
Armies of Oblivion2004Multi Man Publishing WarAdvanced Squad Leader
Armies of the Imperium1991Games Workshop War 
Armor1980YaquintoJames M. DayWar 
Armor at Kursk1979Task Force GamesStephen V. ColeWar 
Armor Supremacy1977Battleline War 
Armored Trooper Votoms: Battling Tsukuda Hobby War 
Armored Trooper Votoms: Civil War Tsukuda Hobby War 
Armored Trooper Votoms: Plotters City Woodo Takara War 
Armored Trooper Votoms: Red Shoulder Tsukuda Hobby War 
Armory2003M.E.K. GamesMark KellerBoard 
Armour and Infantry1973Wargames Research Group War 
Armour Quest - Quæstro1995 Camelot HobbiesBoard 
Arms Race1976Attack Wargaming AssociationDave CascianoWar 
Army Air Corps1942Parker Brothers Board 
Army Group Center1992World Wide WargamesMasahiro YamazakiWar 
Army Group North1999 Perry A. MooreWar 
Army of Darkness1993Leading Edge GamesDavid McKenzie
Barry Nakazono
Army of Darkness Card Game2004Eden StudiosGeorge Vasilakos
M. Alexander Jurkat
Arne2002Lauwers Games bvbaArne LauwersBoard 
Arne2003PiatnikArne LauwersBoard 
Arne Total2003Lauwers Games bvbaArne LauwersBoard 
Arnhem1976SPIJ. A. NelsonWar 
Arnhem - Defiant Stand2003Critical Hit Inc.Ray Tapio
Kurt Martin
Arnhem 19441997Histoire & Collections
Vae Victis
Nicolas StratigosWarCae Victis
Arnhem Bridge1982Attactix War 
Around the Jewish Year: The Game That Takes "A Year" To Play! Feldheim Board 
Around the World in 80 Days1987RavensburgerWolfgang KramerBoard 
Around the World in 80 Days with Michael Palin1992BBC Enterprises Board 
Arrahkar's Wand1983TSRC.C. StollWar 
Arrowlette1955Parker Brothers Board 
Arthur Goes to the Library1996MB Board 
Arthur's Dominoes1996Great American Puzzle Factory Board 
Arthur's Get Together Game2000RavensburgerMark HauserBoard 
Articulate Ventura Games Board 
Articulation1990Word Origin IncKermit E. HeartsongBoard 
Artifact1980MetagamingGlenn WilliamsBoard 
Artifact2004Outset Media Board 
As The World Turns1966Parker Brothers Board 
ASAP1989University GamesA. Robert MoogBoard 
Ascalion1991Welt der SpieleBill Eberle
Jack Kittredge
Peter Olotka
Ascension1982ArjeuRemy DurrensBoard 
Ascension at Firepeak2001House of Slack Games Board 
Ascowt dV GiochiDomenico Di GiorgioBoard 
Ashtapada   Board 
Asia 14831999Guild of BladesRyan S. JohnsonWar 
Asia Aflame1994Australian Design GroupHarry RowlandWar 
Asia Crossroads2003Decision GamesJoseph MirandaWar 
Ask Zandar1992MB Board 
Aspern Essling1999The GamersDavid A. Powell
Jerry Malone
WarNapoleonic Brigade
Assassin1994Avalon HillChris Bayliss
Rex A. Martin
BoardMultiplayer Strategy Games
Assassin: The Final Game1980Southold Game Corp.Douglas Alan ByrneBoard 
Assault1983GDWFrank ChadwickWarAssault
Assault on Belgium1997UGGUdo GrebeWar 
Assault on Hoth1984West End GamesPaul MurphyBoard 
Assault on Kuwait City1991Gulf Games Co.J. DuffyWar 
Assault on Leningrad1980World Wide WargamesPerry A. Moore
Andy Bagley
Assault on Mt. Everest1976Eagle's Nest Board 
Assault on Sevastopol1990Cummins EnterprisesAdrian McGrathWar 
Assault on Tobruk1980Simulations CanadaStephen NewbergWar 
Assembly Line1953Selchow&Righter Board 
Assert with Love1981High Consciousness Games Board 
Associations: The Game of Quick Connections2000Cheatwell Games Board 
Assumption1984  Board 
Assyrian Wars2004UGGUdo GrebeWar 
Asterix - Das Kartenspiel1992F.X. SchmidDavid ParlettBoard 
Asterix - the Board Game1990SpearWolfgang Riedesser
Frank Söcknick
Astérix en Égypte1971Jeux Noel Board 
Astérix et les Romains1990RavensburgerKlaus TeuberBoard 
Asterix und die Römer1990RavensburgerKlaus TeuberBoard 
Asteroid1980GDWFrank Chadwick
Marc W. Miller
Asteroid Pirates1981YaquintoMichael MathenyWar 
Asteroid Zero-Four1979Task Force GamesStephen V. ColeWar 
Astro Blitz1968AMT Board 
Astro Boy Saves the Universe Game2004Briarpatch Board 
Astro-Dice1999Astro-leg Board 
Astromachia1997Microgame Design GroupPeter DrakeWar 
Astromagie2001M+A Spiele Board 
Astron1955Parker Brothers
Waddingtons Games
Astronaut Pepys Board 
AstroNavis Merchant2004 Wendell Martin Jr.Board 
Astrotime1990RavensburgerChristian Raffeiner
Helmut Walch
Ataturk!2003Khyber Pass GamesDennis BishopWar 
Athos1993FranckhWolfgang Kramer
Sven Kübler
atlanta1960Southern Games CompanyL.D. Sheridan, Jr.Board 
Atlanta Civil War Campaign Game1973Blue Guidon Games
Don Lowry Enterprises, INC.
Atlantic Star2001Queen GamesDirk HennBoard 
Atlantic Storm1997Avalon HillDon Greenwood
Ben Knight
Atlantic Wall1978SPIJoseph (Joe) M. BalkoskiWar 
Atlantic, Chicago and Pacific Rails2000Gandy Dancer GamesRobert CarlsenBoard 
Atlantis2000Historien SpielegalerieJean du PoëlBoard 
Atlantis 12,500BC1976Excalibre GamesDennis P. O'Leary
R.J. Hlavnicka
Atlantis:Pathways of the Deep2001Hasbro Board 
Atlas & Zeus2004EurogamesBruno CathalaBoardGames for 2
Atlas Adventures1996The Green Board Game Co. Board 
Atlas in a Box1995Resource Games Board 
Atmosfear Card Game1996Spears Games, Mattel UK Ltd. Board 
Atmosfear the DVD Board Game2004Pressman Toy Corporation Board 
Atmosfear: The Harbingers1995Spears Games, Mattel UK Ltd. Board 
Atmosfear: The Soul Rangers1996Spears Games, Mattel UK Ltd. Board 
Atom Building Game2003Cambridge Physics OutletThomas HsuBoard 
Atta Ants2003Realm of FantasyRichard de RijkBoard 
Attack Force1980TSRDavid James RitchieWar 
Attack in the Ardennes1982GDWJohn M. Astell
Frank Chadwick
John Harshman
Attack in the Asteroids1990TSRPaul Arden Lidberg
Mike Pondsmith
Kim Mohan
Attack of the Mutants1981YaquintoNeal ZimmererBoard 
Attack of the Plant People1990TSRPaul Arden LidbergBoard 
Attack Sub1991Avalon HillCourtney F. AllenWarAdult Strategy
Attack Vector: Tactical2003Ad Astra Games War 
Attack!2003Eagle GamesGlenn DroverBoardAttack
Attack! Expansion2003Eagle GamesGlenn DroverBoardAttack
Attacke1993F.X. SchmidReiner KniziaBoard 
Attakube2001TF1 EntreprisesValéry FourcadeBoard 
Attica Board Game2003 Gregory ZorzosBoard 
Attika2003Hans im GlückMarcel-André Casasola-MerkleBoard 
Attika2003Rio Grande GamesMarcel-André Casasola-MerkleBoard 
Attila1981International Team Board 
Attila2000Hans im GlückKarl-Heinz SchmielBoard 
Attila2000Rio Grande GamesKarl-Heinz SchmielBoard 
Attila2000999 GamesKarl-Heinz SchmielBoard 
Attila2003GMT Games War 
Attila: Scourge o' God1997XTR Corp
Roger SandellWarCommand
Attorneys at Flaw1995Windbreaker Entertainment Board 
Attraxion2004Jumbo Board 
Attribut2002LookoutMarcel-André Casasola-MerkleBoard 
Attribut 22004LookoutUwe Rosenberg
Marcel-André Casasola-Merkle
Attribute2003LookoutMarcel-André Casasola-MerkleBoard 
Au Backe!2001ZochFrank NestelBoardZicke Zacke
Au fil de l'épée2002Histoire & Collections
Vae Victis
Frédéric BeyWar 
Auction Avalon Hill BoardLeisure Time/Family Games
Auction America: The Trivia Game for Any Collector2000ENT EnterprisesNicole ThomsenBoard 
Auctioneer1972Ideal Board 
Audit - The Tax Game1979Foothill Game Co.A. ButnerBoard 
Auf Achse1987F.X. SchmidWolfgang KramerBoard 
Auf Achse - Das Kartenspiel1995F.X. SchmidWolfgang KramerBoard 
Auf der Flucht vor Tyrannosaurus1993Klee Spiele GmbHMichel Lalet
Sylvie Barc
Jean-Charles Rodriguez
Auf der Kippe1997PiatnikPressman Toy CorporationBoard 
Auf falscher Fährte2001Berliner SpielkartenJürgen KraulBoard 
Auf Fotosafari in Ombagassa1985Edition PerlhuhnReinhold WittigBoard 
Auf Heller und Pfennig1994Hans im GlückReiner KniziaBoard 
Auf Kurs1992Blatz SpieleReinhold WittigBoard 
Auf Teufel komm raus1983Edition PerlhuhnReinhold WittigBoard 
Auf Teufel komm raus1995ASSNicolaas(Niek) NeuwahlBoardThe best of ASS
Auf Trab im Sulkydrom1998ThiesenHolger Thiesen
Cordula Schau
Olaf Schröder
Auf und ab2003FranjosEd PeggBoard 
Auf und zu1992Bandai-Huki
Raymanond HaysmanBoard 
August Fury1990The GamersDavid A. PowellWarCivil War Brigade
Auntie Pasta's Fraction Game Learning Resources Board 
Aura Battler Dunbine Tsukuda Hobby WarAura Battler Dunbine
Aura Battler Dunbine: Byston Well Tsukuda Hobby WarAura Battler Dunbine
Aura Battler Dunbine: Wing Caliver Tsukuda Hobby WarAura Battler Dunbine
Aura Poku1993Blatz SpieleReinhold WittigBoard 
Aurora Derby1972Aurora Board 
Ausbrecher AG1988RavensburgerHajo BückenBoard 
Ausgebremst1993ASSWolfgang RiedesserBoardThe best of ASS
Ausgetrickst... Sport-Spiele H.F.Heinz FritzcheBoard 
Aussie Animal Sanctuary2002PIP Productions Board 
Austerlitz1993The GamersDean Essig
David A. Powell
WarNapoleonic Brigade
Austerlitz2000GMT GamesDavid FoxWar 
Austerlitz1981International Team War 
Austerlitz1980SPIDavid James RitchieWar 
Austerlitz 18052004Vae VictisFrédéric BeyWar 
Austerlitz I1973SPIJohn MIchael YoungWar 
Austin Poker2004Hangman GamesAlan D. ErnsteinBoard 
Austin Powers CCG1999Decipher Incorporated Board 
Austin Powers Trivia Game2002USAopolyEric ToegBoard 
Australian Grand Prix1989 Stacy AldenBoard 
Australian Menagerie1999Wild ConnectionsPat Darlington
Dan Nicholls
Australian Menagerie - Australian Alps Expansion1999Wild ConnectionsPat Darlington
Dan Nicholls
Australian Menagerie - Red Centre Expansion1999Wild ConnectionsPat Darlington
Dan Nicholls
Australian Menagerie - Tasmanian Expansion1999Wild ConnectionsPat Darlington
Dan Nicholls
Australian Rails1994MayfairLarry RoznaiBoardEmpire Builder System
Australian Railways2004Winsome GamesMartin WallaceBoard 
Austro Prussian War1994Decision Games
Strategy and Tactics
Joseph MirandaWarS&T
Auteuil1963DujardinEdmond DujardinBoard 
Authentic Demolition Derby1999Raccoon GameWorks Board 
Auto Repair: A Game of Expenses1989  Board 
Autobridge1938Autobridge CompanyCharles H. GorenBoard 
Autodromo1970Clementoni Board 
Automania1991Livingstone GamesIan LivingstoneBoard 
Automarket1994Quality Game s.r.l.Andrea Angiolino
Giovanni Caron
Automobile für die Welt1977RavensburgerUrs WaldvogelBoard 
Autoscooter1999Bambus SpieleverlagGünter CornettBoard 
Autoscooter2003Bambus SpieleverlagGünter CornettBoard 
Autumn Mist2004Fiery Dragon ProductionsBrian TrainWar 
Auweier2001SphinxHenning PoehlBoard 
Aux Sabords2002Ludi StoriaDidier Panthout
Sabine Gomas
Johann Aumaitre
BoardAux Sabords
Avalam Bitaka1995S.C.J.P.FilsPhilippe DeweysBoard 
Avalanche1966Parker BrothersFrank SindonBoard 
Avalanche: The Invasion of Italy1994Avalanche PressBrian L. KnippleWarDecisive Battles of World War II
Avalanche: The Salerno Landings1976GDWFrank ChadwickWar 
Avalon1994Fun Connection GmbHMarco SillesBoard 
Avalon2003KosmosLeo ColoviniBoardSpiele für zwei
Avalon Hill Game Company's Game of Trivia1981Avalon HillBruce ShelleyBoard 
Avanté1967Fyanes Board 
AVE2000FanFor-VerlagValentin HermanBoard 
Ave Caesar1989RavensburgerWolfgang RiedesserBoard 
Ave Tenebrae1982Eurogames / Jeux DescartesFrançois Marcela-FroidevalWar 
Aventuras Heróicas1991IDD MiniaturasÁtila Freire
Anna Fukumura
Aventuras Heróicas: A Revelação da Princesa / O Encontro com Kaleb1991IDD MiniaturasÁtila Freire
André Barros
Aviation - The Aerial Tactics Game of Attack and Defence1920Gibsons Games Board 
Aviation - The Air Mail Game1928Parker Brothers Board 
Avis de Tempete2003Toodoo éditionsChristophe BergBoard 
Awful Green Things from Outer Space1979DragonTom WhamBoard 
Awful Green Things from Outer Space1980TSRTom WhamBoard 
Awful Green Things from Outer Space1979Steve Jackson GamesTom WhamBoard 
Awful Green Things from Outer Space1979Steve Jackson GamesTom WhamBoard 
Awithlaknannai   Board 
Axiom1988Seventh SealMichael SealBoard 
Axiom2001LumicubeMichael SealBoard 
Axiom 30002001LumicubeMichael SealBoard 
Axis & Allies1984MBLawrence H. HarrisWarMB Gamemaster Series
Axis & Allies1981Nova Game DesignsLawrence H. HarrisWarAxis & Allies
Axis & Allies2004Avalon Hill
Mike Selinker
Lawrence H. Harris
Axis & Allies D-Day2004Avalon HillMike Selinker
Lawrence H. Harris
WarAxis & Allies
Axis & Allies: Europe2000Avalon HillLawrence H. HarrisWarAxis & Allies
Axis & Allies: Pacific2001Avalon HillStephen Baker
Lawrence H. Harris
Rob Daviau
WarAxis & Allies
Axis&Allies: Central Powers1997Table Tactics WarAxis & Allies
AxxA1992AbacusspieleHajo BückenBoard 
AXXA Exklusiv1989Hexagames / TST-EnterprisesHajo BückenBoard 
Aya2000ZochMike ReillyBoard 
Ayanu1989FranckhHarald GermerBoardEdition Perlhuhn
Ayrton Senna: The King of Monaco1997Game OfficeCarlos Seabra
Fernando Fonseca Jr.
Azhanti High Lightning1980GDWFrank Chadwick
Marc W. Miller
Aztec1995ZochNicolaas(Niek) NeuwahlBoard 
Aztec1996ZochNicolaas(Niek) NeuwahlBoard 
Azteca1999TruantPascal BernardBoardTilsit Edition
Azteca2000Clash of Arms GamesPascal BernardBoard 
Azteca1999Tilsit EditionsPascal BernardBoard 
Azuma1992Parker Brothers Board 
B'hoys!2003 Patrick Wilson
Chris Feree
B-17, Queen of the Skies1983Avalon HillFrank GlenWarAdult Strategy
B.S. The Game of Being Sneaky1986TDC Games Inc Board 
Baa Baa Black Sheep2002Hasbro Board 
Baantjer2001Goliath Board 
Babar: The King of the Elephants1978Parker Brothers Board 
Babble On1996Waddingtons Games Board 
Babe Winkelman's Good Fishing1986Orange Alps Inc. Board 
Babel2000KosmosUwe Rosenberg
Hagen Dorgathen
BoardSpiele für zwei
Babel2000Rio Grande GamesUwe Rosenberg
Hagen Dorgathen
Babel2000999 GamesUwe Rosenberg
Hagen Dorgathen
Babelation Babel, Ltd. Board 
BabeQuest2003InitiativetMads L. Brynnum
Esben Sejer Pedersen
Anders Tychsen
Baboon Ball1981Hasbro Board 
Babuschka1982RavensburgerAlan M. NewmanBoard 
Baby Bird Game1988RavensburgerHorst LaupheimerBoard 
Babylon1984FagusWalter Wolf WindischBoard 
Babylon 5 Collectible Card Game1997Precedence PublishingRan Ackels
Paul W. Brown
Edi Birsan
Babylon 5 Component Game System1997Compomnent Game System IncC. Henry Schulte
George T. Henne Jr.
Andrew Smith
Babylon 5 Component Game System - Expansions & Starter Kits1998Compomnent Game System Inc War 
Babylon 5 Wars1997Agents of GamingRobert N. Glass
Bruce H. Graw
Babylone2003La Mèche Rebelle
Bruno FaiduttiBoard 
Baccade Paille éditions Board 
Back Off! Buzzard1990MB Board 
Back to Iraq1995XTR Corp
Joseph Miranda
Dorlon J. Elliott
Back to the Farm1990Animal Town Game CompanyKen KolsbunBoard 
Backgammon19733M BoardBookshelf Classics
Backgammon1975Pelikan BoardBuchkassette
Backgammon Ravensburger Board 
Backgammon gamin Board 
Backgammon 41980Two Wolf Games Board 
Backpacks & Blisters1993Ragnar BrothersGary Dicken
Steve Kendall
Backscrabbing1989C-GamesDale Funk
Ken Murphy
Backwords1988Random House, Inc Board 
Bad Habits1991Game Works, Inc Board 
Bad Hollywood2004Krimsus Krimskrams-KisteMark Sienholz
Christian Opperer
Badge of Honor2003Pressman Toy Corporation Board 
Bärenspiel1983Herder VerlagHajo BückenBoard 
Bärenstark2002GoldsieberHeinz MeisterBoard 
Bärenwald1995AmigoHaim ShafirBoard 
Bärenwald - Die lustigen Spiele der kleinen Bären2002GoldsieberJohann Rüttinger
Michael Rüttinger
Bäuerchen & Co1998Historien SpielegalerieJean du PoëlBoard 
Baffles: Intriguing Game of Words1986Chieftain Products Board 
Baggage Claim1987RavensburgerAlex RandolphBoard 
Baggit1991Baggit, Inc. Board 
Baghdad Rummy2003CereBel War 
Bagou1998Productions Daniel JasminDaniel JasminBoard 
Bagpuss Susan Prescot Games Board 
Baha1990Amigo Board 
Baha1991International Games Board 
Bailén 18081994Ludopress
Javier Hoyos
José A. Vargas-Zúñiga
Bailiwick1996Bailiwick Enterprises
R&R Games
Kimberly CokerBoard 
Bakari2002TacticVirginia CharvesBoard 
Bakerstreet2003RavensburgerMarcel-André Casasola-MerkleBoardFun For 2
Bakschisch1995GoldsieberKara Ben HeringBoard 
Balance1990RavensburgerHeinz MeisterBoard 
Balance of Power SperantaKlaus J.J. ReuterBoard 
Balance of Power1979Hasbro Board 
Balancing Aliens2003Out of the Box Publishing
Dale WaltonBoard 
Balancing Bears1994RavensburgerChristine WelzBoard 
Balancing Clown1969Hasbro Board 
Balanx1994Fun Connection GmbHKris BurmBoard 
Balaroo1967MB Board 
Balderdash1997Schmidt Board 
Balderdash1984MB Board 
Balderdash Junior1991Canada Games, LTI Ltd Board 
Bali2001KosmosUwe RosenbergBoardSpiele für viele
Bali1985MB Board 
Bali1975Avalon Hill BoardLeisure Time/Family Games
Balkan Front1990Games Research/DesignJohn M. AstellWar 
Balkan Hell1996XTR Corp
Ty BombaWarCommand
Balkan Storm1995Pacific Rim PublishingThomas P. HonsaWar 
Balkan Wars1993Decision Games
Strategy and Tactics
Joseph MirandaWarS&T
Balkans '41
Balkans 1941
1997Decision Games
Strategy and Tactics
Joseph MirandaWarS&T
Ballast1998GigamicMichael SohreBoard 
Ballistic Missile1977Heritage
Tabletop Games
Ballon Cup2003KosmosStephen GlennBoardSpiele für zwei
Ballonrennen1977RavensburgerEric W. SolomonBoard 
Ballons2003AmigoHaim ShafirBoard 
Balloon Cup2003Rio Grande GamesStephen GlennBoard 
Balloon Cup2003999 GamesStephen GlennBoard 
Ballzerko1998Hasbro Board 
Balmy Balloonists2000Up & Away GamesRichard Heli
Philip Vogt
Baltimore's Great Blizzard Travel Game1977Creative Marketing Inc.C. P. MarinoBoard 
Bambi1992MB Board 
Bambino Dino2001Family PastimesJim DeacoveBoard 
Bamboleo - Pizza1996ZochJacques ZeimetBoard 
Bamboozle1962MB Board 
Bamboozle1997Parker Brothers Board 
Bambuti1999Adlung-SpieleHartmut KommerellBoard 
Banana Republic1993Spiele von Doris & FrankDoris Matthäus
Frank Nestel
Banana Republic2002Benco Boardgames OnlineBen LouwBoard 
Banana Slap2001blue orange Board 
Bananas1996GoldsieberJohannes TranelisBoard 
Banca1955Einheitsformblatt-Verlag Board 
Bandito2003Lolo Board 
Banditos2002Spiele aus TimbuktuMichael SchachtBoard 
Bang Box1969Ideal Board 
Bang!2002dV GiochiEmiliano SciarraBoardBang!
Bang! High Noon2003dV GiochiEmiliano SciarraBoardBang!
Bango! Bango!1965Schaper Board 
Bank On It!1986Pressman Toy Corporation Board 
Banking1999norisMichael RüttingerBoard 
Banque Fatale1997Blatz SpieleStefan DorraBoard 
Bantu1955Parker Brothers Board 
Bao Hiegemann & Kumpernaß Board 
Strategy and Tactics
Charles T KampsWarS&T
Baptism of Fire2002Task Force ProductionsGordon RoachBoard 
Bar Lev1974Conflict GamesJohn HillWar 
Barbarian Hordes1999Tim's GamesTimothy LowellWar 
Barbarian Kings1980SPI
Greg CostikyanWarAres
Barbarian Kings1980Jolly Roger GamesGreg CostikyanWar 
Barbarian Prince1981Dwarfstar GamesArnold HendrickWar 
Barbarian, Kingdom & Empire1983Icarus GamesErik WilsonWar 
Barbarians1994World Wide WargamesKeith PoulterWar 
Barbarians1994Keith PoulterKeith PoulterWar 
Barbarians1993Camelot War 
Barbarossa1969SPIJames F. (Jim) DunniganWar 
Barbarossa 19412002Histoire & Collections
Vae Victis
Jean-Claude BessidaWarVae Victis
Barbarossa und die Rätselmeister1988ASSKlaus TeuberBoard 
Barbarossa: Army Group Centre1997GMT GamesRodger B. MacGowanWarEast Front
Barbarossa: Army Group North, 19412000GMT GamesAnthony Curtis
Vance von Borries
Barbarossa: Army Group South1996GMT GamesVance von BorriesWarEast Front
Barbarossa: Game of the Russo-German War 1941-451986TSRDavid James RitchieWar 
Barbary Coast War2003Guild of BladesBruce P. DowrieWar 
Barbie Dream Date1992Golden Games Board 
Barbie Enchanted 3-D Game2001Mattel Board 
Barbie of Swan Lake2003Mattel Board 
Barbie Queen of the Prom Game1963Spears Games, Mattel UK Ltd. Board 
Barbie Shopping Spree Card Game1991Golden Games Board 
Barbie: The Princess and The Pauper Game2004Spears Games, Mattel UK Ltd. Board 
Barbu   Board 
Baretta1976MB Board 
Bargain Day1937Parker Brothers Board 
Bargain Hunter1981MB Board 
Barn Buzzin' Goofy1999HasbroCarol WiseleyBoard 
Barnabas Collins Dark Shadows Game1969MB Board 
Barnalfapet1993Alga Board 
Barnard's Star1999Microgame Design GroupKerry AndersonWar 
Barney Balloon Race Game1993Parker Brothers Board 
Barney First Fishing Game1999MB
Barney Jumbo1993Parker Brothers Board 
Barney Miller1977Parker Brothers Board 
Barney Picture Game1993Parker Brothers Board 
Barney's Follow the Egg Game1998MB Board 
Barnyard Bingo1994Fisher Price Board 
Barnyard Critters   Board 
Barons of Fyn1994Bone GamesJoshua Howard
Bruce Biskup
Barons' War2004Clash of Arms GamesRobert MarkhamWar 
Barrel of Monkeys1966MB Board 
Barren Victory1991The GamersDavid A. PowellWarCivil War Brigade
Barrier Aladdin Board 
Barsoomian Battle Manual1978HeritageScott B. BizarWar 
Bart Starr Quarterback Game1967H.L. Strausburg & Associates Board 
Bartok1985  Board 
Bas-Ket1969Cadaco Board 
Basari1998F.X. SchmidReinhard StaupeBoard 
Basari1998Out of the Box PublishingReinhard StaupeBoard 
Basatiin al Djabriin2004terra authenticaJoachim ZischkeBoard 
Baseball1989World Wide WargamesGerry Klug
George Gerney
Baseball 30102002Imagination Sports Board 
Baseball Card All Star Game1987Cap ToysMark HegmanBoard 
Baseball Card Game1989Grand Toys Board 
Baseball Challenge Tri-Valley Games Board 
Baseball Classics Simulation1987 Dean PatinoBoard 
Baseball Dreams2000Baseball Dreams Board 
Baseball Manager1980Wichita Game Co. Board 
Baseball Strategy1960Avalon HillThomas N. ShawBoardSports Games
Baseball Tycoon1998LaForest Products, Inc.William D. BarberBoard 
Bases Loaded Baseball  David G. ParsonsBoard 
Bash!1965MB Board 
Basic Fighter Combat Manual1976GamescienceLou ZocchiBoard 
Basket of Fruit1822 William DartonBoard 
Basketball Strategy1974Avalon HillDon GreenwoodBoardSports Games
Basta1994F.X. Schmid Board 
Bastard1992Yutaka Board 
Bastogne1969SPIJames F. (Jim) DunniganWar 
Bastogne - The Desperate Defense, December 19441976SPIRedmond A. Simonsen
Larry Pinsky
Christopher J. Allen
Bastogne or Bust1995Terran GamesChester E. HendrixWar 
Bastogne: Crossroads of Death1991Pacific Rim PublishingJames MeldrumWar 
Bastogne: The Desperate Defense, December 19441992Fresno Gaming Association War 
Baston1985Jeux ActuelBruno Faidutti
Pierre Clequin
Bat Masterson1958Lowell Toy Mfg. Board 
Bataclan1997Gigamic Board 
Bataille de la Marne 1914 Eurogames / Jeux DescartesJean-Jacques PetitWar 
Batailles pour le Canada2002Histoire & Collections
Vae Victis
Luc Olivier
Benoit Larose
WarVae Victis
Batalha de Zeppelins2002Riachuelo GamesAntonio Marcelo
Lloyd Krassner
Batalo1992Harmony GamesScott HarmonBoard 
Bathtub Love2000Kheper Games Board 
Batik1997GigamicKris BurmBoard 
Batman1966MB Board 
Batman & Robin - The Board Game1997Parker Brothers Board 
Batman - Gotham City Mystery2003Spears Games, Mattel UK Ltd.Brian YuBoard 
Batman - Poker gegen Joker1989F.X. SchmidSchöbel
Batman Forever - Audio Game1995Parker Brothers Board 
Batman Forever - Battle at the Big Top1995Parker Brothers Board 
Batman Forever - Crimefighting Card Game1995Parker Brothers Board 
Batman Returns 3-D Board Game1992Parker Brothers Board 
Batman Returns Card Game1992Parker Brothers Board 
Batman the Animated Series 3D Board Game1992Parker Brothers Board 
Baton Rouge1990World Wide WargamesRichard BergWar 
Bats Game2003  Board 
Battle Boarding Condor Toys Ltd Board 
Battle Bots Build' Em Bash 'Em2002MB Board 
Battle Cattle1996Wingnut GamesAldo Ghiozzi
W. Jason Peck
Matt Stipicevich
Battle Cattle2001Steve Jackson Games
Wingnut Games
Philip Reed
Aldo Ghiozzi
Battle Checkers1942Pen Man Board 
Battle Chips2001Tim's GamesTimothy LowellBoard 
Battle Cry1960MBRichard BorgWarAmerican Heritage
Battle Cry1999Avalon HillRichard BorgWar 
Battle Cry of Freedom2003Decision GamesDavid SmithWar 
Battle Cry!1986World Wide WargamesMark SprockWar 
Battle Damage: Code Red1982Task Force Games War 
Battle Dice2000 Travis EberleBoard 
Battle Dome1996MB Board 
Battle for Armageddon1992Games WorkshopJervis JohnsonWar 
Battle for Armageddon Expansion Set : Chaos Attack1992Games WorkshopJervis JohnsonWar 
Battle For Basra1991GDWFrank Chadwick
Lester W. Smith
Battle For Bataan2002Minden GamesJames MeldrumWar 
Battle for China1999Microgame Design GroupBrian TrainWar 
Battle for Endor1984West End GamesPeter CorlessBoard 
Battle for Germany1975SPI
Strategy and Tactics
Battle for Germany Decision Games WarS&T
Battle for McKensie II1977Outpost HobbiesRay PhillipsBoard 
Battle For Moscow1986GDWFrank ChadwickWarS&T
Battle for Normandy1982Attactix War 
Battle for North Africa1996GMT GamesRichard BergWarGameplayers
Battle for Stalingrad1980SPIJohn HillWar 
Battle for the Bayous: The New Orleans Campaign1998Liberty GamesChris ReichmanWar 
Battle for the Galaxy Zylatron1986Crown & Andrews Ltd.Ian DigneyBoard 
Battle for the Sprawls1990TSRPaul Arden Lidberg
Mike Pondsmith
Battle Grid2002ZenoGamesBill StackpoleWar 
Battle Grid2001Laughing Gravy GamesOtto CoffeltWar 
Battle Hymn1986Victory GamesJoseph Reiser
Eric Lee Smith
Battle Hymn - Leatherneck1988Victory GamesJoseph Reiser
Eric Lee Smith
Battle Line2000GMT GamesReiner KniziaBoard 
Battle Masters: Imperial Lords1992MB
Games Workshop
Stephen BakerBoard 
Battle of Albuera1987Clash of Arms Games War 
Battle of Armageddon1997Microgame Design GroupKerry AndersonWar 
Battle of Britain1990TSRRichard Borg
Ken Sommerfield
Tom Hoffman
Battle of Britain1975BerwickSeven TownsBoard 
Battle of Britain Gibsons Games Board 
Battle of Five Armies1984Iron Crown EnterprisesR. BrittonWar 
Battle of Kalnock1985Takara War 
Battle Of Lake Peipus Zvezda War 
Battle of Ligny1991Clash of Arms GamesEd WimbleWar 
Battle of Maiwand1978Fantasy Games UnlimitedLarry SmithWar 
Battle of Monmouth1982TSR
Strategy and Tactics
D. Martin
Leonard Millman
Battle of Nations1975SPIFrank Davis
Redmond A. Simonsen
Edward Curran
Battle of Quatre Bras1991Clash of Arms GamesEd WimbleWar 
Battle of Seattle2000 Brian TrainWar 
Battle of Stanrey1984Takara War 
Battle of the Atlantic2000Minden Games
Gary W. GraberWar 
Battle of the Bands2001Third World GamesDan SmithBoard 
Battle of the Bands: Backstage Pass2002Third World GamesDan SmithBoard 
Battle of the Bands: Encore Edition2004Third World GamesDan SmithBoard 
Battle of the Bulge1981Avalon HillMick Uhl
B. Sinigaglio
Battle of the Bulge1991Avalon HillS. Craig TaylorWar 
Battle of the Bulge2003Avalanche PressBrian L. KnippleWarPanzer Grenadier
Battle of the Dinosaurs1993Golden Games
Western Publishing
Battle of the Five Armies1975TSR
JMJ Enterprises
Larry SmithWar 
Battle of the Halji1987Fugitive GamesChris Hunt
Jake Thornton
Battle of the Little Big Horn1963Waddingtons GamesJohn WaddingtonBoard 
Battle of the Ring1977World Wide WargamesMartin EdwardesBoard 
Battle of the Sexes1997University Games Board 
Battle of the Sexes Card Game2001University Games Board 
Battle of Thermopylae2004Guild of BladesRyan S. JohnsonWar 
Battle of Two Empires1978Fantasy Games UnlimitedAdam L. GruenWar 
Battle of Vittoria1981 Paul L. Van Patten Jr.War 
Battle over Britain1990TSRJohn H. ButterfieldWar 
Battle Platform Antilles2000 Dan VerssenWar 
Battle Rider1994GDWFrank ChadwickWar 
Battle Royal1986John SandsYvonne Harris
Peter Harris
Battle Royale2000  Board 
Battle Stations1987Simulations CanadaStephen NewbergWar 
Battle Stations!1952John E. Burleson ManufacturerJohn E. BurlesonWar 
Battle Tech1985Fantasy ProductionsJordan K. WeismanBoard 
Battle: The Game of Generals1979YaquintoS. Craig TaylorWar 
Stephen BakerBoard 
Battlebikes1984Games WorkshopIan Livingstone
Albie Fiore
Gary Chalk
Battleboard1972Ideal War 
BattleBots1993Snarling Badger GamesAdam Loper
Peter Saphos
BattleBots: Kickbot Arena2001MB Board 
Battlecards: World Conflict, North Africa Campaign2003Rand Game AssociatesJonathan BjorkWarBattlecards
Battlecards: World Conflict, Pacific Theatre2003Rand Game AssociatesJonathan BjorkWarBattlecards
Battlecards: World Conflict, The Russian Front2003Rand Game AssociatesJonathan BjorkWarBattlecards
Battlecards: World Conflict, Western European Theatre2001Rand Game AssociatesJonathan BjorkWarBattlecards
Battlecars1983Games WorkshopIan Livingstone
Gary Chalk
Battlechrome1996One Small StepMichael AndersonBoardBattlechrome
Battlechrome: Fire & Steel1996One Small Step WarBattlechrome
Battlefield Europe1990GDWFrank ChadwickWar 
Battlefleet Gothic1999Games WorkshopAndy ChambersWar 
Battlefleet Mars1977SPIRedmond A. Simonsen
Brad Hessel
BattleForce1987FASA CorporationL. Ross Babcock III
Jordan K. Weisman
Cory Glaberson
Battlefront: World War 2 airwarfare1975Experimental Wargames TeamS.J. BakerWar 
Battlegame Armada1988PurnellJ. SutherlandWar 
Battlegame Book 1 (The Wild West)1975Usborne PublishingAndrew McNeilBook 
Battlegame Book 2 (Knights at War)1975Usborne PublishingAndrew McNeilBook 
Battlegame Book 3 (Galactic War)1975Usborne PublishingAndrew McNeilBook 
Battlegame Book 4 (World War II)1975Usborne PublishingAndrew McNeilBook 
Battlegame Book 5 (Fighting Ships)1975Usborne PublishingAndrew McNeilBook 
Battlelines - Drive on Stalingrad2003Lost Battalion GamesJeff BillingsWarBattlelines
Battlelines - Operation Uranus2003Lost Battalion GamesJeff BillingsWarBattlelines
Battlelines - Stalingrad: Upper Echelon2003Lost Battalion GamesJeff BillingsWarBattlelines
Battlelines - Streets of Stalingrad2003Lost Battalion GamesJeff BillingsWarBattlelines
Battlelines - Winter Storm2003Lost Battalion GamesJeff BillingsWarBattlelines
BattleLust1992Columbia Games RPGHârnWorld
Battlemist1998Fantasy FlightChristian T. PetersenWarBattlemist
Battlemist: The Sails of War1998Fantasy FlightChristian T. PetersenWarBattlemist
Battles & Leaders1981YaquintoStephen PeekWar 
Battles for the Ardennes SPIDanny S. ParkerWar 
Battles for the Ardennes1983TSRDanny S. ParkerWar 
Battles for the Ardennes1994Decision GamesDanny S. ParkerWar 
Battles of the Ancient World Volume III2000Decision GamesWayland Grace
Larry Baggett
Battles of Trenton and Princeton1974Oldenberg GrenadiersD. HothWar 
Battles with Micro-Tanks1975Heroics & Ros FiguresMartin J GreenhamWar 
Battleship1931MB Board 
Battleship1986Simulations CanadaStephen NewbergWar 
Battleship Card Game2002MB War 
Battleships in Action2004Lost Battalion GamesS. Craig Taylor, Jr.Board 
Battlespace1993FASA CorporationChris HartfordBoard 
Battlestar Galactica1978Parker Brothers Board 
Battlestar Galactica1979FASA CorporationL. Ross Babcock III
Jordan K. Weisman
Battlestations2004Gorilla GamesJeff SiadekBoard 
Battlesuit1983Steve Jackson GamesSteve Jackson (US)War 
Battletech1985FASA CorporationJordan K. WeismanBoard 
Battletech1996FASA CorporationJordan K. WeismanBoardBattletech
Battletech1998Fantasy ProductionsL. Ross Babcock III
Jordan K. Weisman
Sam Lewis
Battletech CCG1997Wizards of the CoastRichard GarfieldBoard 
Battletech Combat Book Expansion: Basic Terrain Cards1988Nova Game DesignsDennis GreciBoard 
Battletech Combat Book Expansion: Urban Terrain Cards1991Nova Game DesignsDennis GreciBoard 
Battletech Science Fiction Combat Book Game1987Nova Game DesignsAlfred LeonardiBoard 
Battletroops1989FASA CorporationL. Ross Babcock III
Jordan K. Weisman
Sam Lewis
Battlewagon1981Task Force GamesStephen G. WilcoxWar 
Battlewagon Salvo1974GamescienceLou ZocchiBoard 
Battling the Bulge1994Diversified Innovation Company Board 
Battling Tops1968Ideal Board 
Bau auf!1999BuschfunkRobert KurekBoard 
Baubylon1981Edition PerlhuhnReinhold WittigBoard 
Baubylon1984FagusReinhold WittigBoard 
Baubylon1997Das SpielReinhold WittigBoard 
Baubylon2004Gerhards Spiel und DesignReinhold WittigBoard 
Bauer Klaus und die Maus1993HabaBettina GoßenBoard 
Bauer schnell! Es wird schon hell HabaSwantje BrüngerBoard 
Bauernschlau1991F.X. SchmidTom SchoepsBoard 
Bausack1987ZochKlaus ZochBoard 
Bausack -Sac Noir1995ZochKlaus ZochBoard 
Bayon2002Adlung-SpieleWolfgang WernerBoard 
Baywatch - The Game1996M.M.G. Ltd. Board 
Bazaar1967SchmidtSid SacksonBoard 
Bazaar1986SchmidtSid SacksonBoard 
Bazaar1993Klee Spiele GmbHSid SacksonBoard 
Bazaar19673MSid SacksonBoardBookshelf Games
Bazaar1967Discovery ToysSid SacksonBoard 
Bazar der edlen Steine - Agadir
2004LudoArtStefan DorraBoard 
BBC Match Of The Day: Football Trivia1998Character Cut-Out Company Ltd Board 
Be Forever Yamato Game Popii Board 
Beach Maze1997KalivasChris KalivasBoard 
Beachcomber1984 Tao Lee StettlerBoard 
Beachhead Yaquinto War 
Beachhead Invasion Game1959Warren Built-RiteWarren Bult-RiteWar 
Bean Bag Buccaneers1962Lakeside Industries Board 
Bean Trader2003Rio Grande GamesUwe RosenbergBoard 
Bear Buddies1998RavensburgerChristine WelzBoard 
Bears in the Wood2002GoldsieberJohann Rüttinger
Michael Rüttinger
Beast Wars Transformers Mutating Card Game1997Parker Brothers Board 
Beastlord1979YaquintoMichael MathenyWar 
Beat Detroit1972Dynamic Games Board 
Beat It! Repeat It!1999Tiger Games Board 
Beat the 8 Ball1975Ideal Board 
Beat The Cat1970Sunmarc Board 
Beat the Clock Game1954Lowell Toy Mfg.
Endless Games
Beat the Experts2002University GamesA. Robert MoogBoard 
Beat The Market1985MCMA Board 
Beatlemania Trivia1984Princeton International Enterprises Board 
Beau Monde1929Parker Brothers War 
Beautiful1994eg Spiele Board 
Beauty and the Beast: Magic Mirror Card Game1991Parker Brothers Board 
Becoming One1977Scripture Press Publications, Inc.Donald Ibsen
Marilyn Ibsen
Bed Bugs1985MB Board 
Beda Fomm1979GDWFrank ChadwickWar 
Bedlam2001Drumond Park Board 
Beer and Pretzels Skirmish1982Jodi PressJohn R. SurduBoard 
Beer Checkers Miko Board 
Beer Money2004Atlas GamesCharlie WiedmanBoard 
Beer!2001Kheper Games Board 
Beer: The Card Game1999Stupendous GamesStuart John BernardBoard 
Beest2001Splotter SpellenJeroen DoumenBoard 
Beethoven's 2nd1993Parker Brothers Board 
Before I Kill You, Mr. Bond1996Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoard 
Before I Kill You, Mr. Bond2001Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoard 
Beggars & Thieves1984Parker Brothers Board 
Beginners Bridge1965MBCharles H. GorenBoard 
Beheaded1998  Board 
Behind2003FishtankMichael Palm
Sebastian Jakob
Behind the "8" Ball1969Selchow&Righter Board 
Bei Nacht und Nebel1990RavensburgerManfred LudwigBoard 
Beim Zeus!1997KosmosKlaus PaleschBoard 
Beirut '821989World Wide WargamesThomas M. KaneWar 
Bela   Board 
Belisaire1995Histoire & Collections
Vae Victis
Nicolas StratigosWarVae Victis
Belisarius2002Decision GamesJoseph MirandaWar 
Bell-Bottomed Badassses on the Mean Streets of Funk2004Z-Man GamesStephen TassieBoard 
Belleau Wood1980Historical AlternativesRoger NordBoard 
Bells of War1997Silly Space CorporationRemi Duval
Marc Fournier
Philippe Lamontagne
Belly Bumper1984Paragon Reiss Board 
Belter1979GDWFrank Chadwick
Marc W. Miller
Ben Casey M.D.1961Transogram Board 
Ben Hur1987Historien SpielegalerieJean du PoëlBoard 
Ben Hur1988FagusJean du PoëlBoard 
Ben Hvr2004 Peter PerlaBoard 
Ben Hvst1996Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoard 
Ben Hvst2001TruantJames ErnestBoard 
Bengal Pursuit1984SportsTrivia, Inc.Kevin BurnettBoard 
Benji Game1976Waddingtons Games Board 
Bent Outta Shape1981Gabriel Board 
Berk's Trap Door game1985Spears Games, Mattel UK Ltd.Terry Brain
Charlie Mills
Berlin '851980SPI
Strategy and Tactics
James F. (Jim) DunniganWarS&T
Berlin: Fall of the 3rd Reich2004Critical Hit Inc.Ray Tapio
Kurt Martin
Berlin: Red Victory2004Critical Hit Inc.Ray Tapio
Kurt Martin
Bermuda Triangle1975MB Board 
Berserker1982Flying Buffalo Inc.Michael A. Stackpole
Fred Saberhagen
Rick Loomis
Berzerk1980MB Board 
Besiege2004Odd Man Out StudiosJacob GenthnerBoard 
Best Number Game Ever!1996Ravensburger Board 
Best of TriBond2001Patch Products Board 
Bethump'd with History Mamopalire, Inc. of Vermont Board 
Bethump'd with Words - Senior Edition Mamopalire, Inc. of Vermont Board 
Betrayal at House on the Hill2004Avalon HillRob Daviau
Bruce Glassco
Between The Sheets2000Pipedream Products, Inc. Board 
Beutelschneider1997Harlekin - Verlag für fantastische SpieleMark SienholzBoardBeutelschneider
Beutezug1990AmigoGil DruckmanBoard 
Beverly Hills1979Tongue-in-Chic
Osobo Games & Toys
Beverly Hills 90210 Card Game1992MB Board 
Beverly Hills 90210 Survey Game1991MB Board 
Beware of the Wolf !1982RavensburgerSeven Towns
Sigrid Heuck
Beware the Bog1991Paul Lamond Games, Prism Leisure Corp. plc Board 
Bewilder1969Ideal Board 
Bewitch1964Selchow&Righter Board 
Bewitched1988Waddingtons GamesMalcolm Goldsmith
Michael Kindred
Beyblade TCG2003Decipher IncorporatedEvan LorentzBoard 
Beyond 20001986Crown & Andrews Ltd. Board 
Beyond Balderdash1993Hasbro
Canada Games, LTI Ltd
Beyond Competition1977Pantheon BooksSid SacksonBook 
Beyond Hadrian's Wall Guild of BladesRyan S. JohnsonWar 
Beyond Planet V94 Vidor GamesOtto SiposBoard 
Beyond Solitaire1976Pantheon BooksSid SacksonBook 
Beyond the Stars1964House of Ideas Board 
Beyond Tic Tac Toe1975Pantheon BooksSid SacksonBook 
Beyond Valor1985Avalon HillDon Greenwood
Bob McNamara
Beyond Words1977Pantheon BooksSid SacksonBook 
Beziehungskisten1994db-SpieleDirk HennBoard 
Bezique Waddingtons Games Board 
Bi-litaire1997Perner Produktions GmbHKris BurmBoard 
Bialogue1995Resimont ProductsBill Resimont
Barbara Resimont
Bible Blurt!2000Patch Products Board 
Bible Challenge1984 James E. BarineauBoard 
Bible Mad Gab2000Patch Products Board 
Bible Pictionary2001Cadaco
Pictionary Inc.
Bible Scattergories2000Talicor Board 
Bible TriBond2000Patch Products Board 
Bible Trivia1985CadacoBrian Esch
Kandyce Esch
Bibleopoly1991Late for the Sky Production Company Board 
BibleQuest1995Horizon Games, Inc. Board 
Bid2000Amherst Lodge Games Board 
Bid It2003EnginuityAndy DanielBoard 
Bid it Right1964MB Board 
Bid'n Bluff19713MFrederick A. HerschlerBoard 
Bierbörse1979Parker BrothersSid SacksonBoard 
Biesti Boys2002AmigoHoward KamentskyBoard 
Big Aisle, Small Cart2002Placebo PressChuck Wilhelm
Eric Kriser
Big Bang1995ZochKai Schanzl
Mona Schüling
Big Bat Baseball1974Spears Games, Mattel UK Ltd. Board 
Big Battle1994 M. K. MorrisonBoard 
Big Bird's Nesticks1977MB Board 
Big Boggle1973Parker Brothers Board 
Big Boss1994FranckhWolfgang KramerBoard 
Big Brother2000JumboDick de RijkBoard 
Big Brother2000Pressman Toy CorporationDick de RijkBoard 
Big Bucks Baseball1987Walsh Games Board 
Big Bucks Baseball1995Kitchen Table Games Board 
Big Business1964Transogram Board 
Big City1999GoldsieberFranz-Benno DelongeBoard 
Big City1999Rio Grande GamesFranz-Benno DelongeBoard 
Big City1999999 GamesFranz-Benno DelongeBoard 
Big Damn Robots1999Crunchy Frog EnterprisesPaul Arden LidbergBoard 
Big Deal2001AmigoTzvika Harpaz
Roy Wagner
Yoel Rotem
Gal Zuckerman
Big Deal1977Lakeside Industries Board 
Big Foot1977MB Board 
Big John1994Parker Brothers Board 
Big League Baseball19663M BoardSports Games
Big League Manager1958BLM Company Board 
Big Peng1970Spika Board 
Big Picture Game1980TDC Games Inc Board 
Big Play Football2001 Chris DavisBoard 
Big Shot2001RavensburgerAlex RandolphBoard 
Big Time Professional Rasslin1988Crunchy Frog EnterprisesPaul Arden LidbergBoard 
Big Top2003ApeRay MulfordBoard 
Big Trail1935Parker Brothers Board 
Big Two1980  Board 
Bigfoot 4x4x41984MB Board 
Bike About1983RavensburgerHermann WernhardBoard 
Biker Mice From Mars Canada Games, LTI Ltd Board 
Bill - Le jeu2002Tilsit Editions Board 
Bill Oddie's Great Bird Race Game1988Bamar GamesRobert Smith
Nigel Platt
Alan Davies
Billabong1993FranjosEric W. SolomonBoard 
Billabong1995AmigoEric W. SolomonBoard 
Billabong2002FranjosEric W. SolomonBoard 
Billboard Top 40 Trivia1984Earls of Esoterica Board 
Billionaire1973Parker Brothers Board 
Billionaire1996Spear Board 
Billionaire1956Happy Hour, Inc.Howard HansonBoard 
Bing Crosby's Game: Call Me Lucky1954Parker Brothers Board 
Bingo1530E.S. LoweCarl Leffler
Edwin Lowe
Bingo Is His Name-O2002MB Board 
Bingolino2004Haba Board 
Bionic Crisis1975Parker Brothers Board 
Bionic Woman1976Parker Brothers Board 
Bionicle - Mask of Light Board Game2003Rose Art
Warren Industries, Inc.
Terry Miller Associates USABoardBionicle
Bionicle - Quests for the Masks2001Upper Deck Entertainment
Ted AdamsBoardTradingcard Spiel (TCG)
Bionicle - Suche nach den Masken2001Upper Deck Entertainment BoardBionicle
Bioscopy2000Wegman Entertainment Board 
Bioviva1996BiovivaJean-Thierry WinstelBoard 
Biplane Barmy2003Fat Jonny GamesJonathan ClarkeWar 
Biras2002 Stephanie StarrBoard 
Bird in the Hand1984MB Board 
Bird Watcher1958Parker Brothers Board 
Birdbrain1966Marx Toys Board 
Birds and Binoculars2004Vida GamesCynthia Jones-WhitcherBoard 
Birds, Bugs and Beans2003R&R GamesStacey MerrillBoard 
Birth of a Nation1982World Wide Wargames
The Wargamer
Richard Berg
Peter Hatton
WarThe Wargamer
Bis bald im Wald2004GoldsieberPeter NeugebauerBoard 
Bismarck1962Avalon HillCharles Roberts
Thomas N. Shaw
Bitin' Off Hedz1996Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoard 
Bitter End: A Relief of the Besieged City, 19451983Hobby Japan
Jon Southard
Richard Spence
Bitter Woods1998Avalon HillRandy HellerWar 
Bitter Woods: 2nd Edition Multi Man PublishingRandy HellerWar 
Bitter Woods: 3rd Edition L2 Design GroupRandy HellerWar 
Bitter Woods: 4th Edition2003L2 Design GroupRandy HellerWar 
Bittereinder2000Microgame Design GroupHjalmar GerberWar 
Bizzy Bizzy Bumblebees1991Golden Games Board 
Black & White1995Black & White Diversities Board 
Black Ball Express1957Schaper Board 
Black Beauty Downs1987Sly GamesW. FaloneyBoard 
Black Box1990FranjosEric W. SolomonBoard 
Black Box1978Waddingtons GamesEric W. SolomonBoard 
Black Box1978Parker BrothersEric W. SolomonBoard 
Black Box1977MBEric W. SolomonBoard 
Black Box1978Capiepa - Jeux ÉducatifsEric W. SolomonBoard 
Black Day Pacific Rim PublishingUlrich BlennemannWar 
Black Death1993Blacksburg Tactical Research CenterGreg PorterBoard 
Black Elephant2004LudoArtBoard 
Black Gold/Texas Tea1990XTR CorpTy BombaWar 
Black Ice2000Looney LaboratoriesAndrew Looney
John Cooper
Black Molly2004Realm of FantasyRichard de RijkBoard 
Black Monday1988Hexagames / TST-EnterprisesSid SacksonBoard 
Black Monday1987J&H Game Designs Corporation Board 
Black or White1999SchmidtWeek End GamesBoard 
Black Sea Black Death1982People's wargamesJack RadeyWar 
Black Sea Fleet1991Pacific Rim PublishingMike BennighofRPG 
Black Spy1981Avalon HillAlan R. MoonBoard 
Black Vienna1987FranckhGilbert ObermairBoard 
Black Wednesday1995The GamersDean Essig
Dave Friedrichs
WarTactical Combat
Black Widow Hobby Shop Work Board 
Blackbeard1992Avalon HillRichard BergWar 
Blackhole1978MetagamingRobert TaylorBoard 
Blackmail2000Van der Veer GamesJacques DeulBoard 
Blackout1980Northern Games Co. Ltd.
Kirkland Game Co.
Blackrock Castle2001SchmidtGunter BaarsBoard 
Blacks and Whites1970Psychology Today Board 
Bladder: The Root of all Football2000Purkess Brittain GamesDan Brittain
Tim Purkess
Blade Runner1982GCP Crown Ltd Board 
Bladestorm1990Iron Crown EnterprisesColeman CharltonWar 
Blank2002BlankgameAngela Ramsay
Andy Briggs
Blarf1981Parlor Games, Inc.Robert H. HollarsBoard 
Blarney1970Spears Games, Mattel UK Ltd. Board 
Blast1973Ideal Board 
Blast It! Piatnik Board 
Blast Off2002GamewrightAlison Yada
Jason Schneider
Jonathan Panush
Blast Out1993Parker Brothers Board 
Blast-Off!1969Waddingtons Games Board 
Blaster Bots2003Black & White GamesMike PettyBoard 
Blazing Camels2000Omni Gaming ProductsMarc F. HoudeBoard 
Bleeding Sherwood1996Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoard 
Blick1993Schylling Board 
Blind Date1963House of Ideas Board 
Blind Ignorance1999Lagoon Games Board 
Blind Justice1989Avalon HillDyer
BoardLeisure Time/Family Games
Blindes Huhn1997Berliner SpielkartenMichael SchachtBoard 
Blindside Hangman GamesAlan D. ErnsteinBoard 
Blip1977Tomy Board 
Bliss o´ still1984Hexagames Board 
Blisters1993Channel CraftTim A. NovakBoard 
Blitz1984Mabuhay Educational Center Inc War 
Blitzkrie1993World Wide WargamesVance von BorriesBoard 
Blitzkrieg1965Avalon HillThomas N. Shaw
Larry Pinsky
Blitzkrieg '411989XTR Corp
Ty BombaWarCommand
Blitzkrieg 19401997XTR Corp
Ty BombaWarCommand
Blitzkrieg Checked: Gembloux2001Schutze GamesPaul RohrbaughWar 
Blitzkrieg General1999UGGUdo GrebeWar 
Blitzkrieg Module System1969SPI
Strategy and Tactics
James F. (Jim) DunniganWarS&T
Blitzkrieg Stalled: Arras2002Schutze GamesPaul RohrbaughWar 
Blitzkrieg Unleashed: Sedan2001Schutze GamesPaul RohrbaughWar 
Block1905Parker Brothers Board 
Block It!2003The Game MasterHans van TolBoard 
Block Mania1987Games WorkshopRichard HalliwellBoardBlock Mania
Blockbuster Movie Game2000Grand Isle Games Board 
Blockbusters1982MBSteve RyanBoard 
Blockbusters Gold Run Card Game1985Waddingtons GamesMark GoodsonBoard 
Blockhead1954Saalfield Publishing Co. Board 
Blokus2000SekkoiaBernard TavitianBoard 
Blondie and Dagwood's Race for the Office Game1950King Features Syndicate Board 
Blood & Iron1993XTR Corp
Paul DangelWarCommand
Blood & Sand : Pacific Variant for Squad Leader1984World Wide Wargames War 
Blood & Thunder1993GDWFrank ChadwickWar 
Blood and Iron I1990World Wide WargamesRobert MarkhamWar 
Blood and Steel1999Microgame Design GroupPaul RohrbaughWar 
Blood and Steel Expansion1999Schutze GamesPaul RohrbaughWar 
Blood Berets1993Target Games AB War 
Blood Bowl - 1st Edition: Death Zone1987Games WorkshopJervis JohnsonWarBlood Bowl
Blood Bowl Companion1990Games WorkshopPaul Murphy
Jervis Johnson
Andy Warwick
BookBlood Bowl
Blood Bowl Star Players1989Games WorkshopPaul Cockburn
Jervis Johnson
BoardBlood Bowl
Blood Bowl: 1st Edition1986Games WorkshopJervis JohnsonWarBlood Bowl
Blood Bowl: 2nd Edition1988Games WorkshopMarc Gascoigne
Jervis Johnson
WarBlood Bowl
Blood Bowl: 3rd Edition1995Games WorkshopJervis JohnsonWarBlood Bowl
Blood Bowl: DeathZone1994Games WorkshopJervis JohnsonWar 
Blood Feud In New York2004EDAARC
Rebel Forge
Kyle WeinandyBoard 
Blood Master Devil's Den Board 
Blood on the Snow1995Avalanche PressMike BennighofWarDecisive Battles of World War II
Blood on the Tigris1995Decision Games
Strategy and Tactics
Perry A. Moore
David McElhannon
Blood Reef: Tarawa1999Multi Man Publishing WarASL
Blood Royale1987Games WorkshopDerek CarverBoard 
Blood Wars1995TSRSteven SchendBoard 
Bloodiest Day: Antietam1995Spearhead GamesPeter PerlaWar 
BloodRace1999TruantMichael PalmBoard 
BloodRace Luxusset1999TruantMichael PalmBoard 
Bloody 110th1989The GamersDean EssigWarTactical Combat
Bloody April1979SPIRichard BergWar 
Bloody Beach Omaha1999 William Ramsay
Harvey Mossmann
Scott Cameron
Bloody Buna1979World Wide WargamesBob LatterWar 
Bloody Kasserine1992GDWFrank Chadwick
John Mill
Bloody Keren World Wide WargamesVance von BorriesWarThe Wargamer
Bloody Legacy/Das Blutige Erbe2004Surprised StareAnthony BoydellBoard 
Bloody Mary1995Heye VerlagDirk HanneforthBoard 
Bloody Mary2002 Garry StevensWar 
Bloody Omaha: D-Day 19442004Critical Hit Inc.Ray Tapio
Kurt Martin
Bloody Ridge1975SPIKevin ZuckerWarIsland War
Bloody Ridge (TCS)2004Multi Man PublishingMichael SmithWar 
Bloody Roads South1992The GamersDean Essig
James F. Epperson
WarCivil War Brigade
Blooming Gardens2002Ragnar BrothersGary DickenBoard 
Blow Football1976Spears Games, Mattel UK Ltd. Board 
Blow Me Out of the Sky Inner City Games DesignsChristopher ClarkBoard 
Blue and Gray Quad I1975SPIEdward Curran
Thomas Walczyk
Irad B. Hardy
Christopher J. Allen
WarBlue & Gray
Blue and Gray Quad II1976SPI WarBlue & Gray
Blue Chip1958Technical Ventures Board 
Blue Line Hockey19683MFrederick A. HerschlerBoardSports Games
Blue Marble1982Si-yat-sa Board 
Blue Max1983GDWPhil Hall
John Harshman
Blue Moon2004KosmosReiner KniziaBoardSpiele für zwei
Blue Moon2004Fantasy FlightReiner KniziaBoard 
Blue Moon2004999 GamesReiner KniziaBoard 
Blue Moon Völkerset: Die Aqua2004KosmosReiner KniziaBoardSpiele für zwei
Blue Moon Völkerset: Die Khind2004KosmosReiner KniziaBoardSpiele für zwei
Blue Moon Völkerset: Die Pillar2004KosmosReiner KniziaBoardSpiele für zwei
Blue Moon Völkerset: Die Terrah2004KosmosReiner KniziaBoardSpiele für zwei
Blue Moon Völkerset: Flit2004KosmosReiner KniziaBoardSpiele für zwei
Blue Moon Völkerset: Mimix2004KosmosReiner KniziaBoardSpiele für zwei
Blue Stones1987International TeamMarco DonadoniWar 
Blue vs Gray1998QED GamesEvan JonesWarEnigma (tm)
Blue's Clues Big Easy Game1998University Games Board 
Bluenose1977M.F. Developments Board 
Bluff 'n' Peg2001Spy Alley Partners Board 
Bluffers Beware1995Bluffers Beware Ltd. Board 
Blurt1999Patch ProductsTim WalshBoard 
Blurt! Card Game2000Patch Products Board 
Board And Table Games From Many Civilisations1960Oxford University PressR.C. BellBook 
Boarding Party1982Task Force GamesThomas CondonWar 
Boat Wars1988Steve Jackson GamesMichael Lee Merritt
David W. Dyche
Gary L. Canterbury
WarCar Wars
Bob the Builder - Scoop's Construction Site Game2001MB Board 
BOB-Ball Pro Dice Basketball Bobball IncBob ChaikinBoard 
Bobby Lee1993Columbia GamesTom DalglieshWarWooden Block Games
Bobby Lee 2nd Edition1995Columbia GamesTom DalglieshWar 
Bobs-y'r-Uncle1935Waddingtons Games Board 
Boccerball Halex Board 
Body Boggle1985Parker Brothers Board 
Body English1967MB Board 
Body Language1975MB Board 
Body War1986B. T. GamesMaurizio Bertuzzi
Aaron Klein
Bodyguard/Overlord1994Spearhead GamesJohn PradosWar 
Boer War2001Decision Games
Strategy and Tactics
Joseph MirandaWarS&T
Börsenkrach1994ASSAndré FrançoisBoard 
F. Murray
S. Spencer
Böse Buben2000SchmidtMichael SchachtBoard 
Bogart1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoard 
Boggle1978Parker BrothersAlan TuroffBoardBoggle
Boggle2004Parker BrothersAlan TuroffBoardBoggle
Boggle Bowl1987Parker BrothersNancy Babson
Charles Phillips
Boggle Jr. Numbers1992Parker Brothers Board 
Boggle Junior1995Parker Brothers Board 
Bohn Hansa2003AmigoUwe RosenbergBoard 
Bohnanza1997AmigoUwe RosenbergBoardBohnanza
Bohnanza2000Rio Grande GamesUwe RosenbergBoard 
Bohnanza1997999 GamesUwe RosenbergBoard 
Bohnanza - Bohnentaler2004AmigoUwe RosenbergBoard 
Bohnanza - Erweiterungsset2001AmigoUwe RosenbergBoardBohnanza
Bohnanza Counters2003LookoutMarcel-André Casasola-MerkleBoard 
Bohnanza Erweiterungs-Set1997AmigoUwe RosenbergBoardBohnanza
Bohnaparte2003LookoutHanno GirkeBoardBohnanza
Bohnaparte2004AmigoUwe Rosenberg
Hanno Girke
Boing1996F.X. SchmidTom EspenBoard 
Boing1996Espenlaub-VerlagTom EspenBoard 
Bokstavs-lek Kärnan Board 
Bolibompa Pling-Plong2003KärnanBjörn WadeliusBoard 
Bollox1999CadacoRob NelsonBoard 
Bolt 'N' Stein Tomy Board 
Bombay Bazar2002TacticSylvie Barc
Jean-Charles Rodriguez
Bomber1982YaquintoS. Craig TaylorWar 
Bombs Away!1995Game Publications Group
Michael AndersonWarGamefix
Bombshell1981Waddingtons Games Board 
Bommerz1998Games WorkshopAndy ChambersWar 
Bonaparte1985International GamesA. W. ComptonBoard 
Bonaparte in Italy1980OSGKevin Zucker
Thomas Walczyk
Bonaparte in Italy2000OSGKevin ZuckerWar 
Bone Barter White Mask Productions Board 
Bones1994Bone GamesJoshua HowardBoard 
Bongo2000Heidelberger SpieleverlagBruno FaiduttiBoard 
Bongo2004Heidelberger SpieleverlagBruno FaiduttiBoard 
Bongo Congo1989Ideal Board 
Bonjour Simone2000Jeux FKFrancois KochBoard 
Boob Tube1962MB Board 
Booby Trap1965Parker Brothers Board 
Boogey Man1987MB Board 
Book of Lists Game1979Avalon HillMartin Wallace
D. Wallechinsky
I. Wallace
Book of Mormon Challenge1993Horizon Marketing, Inc. Board 
Booktastic!2004Canyon Productions Board 
Boom Box2002dV GiochiSilvano Sorrentino
Roberto Corbelli
Boom Town1990Livingstone GamesIan LivingstoneBoard 
Boomers: Fighters & Bombers1980F.X. Schmid Board 
Boomo2000Mattel Board 
Boomtown2004Face2Face GamesBruno Faidutti
Bruno Cathala
Bootleg1984K.C.A. GamesAlan MillerBoard 
Bootleggers2004Eagle GamesSteve Gross
Don Beyer
Ray Eifler
Boots and saddles1984GDWFrank ChadwickBoard 
Booty Game Development GroupMike CramerBoard 
Booze Cruise   Board 
Borderlands1995Locust GamesMatt LeacockWar 
Borderlands1982EonBill Eberle
Jack Kittredge
Peter Olotka
Borderlands deluxe set1995Locust GamesMatt LeacockWar 
Borderlands Expansion Set #11982Eon BoardBorderlands
Borderlands Expansion Set #21983Eon BoardBorderlands
Borderline: Europe/Middle East Edition2001Hidden Hills ProductionsJohn Davidson
Rhonda Rivera-Davidson
Borderline: USA Edition1989 John Davidson
Rhonda Rivera-Davidson
Born Loser Hallmark Board 
Strategy and Tactics
John MIchael YoungWarS&T
Decision Games
John MIchael YoungWarS&T
Borodino'411995Clash of Arms GamesJack RadeyWar 
Borodino: Battle of the Moskova, 18122004GMT GamesRichard BergBoard 
Borodino: Doomed Victory1990SPI
Strategy and Tactics
Gary C. MorganWarS&T
Borsa Internazionale1991RavensburgerF. Murray
S. Spencer
Boss Man Baseball1985Boss Man Game Board 
Bosworth1998Out of the Box PublishingMark Alan OsterhausBoard 
Bot2001Grow Jogos e BrinquedosMario SeabraBoard 
Botany Bay2000Next Millennium GamesH. Georg RauschBoard 
Bottle1994Parker Brothers Board 
Bottle Topps1993Parker Brothers Board 
Bottles and Bins1992 Walter Wolf WindischBoard 
Bottoms Up1970Taurus Creations Inc. Board 
Botts and Balls2004 Ann LesnikBoard 
Bounce It-in1984Tuppertoys Board 
Boundary1970Mattel Board 
Bounty2000Canopus ConsultanciesCyberZoo InteractiveBoard 
Bounty Hunter1982Nova Game DesignsJoe Angiolillo
Mike Vitale
Alfred Leonardi
Bouvines 12141994Delires SARLPatrick Dauge
Jean-Marie Leuckx
Bowl and Score1974E.S. Lowe Board 
Bowl Bound1973Avalon Hill BoardSports Games
Bowling Bunnies2000Schylling Board 
Bowling Dice1999Fundex Games Board 
Bowlo1957Feature Games - Cedar Rapids, IA Board 
Box Cars CHH Games Board 
Box of Bunco2003Winning Moves Board 
Box of Golf - a Classic Golf Board Game2003Box of Golf, Inc Board 
Box Office1990Cayla Games
Monmouth Games
Judy O'NeillBoard 
Box-It1979Invicta Games Board 
Boxscorepad Baseball1990Lurch EnterprisesStephen StablerBoard 
Boxum1998T.J. GEAR CO.Pete BelliBoard 
Boy Scouts1912Parker Brothers Board 
Boy Scouts' Progress Game1926Parker Brothers Board 
Bozo The Clown1967Parker Brothers Board 
Brace Kadon EnterprisesAlan Kross-VinsonBoard 
Brain Baseball1998Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoard 
Brain Quest1993University Games Board 
Brain Strain1989Canada Games, LTI Ltd Board 
Brain Strain1995Lagoon Games Board 
Brain Trainer1975  Board 
Brain Warp1996Tiger Electronics Board 
Brainstorm1994Casper Games Board 
Brainstrain2001Chuckle Games CompanyD.J. CalhounBoard 
Brainwaves1977MB Board 
Brainy Games2003Family PastimesJim DeacoveBoard 
Bram Stoker's Dracula1992Leading Edge GamesDavid McKenzie
Barry Nakazono
Brandy Station: Clash of Cavalry1976Rand Game Associates Board 
Brandywine & Germantown2000Clash of Arms GamesCharlie Spiegel
Richard Kane
Brandywine Creek
Battle of Brandywine Creek
2000GMT GamesMark S. Miklos
Andy Lewis
WarAmerican Revolution
Bratz Passion for Fashion2002MB Board 
Bratz Trading Card Game2004Upper Deck Entertainment Board 
Brauerei1996FanFor-VerlagValentin HermanBoard 
Brawl2000TruantJames ErnestBoard 
Brawl Club Foglio: Alex1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardJames Ernest Games
Brawl Club Foglio: Crane1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardJames Ernest Games
Brawl Club Foglio: Gina1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardJames Ernest Games
Brawl Club Foglio: Mischo1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardJames Ernest Games
Brawl Club Foglio: Rent1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardJames Ernest Games
Brawl Club Foglio: Tess1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardJames Ernest Games
Brawl- Sequel One, Part 12002TruantJames ErnestBoard 
Brawl- Sequel One, Part 22002TruantJames ErnestBoard 
Brawl- Sequel One, Part 32002TruantJames ErnestBoard 
Brawl: Bennett1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardJames Ernest Games
Brawl: Chris1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardJames Ernest Games
Brawl: Darwin1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardJames Ernest Games
Brawl: Hale1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardJames Ernest Games
Brawl: Morgan1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardJames Ernest Games
Brawl: Pearl1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardJames Ernest Games
Brawling Battleships2003Lost Battalion GamesS. Craig Taylor
Bruce Kohrn
Brax1890  Board 
Breacan2002AllumbraBenjamin CorlissBoard 
Break A Leg2002Family PastimesJim DeacoveBoard 
Break Away1982Ideal Board 
Break the Bank1956Copp Clark Board 
Break the Bank1977MB Board 
Break the Safe2003Spears Games, Mattel UK Ltd.Forrest-PruzanBoard 
Breakaway Action Hockey! Sports Games Company Board 
Breaker 19: The CB Trucker Game1976MB Board 
Breakfast at daVinci's2002dV GiochiSilvano SorrentinoBoard 
Breaking Away1991Fiendish Games, John HarringtonJohn HarringtonBoard 
Breaking Away1996Fiendish Games, John HarringtonJohn HarringtonBoard 
Breaking into Valhalla: Operations Veritable and Grenade2001Microgame Design Group
Schutze Games
Paul RohrbaughWar 
Breaking Point1976Ideal Board 
Breakout1973Third Millennia Inc.Don AdcockWar 
Breakout and Pursuit1972SPIJames F. (Jim) Dunnigan
Redmond A. Simonsen
Breakout!1975Waddingtons Games Board 
Breakout: Normandy1992Avalon HillDon Greenwood
James Stahler
WarAdult Strategy
Breakout: Normandy1992Multi Man PublishingDon Greenwood
James Stahler
Breakthrough2001 Dan TroykaBoard 
Breakthru19653MAlex RandolphBoardBookshelf Games
Breeders: Initial Contact1996Fractal DimensionsCarl ForhanWar 
Breeders: The Assault1998Fractal DimensionsCarl ForhanBoard 
Strategy and Tactics
J. A. NelsonWarS&T
Bremer Stadtmusikanten1987FranckhGilbert ObermairBoard 
Bretonenboule1998AbacusspieleFranz Josef LammingerBoard 
Brett Ball1981R.O.KeltnerRaymond O. KeltnerBoard 
Brettfußball1974Walter Müller's Spielewerkstatt
Walter Müllers Spielewerkstatt
Walter MüllerBoard 
Brewhouse Bash1998Games Workshop Board 
BrewMaster: The Craft Beer Game2001Cold Creek Publishing Co.Chris White
Mike White
Brick Battles2003Just This Side of ArroganceJames BrownBoard 
Brick by Brick1995  Board 
BrickQuest2003 Peter F. GuentherBoard 
Bridg-It1960Hasbro Board 
Bridge for One1967MB Board 
Bridgehead1980Gamecraft Pocket War Games Board 
Bridges of Shangrila2003Uberplay Entertainment LLCLeo ColoviniBoard 
Bridges of Shangrila2003999 GamesLeo ColoviniBoard 
Bridgette1992MayfairPrinz Joli KansilBoard 
Bridgette1960 Prinz Joli KansilBoard 
Bridgette1959Xanadu GamesPrinz Joli KansilBoard 
Brikwars1995 Mike RayhawkWar 
Briljant1998Pseudon ProductiesTheo JansmaBoard 
Brilliant Lances1993GDWFrank Chadwick
David Nilsen
Briscola   Board 
Brit Quiz1986Crown & Andrews Ltd. Board 
Brit Quiz 20001999Crown & Andrews Ltd.Brett ClementsBoard 
Britain stands alone1994GMT GamesJim WerbanethWar 
Britannia1991Welt der SpieleLewis E. PulsipherBoard 
Britannia1986Gibsons GamesLewis E. PulsipherBoard 
Britannia1986Avalon HillLewis E. PulsipherBoardAdult Strategy
British Rails1994MayfairLarry Roznai
Loren Roznai
BoardEmpire Builder System
British Rails2002MayfairLarry Roznai
Loren Roznai
BoardEmpire Builder System
British Square1978Gabriel Board 
Broadside1962MB WarAmerican Heritage
Broadsides and Boarding Parties1982MBLawrence H. HarrisBoardMB Gamemaster Series
Broadsword1977Fantasy Games UnlimitedGeorge H ScheiderWar 
Broc & Troc2004Cocktail GamesDominique EhrhardBoard 
Broker1961Spencer-Murray CorporationF. Murray
S. Spencer
Bronco Ranch1997PiatnikGames TalkBoard 
Brothers By My Side2004Armchair GeneralsMark H. WalkerWar 
Brouhaha2004Cocktail GamesJean-Marc PautyBoard 
Bruce Jenner Decathlon Game1979Parker Brothers Board 
Brummi1994RavensburgerKlaus TeuberBoard 
Brummi Rennen2003HerosAnja WredeBoard 
Brunch at the Coliseum Inner City Games DesignsChristopher ClarkBoard 
Brunete1980 Juan Francisco Navarro
Juegos Hexagono
Brute Force: The War in the West, 1940-19452003Clash of Arms GamesRobert BeymaWar 
BSZZZZ!2003ZochManfred KellerBoard 
Bubble Up Pup1994Parker Brothers Board 
Buccaneer1958Waddingtons Games Board 
Buchstaben-Suppe Schmidt Board 
Buck Rogers: Battle for the 25th Century Game1988TSRJeff GrubbBoard 
Bucket Blast Lolo Company Inc. Board 
Buckshot!1970Parker Brothers Board 
Budapest '451994XTR Corp
John DeschWarCommand
Buddel Bande1999GoldsieberEdith Grein-BöttcherBoardMaxis in der Minibox
Buddel-Wuddel2003HabaWolfgang Kramer
Richard Ulrich
Buena Vista1992Fifth Column GamesRoger MillerWar 
Büro Crazy1997F.X. SchmidGünter BurkhardtBoard 
Buffalo1999PiatnikAlex RandolphBoard 
Buffalo1975PelikanAlex RandolphBoard 
Buffalo1975Lakeside IndustriesAlex RandolphBoard 
Buffalo Chips1981  Board 
Buffalo Style Chicken Wing Game1984Marino GamesCharles P. MarinoBoard 
Buffy the Vampire Slayer2000MBBill SabramBoard 
Buffy the Vampire Slayer CCG2001Score EntertainmentChaz Elliott
David Eckhard
Bug Bluff2004Drei MagierJacques ZeimetBoard 
Bug Buddies2002Early Learning Centre Board 
Bug Out!1971Parker Brothers Board 
Bug Strife1999Inner City Games DesignsChristopher ClarkWar 
Bug-Eyed Monsters1983West End GamesGreg CostikyanBoard 
Bug-Off1977Whitman Board 
Buggo2000RavensburgerDan GilbertBoard 
Bughouse Chess1960  Board 
Bughunters1993TSRSteve WinterRPGAmazing Engine
Bugs! 2 Hour WargamesEd TeixeiraWar 
Build a Better Burger1984Leisure Dynamics Board 
Build Puzzletown1961Gamut of Games Board 
Build the American Dream1990The Triangle Partnership Board 
Bulge1979SPIJames F. (Jim) DunniganWar 
Bull In A China Shop2004Front Porch Classics Board 
Bull Market2002The Great Canadian Game Company Board 
Bull Run1983Avalon HillRichard HamblenBoard 
Bullion - The World's Greatest Trading Game World's Greatest Games Board 
Bulls and Bears1988Mario Fischel Toys & GamesMario FischelBoard 
Bulls and Bears1937Parker Brothers
Copp Clark Publishing Company
Charles B. DarrowBoard 
Bulls, Bears and Billionaires2002Kashanebo, Inc.Louis PowellBoard 
Bulls-Eye Ball2003Hasbro Board 
Bullwinkle and Rocky1988TSRDavid Cook
Warren Spector
Bullwinkle Hide 'n Seek Game1961MB Board 
Bullwinkle's Supermarket Game1976Whitman Board 
Bumerang1976RavensburgerPeter PallatBoard 
Bump1990Tah Dah Board 
Bumper Cars1987Parker Brothers Board 
Bumper Golf1998S&S Worldwide Inc Board 
Bumper to Bumper: Real Life Stock Car Racing1991A Work of Art Productions Board 
Bumpin' Benny Game1988MB Board 
Bunco1904Home Game Co. Board 
Bundeswehr1977SPIVirginia MulhollandWar 
Bundeswehr1986GDWFrank Chadwick
John Harshman
Bunker Hill1995XTR Corp
William MarshWarCommand
Bunker Poker1999GigamicPhilippe AucagosBoard 
Bunko1986Wes-Twins Board 
Bunny Zick Zack1991F.X. SchmidDoris Matthäus
Frank Nestel
Buntbär & Co2001Adlung-SpieleKarsten Adlung
Bernhard Naegele
Bunte Vögel2004GoldsieberPeter NeugebauerBoard 
Buntherum1999AmigoReinhard StaupeBoard 
Bureaucracy1981Avalon HillBruce SpitzBoard 
Burgen von Teufelsbach1998Agnus VerlagMagnus ReisingerBoard 
Burgenland1986AbraWolfgang KramerBoard 
Buried Treasure1999F.X. SchmidSid SacksonBoard 
Burma1999The GamersDean EssigWarOperational Combat
Burma1976GDWBob Fowler
Marc W. Miller
Burn in Hell2004Steve Jackson GamesSteve Jackson (US)Board 
Burn Rate2002Cool StudioRich KoehlerBoard 
Burp1992Heidelberger SpieleverlagHarald Bilz
Peter Gudbrod
Rainer Kröhn
Burp1995MayfairHarald Bilz
Peter Gudbrod
Rainer Kröhn
Bus1999Splotter SpellenJeroen DoumenBoard 
Bus2000Splotter SpellenJeroen DoumenBoard 
Bus Boss1990Rostherne GamesDavid WattsBoard 
Bus Depot Diner2001Family PastimesJim DeacoveBoard 
Busen Memo2003Inkognito Verlag Board 
Bushi Clipper Games Ltd. Board 
Bushi: Sword vs. Sword1979Bearhug PublicationsDaryl A. Shirley
John Lewis
Mike Millhouse
Bushido Denied: Bataan and Corrigedor2000Schutze GamesP. Winters
Paul Rohrbaugh
Busine$$ GO1996America Games Inc. Board 
Business1998Relaxx GmbHSid SacksonBoard 
Business Strategy1973Avalon Hill Board 
Businessman's Baseball Fun & Games Group Board 
Busted2001Busted LLC Board 
Buteur1981MB Board 
Butt-Ugly Martians: The Race to Rescue Dog2001MB Board 
Butterflies and Flowers Orda Industries Board 
Button - Button1910American Play Games CompanyFrank F. HoneckBoard 
Button Men - Aldric/Elihu1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Angel/Buddy1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Arthur vs. Mordred2000Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Avis/Hammer1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Bauer/Stark1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Bennet/Chris1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Bluff/Strik1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Brawl2001TruantJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Brom2001TruantJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Bunnies/Lab Rat1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Carson/Bill1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Cesare/Vincent1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Clare/Kith1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Coil/Bane1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Darwin/Hale1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Dunkirk/Starchylde1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Eiko/Wu Lan1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Faith & Temperance1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Farrell/Nikolai1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Gilly/Ken1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Grist/Wastenott1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Guenevere vs. Morgan la Fay2000Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Hannah/Kublai1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Hope & Chastity1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Iago/Karl1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Igor/Matt1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Lancelot vs. Gawain2000Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Lark/Theophilus1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Larry Elmore2001TruantJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Luce/Frasquito1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Lucky/Shepherd1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Max/Mister Peach1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - McGinty/Tiffany1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Merlin vs. Nimue2000Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Mischa/Chang1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Morgan/Pearl1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Niles/Shore1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Peace/Crusher1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Prudence & Charity1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Reaver/Jellybean1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Button Men - Simon/Werner1999Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoardButton Men
Buy And Sell1985 Raymond ZeisetBoard 
Buy or Sell1967KMS Industries Inc. Scientifc Games Div. Board 
BuyWord2004Face2Face GamesSid SacksonBoard 
Buzz Game: A Honey of a Game1955Selchow&Righter Board 
Buzz Off! Aristoplay Board 
Buzzword2003Patch ProductsGarrett J. Donner
Michael S. Steer
Brian S. Spence
By Force Of Arms1996Triumph Game CompanyR. Dawson SmithWar 
By Jove1983AristoplayJohn LaceyBoard 
By the Numbers1962MB Board 
Byzantium1996Decision Games
Strategy and Tactics
Joseph Miranda
William Sariego
Byzantium Reborn2004Microgame Design GroupBen MadisonWar 
Bzz Out2000GamewrightGreg GreenBoard 
C&O, B&O
1969Avalon HillThomas N. ShawBoard 
C'est la vie1991ASSMartin Keß
Thomas Strübing
C-231998Wizards of the Coast Board 
C.V.1979YaquintoS. Craig TaylorWar 
Strategy and Tactics
James F. (Jim) DunniganWarS&T
Cabal1979Rimberry Board 
Cabale1999GoldsieberRoland SiegersBoardRoyal
Cabbage Patch Kids Adoption Game2004Rose Art
Warren Industries, Inc.
Craig MalmloffBoard 
Cabbage Patch Kids Bicycle Race Game1990MB Board 
Cabbage Patch Kids Card Game1984Parker Brothers Board 
Cabbage Patch Kids Friends to the Rescue1984Parker Brothers Board 
Cabby!1938Selchow&Righter Board 
Cabinet Minister1983Century PublishingMirris W. DoroshBoard 
Caçadores De Notícias Game Office
Pedro Seixas Corrêa
Luís Antônio Ribeiro
Cacciatori di viverne1985Universal EditriceAndrea AngiolinoBoard 
Cachorrito Veloz1999MB Board 
Caen1977Excalibre GamesDennis P. O'Leary
R.J. Hlavnicka
Caesar1993The GamesmithsJeff SiadekBoard 
Caesar & Cleopatra1997KosmosWolfgang LüdtkeBoardSpiele für zwei
Caesar & Cleopatra1999Rio Grande GamesWolfgang LüdtkeBoard 
Caesar & Cleopatra1999999 GamesWolfgang LüdtkeBoard 
Caesar at Alesia1976Avalon HillRobert BradleyBoard 
Caesar in Alexandria2001GMT GamesRichard Berg
Mark Herman
WarGreat Battles of History
Caesar in Gallia1993Decision Games
Strategy and Tactics
Joseph MirandaWarS&T
Caesar's Game1984Waddingtons GamesMalcolm Goldsmith
Michael Kindred
Caesar: Conquest of Gaul1998GMT GamesRichard Berg
Mark Herman
WarGreat Battles of History
Caesars Legions1975Avalon HillDon Greenwood
Loren Wiseman
Café International1989MattelRudi HoffmannBoard 
Café International1999AmigoRudi HoffmannBoard 
Café International - Kartenspiel2001AmigoRoland Siegers
Rudi Hoffmann
Cairo2002SchmidtGünter BurkhardtBoard 
Calamity1983Games Workshop
Sentry Group of Insurance companies
Andrew Lloyd WebberBoard 
Calciomania1986Dal Negro Board 
Calcu-Ball1976Mid-America Marketing Board 
Calcula Interbero Board 
Calculate1979Pantheon BooksSid SacksonBook 
Call My Bluff1987Paul Lamond Games, Prism Leisure Corp. plcMark Goodison
Philip Hindin
Call of Cthulhu CCG2004Fantasy FlightEric M. LangBoard 
Calling all Care Bears2002Cadaco Board 
Calling All Cars1949Parker Brothers Board 
Calva-d-os1987Mattel Board 
Calypso1987Shoptaugh GamesPhilip ShoptaughBoard 
Cambio1996Lagoon GamesMaureen HironBoard 
Cambio2003pinMaureen HironBoardThe Games Collection
Cambio2003Out of the Box PublishingMaureen HironBoard 
Cambrai, 1917: The First Blitzkreig1974Rand Game Associates Board 
Camel Cigarettes The Game1992Camel Cigarettes Board 
Camelot1989CitadelJulian MusgraveBoard 
Camelot1989OriflamJulian MusgraveBoard 
Camelot Battlechess1998 Larry ProsserBoard 
Camelot Legends2004Z-Man GamesAndrew ParksBoard 
Camlyn's Destiny2000Camlyn GamesCaleb Ferling
Scott Holgate
Jon De Young
Camouflage1961MB Board 
Camouflage1918Parker Brothers Board 
Camp Granada1965MB Board 
Camp Wanagi2002Immersion Games Board 
Campaign1971Waddingtons Games Board 
Campaign1966Campaign Game Company Board 
Campaign for Guadalcanal1994World Wide WargamesMichael SmithWar 
Campaign for North Africa1979SPIRichard BergWar 
Campaign Politiks1988Bear Swamp Productions Board 
Campaign Secrets2004The Game Crafter Board 
Campaign to Stalingrad1992Rhino Game CompanyMark SimonitchWar 
Campaign Trail1983GDWRichard Winter
Peter Anderson
William Snavely
Campaign!1961Saalfield Publishing Co. Board 
Campaign: A Strategic Race for the American Presidency1984Cook Productions Board 
Campaign: Race for the White House1991J. R. Perri Corp. Board 
Campaigns and Battles from the Age of Reason1995 Tod Kershner
Dale Wood
WarAge of Reason
Campaigns in the Valley1988SPI
Strategy and Tactics
Robert Markham
Mark Seaman
Campaigns of Marlborough1987World Wide Wargames
The Wargamer
W.P. Guthrie
Allan Poindexter
WarThe Wargamer
Campaigns of Napoleon1980West End GamesJohn PradosWar 
Campaigns of the Civil War: Vicksburg and Chancellorsville1992World Wide WargamesEric FaustWar 
Campanile1996Blatz SpieleHanno Kuhn
Wilfried Kuhn
Campbell Kids Shopping Game1955Parker Brothers Board 
Campbell's Alphabet Scoop & Spell1979Warren Industries, Inc. Board 
Campus1985AmigoAndré FrançoisBoard 
Can You Survive Spring Break Scott Board 
Can't Stop1980Parker BrothersSid SacksonBoard 
Can't Stop1991FranjosSid SacksonBoard 
Can't Stop the Turtles2002Winning MovesSid SacksonBoard 
Canadian Civil War1977SPI Board 
Canadian Salad   Board 
Canal Grande2002Adlung-SpieleAlan R. Moon
Aaron Weissblum
Canaletto1995Hans im GlückGünter CornettBoard 
Canasta Caliente2000Winning Moves Board 
Candamir2004KosmosKlaus TeuberBoardEin Abenteuer auf Catan
Candid Camera Game1963Lowell Toy Mfg. Board 
Candidate1991Avalon HillRichard WinterBoardLeisure Time/Family Games
Candidate1979Shaw Games Board 
Candidate1998Lindsey DubbLindsey DubbBoard 
Candyland1949MBEleanor AbbottBoard 
Candyland Bingo1978MB Board 
Candyland Card Game2001Hasbro
Winning Moves
Candyland Lotto1987MB Board 
Candyland VCR1986MB Board 
Canes   Board 
Cannae1986Historien SpielegalerieJean du PoëlBoard 
Cannes2002Splotter SpellenTamara Jannink
Joris Wiersinga
Jeroen Doumen
Herman Haverkort
Cannibal Pygmies in the Jungle of Doom2002Z-Man GamesStephen TassieBoard 
Cannon2003PyroMyth GamesDavid E. WhitcherWar 
Cannon Ball1968Helen of Toy Board 
Canoe2002pinDale WaltonBoardThe Games Collection
Canvas Eagles  Eric HotzWar 
Canyon1997AbacusspieleFrederick A. HerschlerBoardCanyon
Canyon1997Rio Grande GamesFrederick A. HerschlerBoardCanyon
Cap the Hat1965Whitman Board 
Capcom Crossovers - The Card Game2004  Board 
Cape Cod and Islands Challenge2001 Gordon MathiesonBoard 
Cape Horn1999Rio Grande GamesThorsten GimmlerBoard 
Caper1970Parker Brothers Board 
Capital Adventure1986Olga InternationalMichael LorriganBoard 
Capital Power1981International Team Board 
Capital Punishment1981Hammerhead Enterprises Board 
Capitol2001SchmidtAlan R. Moon
Aaron Weissblum
Capitol Rummy1980Sunrise PublishingMildred ZeiglerBoard 
Capn Crunch Island Adventure Game Warren Company Board 
Caprice1999GoldsieberRolf Rötgers
Oliver Bolten
Capricorn1960  Board 
Capt'n Clever2003ZochLiesbeth BosBoard 
Capt'n Clever2003Rio Grande GamesLiesbeth BosBoard 
Capt'n W. Kidd2004Bambus SpieleverlagGünter Cornett
Volker Schäfer
Captain America Game1977MB Board 
Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels Game1980MB Board 
Captain Future1980ASSWolfgang KramerBoard 
Captain Park's Imaginary Polar Expedition2002Cheapass GamesJames ErnestBoard 
Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons Adventure Game1993Peter Pan Playthings Board 
Captain Tsubasa Trading Card Game2002Konami Board 
Captivation1992Captivation Corporation Board 
Captivation Decision Games Board 
Capture1975Gammon Games Board 
Capture All Monsters2004 R. P. WhalenBoard 
Car Capers1989Spears Games, Mattel UK Ltd. Board 
Car Travel Game1958MB Board 
Car Tricks2004 Nick DangerBoard 
Car Wars1982Steve Jackson GamesSteve Jackson (US)WarCar Wars
Car Wars2002Steve Jackson GamesSteve Jackson (US)
Chad Irby
WarCar Wars
Car Wars Arena Book1988Steve Jackson GamesStephen BeemanWar 
Car Wars Compendium1990Steve Jackson GamesSteve Jackson (US)
Chad Irby
WarCar Wars
Car Wars Deluxe: Dueltrack1986Steve Jackson GamesScott HaringWarCar Wars
Car Wars Expansion Set #1 Steve Jackson Games WarCar Wars
Car Wars Expansion Set #2 Steve Jackson GamesSteve Jackson (US)
Keith E. Carter
WarCar Wars
Car Wars Expansion Set #3, East Midville1983Steve Jackson GamesSteve Jackson (US)WarCar Wars
Car Wars Expansion Set #4, Armadillo Autoduel Arena1983Steve Jackson GamesSteve Jackson (US)WarCar Wars
Car Wars Expansion Set #5, Double Arena1984Steve Jackson GamesSteve Jackson (US)WarCar Wars
Car Wars Expansion Set #6, The AADA Vehicle Guide Counters1984Steve Jackson Games WarCar Wars
Car Wars Expansion Set #7, Off-Road Duelling1985Steve Jackson GamesScott HaringWarCar Wars
Car Wars Expansion Set #8, Chopper Challenge1985Steve Jackson GamesScott HaringWarCar Wars
Car Wars Expansion Set #9, Muskogee Fairground & Family Emporium1986Steve Jackson GamesScott HaringWarCar Wars
Car Wars Expansion Set, The AADA Vehicle Guide 2 Counters Steve Jackson Games WarCar Wars
Car Wars Supplement, City Blocks 21988Steve Jackson GamesSteve Jackson (US)
Charles Oines
WarCar Wars
Car Wars Supplement, City Blocks 31989Steve Jackson GamesCharles Oines
Steve Johansson
WarCar Wars
Car Wars Supplement, City Blocks 4: 3-D Arena1989Steve Jackson GamesSteve Jackson (US)
Charles Oines
WarCar Wars
Car Wars Supplement, L'Outrance, The AADA Duel Circuit1988Steve Jackson GamesCharles OinesWar 
Car Wars Supplement, Military Vehicle Guide1992Steve Jackson GamesCraig SheeleyWarCar Wars
Car Wars Supplement, Uncle Albert's Auto Stop & Gunnery Shop Catalog1985Steve Jackson GamesSteve Jackson (US)
Scott Haring
Martha Ladyman
Car Wars Supplements - The AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guides1987Steve Jackson GamesStephen Beeman
Craig Sheeley
W. Peter Miller
Jeffrey D. George
David Bowden
John Nowak
WarCar Wars
Car Wars Tanks1990Steve Jackson GamesCraig SheeleyWarCar Wars
Car Wars: The Card Game1991Steve Jackson GamesCreede Lambard
Sharleen Lambard
WarCar Wars
Carabande1996GoldsieberJean du PoëlBoardCarabande
Carabande Action Set1997GoldsieberJean du PoëlBoardCarabande
Carabande Audi-Edition1996GoldsieberJean du PoëlBoardCarabande
Caracalla1991ASSHerbert SchützdellerBoard 
Caraci - Das Testament2004terra authenticaJoachim ZischkeBoard 
Caramba1992AmigoAlex RandolphBoard 
Caramba1973F.X. SchmidRudolf RossBoard 
Carambouille2004La Haute RocheSylvie BarcBoard 
Carat1993db-SpieleDirk HennBoard 
Carat1998Queen GamesDirk HennBoard 
Caratacus2000GMT GamesRichard Berg
Mark Herman
WarGreat Battles of History
Caravansérail1996 Bruno FaiduttiBoard 
Carcassonne2000Hans im GlückKlaus-Jürgen WredeBoardCarcassonne
Carcassonne2000Rio Grande GamesKlaus-Jürgen WredeBoardCarcassonne
Carcassonne2000999 GamesKlaus-Jürgen WredeBoardCarcassonne
Carcassonne - de Burcht2003999 GamesReiner Knizia
Klaus-Jürgen Wrede
Carcassonne - Der Fluss2001Hans im GlückRudolf RossBoardCarcassonne
Carcassonne - Der Graf von Carcassonne2004Hans im GlückKlaus-Jürgen WredeBoardCarcassonne
Carcassonne - Die Burg2003Hans im GlückReiner Knizia
Klaus-Jürgen Wrede
Carcassonne - Die Erweiterung2002Hans im GlückKlaus-Jürgen WredeBoardCarcassonne
Carcassonne - Die Jäger und Sammler2002Hans im GlückKlaus-Jürgen WredeBoardCarcassonne
Carcassonne - Die Katharer2004Hans im Glück
Carcassonne - Die Stadt2004Hans im GlückKlaus-Jürgen WredeBoardCarcassonne
Carcassonne - Händler & Baumeister2003Hans im GlückKlaus-Jürgen WredeBoardCarcassonne
Carcassonne - Hunters & Gatherers2002Rio Grande GamesKlaus-Jürgen WredeBoardCarcassonne
Carcassonne - König & Späher2003Hans im GlückKlaus-Jürgen WredeBoardCarcassonne
Carcassonne - The Castle2003Rio Grande GamesReiner Knizia
Klaus-Jürgen Wrede
Carcassonne - The Expansion2002Rio Grande GamesKlaus-Jürgen WredeBoardCarcassonne
Carcassonne - The River2001Rio Grande GamesRudolf RossBoardCarcassonne
Carcassonne - Traders & Builders2003Rio Grande GamesKlaus-Jürgen WredeBoardCarcassonne
Carcassonne: King & Scout2003Rio Grande GamesKlaus-Jürgen WredeBoardCarcassonne
Carcassonne: The City2004Rio Grande GamesKlaus-Jürgen WredeBoardCarcassonne
Card Attack1992Parker Brothers Board 
Card Caper2000University Games Board 
Card Cubes1970Selchow&Righter Board 
Card Games Around the World1981DoverSid SacksonBook 
Card Sharks Endless Games Board 
Cardcaptors Trading Card Game2001Upper Deck EntertainmentKris OpriskoBoard 
Cardcaptors: Challenge of the Clow Spirits Game2001Pressman Toy Corporation Board 
Cardchess2001CardChessJeff WidderichBoard 
Cardino1970MB Board 
Cards of War2002Schutze GamesPeter Schutze
Lloyd Krassner
Cardz1988 Hannah CannonBoard 
Care Bears - Warm Feelings1984Parker Brothers Board 
Care Bears - Which Bears Where?1983Parker Brothers Board 
Care Bears -- On the Path to Care-a-Lot1983Parker Brothers Board 
Care Bears Busy Bodies1985Parker Brothers Board 
Care Bears Touching Tunes1984Parker Brothers Board 
Careers1957Parker Brothers Board 
Careers for Girls1990Parker Brothers Board 
Cargo1986Victory GamesHarald Behr
Susanne Frank
Cargo2003Wingnut GamesTom JollyBoard 
Cargo Wars1990Cargo Wars Inc.F. G. AudetBoard 
Cargoes1958Selchow&Righter Board 
Carmel Proper1995Proper Enterprises Board 
Carnage1998Holistic Design Inc. Board 
Carol Burnett's Spoof1964MB Board 
Carolus Magnus2000Winning MovesLeo ColoviniBoard 
Carolus Magnus2000Rio Grande GamesLeo ColoviniBoard 
Carolus Magnus2000Venice ConnectionLeo ColoviniBoard 
Carrera de Mente1997Ruibal Hermanos
Ediciones de Mente
Jaime Poniachik
Daniel Samoilovich
Carrier1987Victory GamesJon SouthardWar 
Carrier Battles1985Rising Sun SimulationsJay BoyerWar 
Carrier Planes in Flames1998Australian Design GroupHarry RowlandWar 
Carrier Strike1977MB War 
Carrier Strike1981World Wide Wargames
The Wargamer
Ian Lewins
Meic Harries
WarThe Wargamer
Carrier War: the War in the Pacific 1941-19451987Omega GamesBill GibbsWar 
Carrom   Board 
Carrom Karum Board 
Carrom1990Falken Book 
Carrot's Canny Captions1994The Games Team Ltd. Board 
Carry On Camping Trivia Game1986Orange Alps Inc. Board 
Cars & Ships2002BinoLiesbeth BosBoard 
Cartagena2000Winning MovesLeo ColoviniBoard 
Cartagena2000Rio Grande GamesLeo ColoviniBoard 
Cartagena2000Venice ConnectionLeo ColoviniBoard 
Carte in tavola!2004Editoriale ScienzaAndrea AngiolinoBoard 
Cartel1974Gamut of GamesPhilip OrbanesBoard 
Cartel: The International Oil Game Carlson Guenzani Systems
Art Fair
Carthage - The Ancient World: Vol. II2004GMT GamesRichard BergWar 
Cartino1974RavensburgerD.F. OudolfBoard 
Cartoon War1990Yin, Yang, & Bob GamesMatt FordBoard 
Casa dei Fantasmi1986eg Spiele Board 
Casablanca1977F.X. SchmidAlex RandolphBoard 
Casablanca1991AmigoEric W. SolomonBoard 
Casanova1990F.X. SchmidStefanie Rohner
Christian Wolf
Casanova2004KidultgameNicolaas(Niek) NeuwahlBoard 
Casbah2004La Haute RocheSylvie BarcBoard 
Cascade1972Matchbox Board 
Casco, het grote verzekeringspel U.P.E.A./B.V.V.O. Board 
Case Green1992Decision Games
Strategy and Tactics
John DeschWarS&T
Case Race1984West Publishing Company Board 
Case White1985GDWFrank Chadwick
Paul Richard Banner
Caseros 18521998Simulations WorkshopRandy MooreheadWar 
Cash1990RavensburgerWolfgang Kramer
Jürgen P.K. Grunau
Cash J.H. Singer Board 
Cash Flow1987Windy Ways Games Pty LtdCraig DouglasBoard 
Cash oder Crash1993Heye VerlagWolfgang RiedesserBoard 
Cashflow 1011996Cashflow Technologies, Inc.Robert KiyosakiBoard 
Cashflow 2021999Cashflow Technologies, Inc.Robert KiyosakiBoard 
Cashflow for Kids1999Cashflow Technologies, Inc. Board 
Casino Games Cardinal Board 
Casino Yahtzee1986MB
E.S. Lowe
Casinopoly1999  Board 
Casper the Friendly Ghost Game1959MB Board 
Cassa Grande1988MattelRoland SiegersBoard 
Cassino1977Excalibre GamesR.J. HlavnickaWar 
Castle2000Eurogames / Jeux DescartesBruno Faidutti
Serge Laget
Castle Adventures2000Game OfficeLuiz Dal Monte NetoBoard 
Castle Arcania1985TSRJames M. WardBoard 
Castle Danger2002Matt Worden GamesMatt WordenBoard 
Castle of Magic1991Riddlemaster Games Board 
Castle of Magic - The Castle Cursed1992Riddlemaster Games Board 
Castle Quest1986Creative Imaginations Board 
Castle Risk1987Parker BrothersCharles PhillipsBoard 
Castlemorn Boardgame2004Fast Forward GamesJames M. Ward
Tom Wham
Cat & Mouse2001Ravensburger Board 
Cat and Mice1930Spear Board 
Cat Attack2002Boardroom Productions Board 
Cat Burglar White Mask Productions Board 
Cat vs. Mouse2000Those Darn Games! Board 
Cat's Eye Marx Toys Board 
Cat's Eye : The Last Big Game Epoch Games Board 
Cat's Mansion1984SpearSeven Towns
Martin Davison
Judith Duffey
Cat-opoly Late for the Sky Production CompanyA. ButnerBoard 
Cataphract1999GMT GamesRichard Berg
Mark Herman
WarGreat Battles of History
Catch 222002Game Development Group Board 
Catch Mag2002Plast Wood Board 
Catchphrase1996Parker Brothers Board 
Catchword1982International Games Board 
Catchword1954Whitman Board 
Catechic1991Tyco Board 
Categorically Speaking1988San SerifMark Setteducati
Robert Fuhrer
Marshall Grantham
Categories 1x1 Board 
Category1994eg SpieleSpartaco AlbertarelliBoard 
Catena1992Pro Ligno SpielewerkstattReiner KniziaBoard 
Caterpillar Crawl2003RavensburgerMeike Massholder
Marco Gutmayer
Cathedral1981Family GamesRobert Peter MooreBoard 
Cathedral1999Toys InternationalRobert Peter MooreBoard 
Cathedral1981GigamicRobert Peter MooreBoard 
Catnap KenMGamesKen MaherBoard 
Catnip1996MB Board 
Cats and Dogs   Board 
Catskills2001Inner City Games DesignsDaniel LewisBoard 
Catz, Ratz & Batz2003Playroom EntertainmentMaureen HironBoard 
Caught-Cha!1989Fundex Games Board 
Cauldron1976SPIHowie BaraschWar 
CAV: Combat Assault Vehicle Reaper Miniatures Board 
Cavaleiros do Zodíaco - Saga do Santuário2004Grow Jogos e BrinquedosSérgio Habalan
André Zatz
Caveat Emptor1971Plan B Board 
Cavendish1984Maureen HironMaureen HironBoard 
Caverns Deep1980Ral Partha Enterprises Board 
Caverns of Doom Heritage Board 
Caves & Claws1998Family PastimesJim DeacoveBoard 
Cavetroll2002Fantasy FlightTom JollyBoard 
Cedar Mountain1981SPI
Strategy and Tactics
David Bush
Jim Smith
Anthony Williams
Celebrity Taboo MBBrian HerschBoardTaboo
Celebrity Trivia Nostalgia Lane, Inc. Board 
Celtos2003Urban Mammoth War 
Cemetery Hill: The Battle of Gettysburg, 1-3 July, 18631975SPIRedmond A. Simonsen
Edward Curran
Irad B. Hardy
Centipede MB Board 
Central America1987Victory GamesMark Herman
J. McQuaid
M. Moore
Central Command: Superpower Confrontation in the Straits of Hormuz1984TSR
Strategy and Tactics
Charles T KampsWarS&T
Centre Court1996RDA GamesDerek CateBoard 
Centrepoint1993Ennerdale Enterprises Ltd Board 
Centurion1985Grow Jogos e BrinquedosOtávio LacerdaBoard 
Strategy and Tactics
Albert A. NofiWarS&T
Centurions: Jake Rockwell's Battle to Stop Dr. Terror Game1986Parker Brothers Board 
Cerberus: The Proxima Centauri Campaign1979Task Force GamesStephen V. ColeWar 
Chad: the Toyota Wars1991Decision Games
Strategy and Tactics
Rich DavisWarS&T
Chads   Board 
Chag Sameach Feldheim Board 
Chain Letters1969Hasbro
Chain Reaction1990Hexagames / TST-EnterprisesSid SacksonBoard 
Chain Reaction1990AbacusspieleSid SacksonBoard 
Chain Reaction20002 Hour WargamesEd TeixeiraBoard 
Chain Reaction Exklusiv1990Hexagames / TST-EnterprisesSid SacksonBoard 
Chainmail1971TSRGary Gygax
Jeff Perren
Chainsaw Warrior1987Games WorkshopStephen HandWar 
Chainstore1987Ideas by Sears Board 
Chairs1999Fundex GamesYves Hirschfeld
Yurkovic Design Inc.
Chalet ASS Board 
Challange The Zodiac1997Phadd-Tac, Inc.Patti RockburnBoard 
Challenge Bridge19723M BoardBookshelf Games
Challenge Football19723MFrederick A. HerschlerBoardBookshelf Games
Challenge Golf at Pebble Beach19723MFrederick A. HerschlerBoardBookshelf Games
Challenge Golf at Pebble Beach1972Avalon HillFrederick A. HerschlerBoard 
Challenge of the Lion Lord1995T.L.C. Board 
Challenge Perfection1978Lakeside Industries Board 
Challenge the Chief1973Ideal Board 
Challenge the Yankees1964Hasbro Board 
Challenge Yahtzee1974MB
E.S. Lowe
Challenger II1988Tabletop GamesBruce TaylorWar 
Chamäleon1990VSK-ErwachsenenspieleWolfgang GroßkopfBoard 
Chameleo Chameleo1998Splotter SpellenJoris Wiersinga
Herman Haverkort
Chameleon1988Schlup Games Board 
Chameleon1938MB Board 
Chamelequin1991R&D GamesRichard BreeseBoard 
Champion Hill1996The GamersDean Essig
Ken Jacobsen
WarCivil War Brigade
Champions: Wildstrike1998Hero GamesSteve PetersonBoard 
Championship Baseball1984MB Board 
Championship Baseball1966Championship GamesTod LansingBoard 
Championship Rodeo Circuit1976Championship Rodeo Game Co.NikkiBoard 
Champs de Bataille : Asie2003Vae VictisThéophile Monnier
Dominique Sanches
Stéphane Martin
WarChamps de Bataille
Champs de Bataille : La Bataille de kadesh1997Vae Victis WarChamps de Bataille
Champs de bataille : Soissons et Poitiers1996Vae VictisNicolas Stratigos
Théophile Monnier
Stéphane Martin
WarChamps de Bataille
Champs de Bataille: D'Alexandre à Hannibal2000Vae VictisNicolas Stratigos
Théophile Monnier
Stéphane Martin
WarChamps de Bataille
Chancellorsville1974Avalon HillRandall C. ReedWar 
Chancellorsville2003Decision GamesJoseph MirandaWar 
Chancellorsville1961Avalon HillCharles RobertsWar 
Chancellorsville1992Clash of Arms GamesRichard BergWar 
Chancer - The Game Brand Makers International Board 
Change the Word1974Spears Games, Mattel UK Ltd. Board 
Change!1999Cheapass GamesBrian SnoddyBoard 
Changgi   Board 
Changing Seasons1999 Bill Slader
Kate Holley
Changing Society1979Changing Society GamesPhil CarterBoard 
Channel Surfing1994MB Board 
Chantilly2002Ivy Street GamesDavid HallWar 
Chaos1971Lakeside Industries Board 
Chaos Chess2001Hammerdog LLCAllan WhincupBoard 
Chaos in der Geisterbahn2003RavensburgerGunter BaarsBoard 
Chaos Marauders1987Games WorkshopStephen HandBoard 
Chaos Progenitus1996Fast Forward GamesLester W. SmithBoard 
Chaos Tiles  Ed Pegg Jr.Board 
Chaostle2002Chivalry Games War 
Chapter 112003 Jennifer DunkleyBoard 
Charade1990noris Board 
Charades1968Selchow&Righter Board 
Charades for Dummies Game1998Pressman Toy Corporation Board 
Charades for Juniors1968Selchow&Righter Board 
Charades for Kids1999Pressman Toy Corporation
Paul Lamond Games, Prism Leisure Corp. plc
B. S. RandleBoard 
Charge It!1972Whitman Board 
Chariot1975SPIJohn MIchael YoungWar 
Chariot Lords1999Clash of Arms GamesCharles VaseyBoard 
Chariot Race at Carthage Circus1986AlifLeila Ladjimi SebaiBoard 
Charivari1986Canameri Board 
Charlemagne1998999 GamesGerald MulderBoard 
Charlemagne1998Decision Games
Strategy and Tactics
Joseph MirandaWarS&T
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory2003Winning MovesQuentin BlakeBoard 
Charlie Brown Plays Baseball1995U.S. Games SystemsMike FitzgeraldBoard 
Charlie Brown's All Stars1970Parker Brothers Board 
Charlie's Angels1977MB Board 
Charlie's Year 1745-462004Red Sash GamesIan Weir
Tom Klubi
Roger Clewley
Charlotte's Web Game1974Hasbro Board 
Charmed2001Tilsit Editions Board 
Chart Wars1992DIPCoDavid FerrisWar 
Chartbuster1970ASL Pastimes Limited Board 
Chase1988TSRTom KruszewskiBoard 
Chase Across the Planes1990TSRScott HaringBoard 
Chaseback1962MB Board 
Chasing Rabbits1993Chasing Rabbits, Inc. Board 
Chatitude2002Hasbro Board 
Chattanooga1997XTR Corp
Chris PerelloWarCommand
Chatter Matters2000Spears Games, Mattel UK Ltd.Kathryn Nessel RetskyBoard 
Chauvinist Pigs1991Tiger Games Board 
Che: Failed Revolution, Bolivia 19672004Khyber Pass GamesDennis Bishop
Andrew Preziosi
Cheat1995Cheatwell GamesJon ChurchBoard 
Cheater1995Awesome Games Board 
Chebache1997Pardee GamesScott PardeeBoard 
Chechnya1999 Perry A. MooreWar 
Check2003Red3 GamesAlan Biggs
Peter Biggs
Check Mate1974Uneecord CompanyRobert BillingsleyBoard 
Check Six!1983Close SimulationsGary C. MorganWar 
Check the Ripper1985ASSAlex RandolphBoard 
Check-up Charlie1995MB Board 
Checkered Flag1987MB War 
Checkers 2000 Rex Games Board 
Checkpoint Omega1983Task Force GamesLarry Ray SimsWar 
Checkpoint: Danger!1978Ideal Board 
Chee Chow: The Mystic Seven1939Gabriel Board 
Cheerios Counting O's Card Game2000BriarpatchMartine RedmanBoard 
Cheers1987TSR Board 
Cheers Trivia Game1992New Classic Games Board 
Cheese Please1997F.X. SchmidRudi HoffmannBoard 
Chekit1986Sundry ProductsH. T. Morley Jr.Board 
Chekov2003Playroom EntertainmentMaureen HironBoard 
Cheops1998Hans im GlückKlaus PaalBoard 
Cheops1977Cydot Products Board 
Chequero CO-5 Board 
Chercles1970Parker BrothersA. DavisBoard 
Cherkassy Pocket2001Decision GamesJohn DeschWar 
Cherry Ames1959Parker Brothers Board 
Chess19703M BoardBookshelf Classics
Chess Empire2003Pressman Toy CorporationHarry JacksonBoard 
Chess for Three1996 Jerzy LuberdaBoard 
Chessapeak Challenge Chess1993Chessapeak Games Board 
Chessers1960Phillips Publishers Board 
ChessHeads2004WizerGamesD. M. WeinstockBoard 
Chessington1992Rostherne GamesDavid WattsBoard 
ChessMage: Deck of the Myriad Shards2001Elemental Designer Games,LLCSteven D. LidsterBoard 
Chessmate1997Green Earth GamesPeter TanBoard 
Chesstique2004Mesomorph GamesDavid BoyleWar 
Chex1994 David SmithBoard 
Cheyenne1958MB Board 
Chez Dork2001Steve Jackson GamesSteve Jackson (US)Board 
Chez Geek1999Steve Jackson GamesJon DarbroBoardChez Geek
Chez Geek 2 - Slack Attack2001Steve Jackson GamesJon DarbroBoardChez Geek
Chez Geek 3 - Block Party2001Steve Jackson GamesJon DarbroBoardChez Geek
Chez Goth2004Steve Jackson GamesSteve Jackson (US)BoardChez Geek
Chez Greek2002Steve Jackson GamesSteve Jackson (US)BoardChez Geek
Chez Grunt2003Steve Jackson GamesAlain H. DawsonBoardChez Geek
Chezzle2004 Jarrod AdenBoard 
Chiamo!2002Playroom Entertainment Board 
Chic Chicago1987Northwestern Memorial Hospital Board 
Chicago1986Flying Turtle GamesH. Jean VanaiseBoard 
Chicago1991RavensburgerBig Bad Wolf SABoard 
Chicago, Chicago (+Goeben)1970SPI
Strategy and Tactics
James F. (Jim) DunniganWarS&T
Chice1991 Sidney SirelsonBoard 
Chick-A-Boom1994Pressman Toy Corporation Board 
Chickamauga: The Confederacy's Last Hope1986West End GamesRichard Berg
Jon Southard
Chickamauga: The Last Victory, 20 September 18631975SPIRedmond A. Simonsen
John MIchael Young
Irad B. Hardy
Chicken Chit-Chat1981ADCO International, Inc. Board 
Chicken of the Sea1994Game Publications Group
Richard BergWarGamefix
Chicken Out1988Parker Brothers Board 
Chicken Out1966MB Board 
Chicken Run, Escape From Tweedy's Farm2002Susan Prescot Games Board 
Chicken Run: The Chicken Pot Pie Game2000MB
Chicken Soup for the Family Soul2000Cardinal Board 
Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul1999Cardinal Board 
Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul II The Game Cardinal Board 
Chief Herman's Next Big Thing2003Cheapass GamesJoshua Howard
James Ernest
Evelina Shin
David Howell
Chief Surprise1982Playtime Board 
Chieftain1988GDWFrank ChadwickBoardAssault
Chifoumi1999Tilsit EditionsNicolas Halpern-HerlaBoard 
Children of the World2001Ravensburger
Beleduc TeamBoard 
Children's Hour1961Parker Brothers Board 
Chill Out! Awesome Games Board 
Chill: Black Morn Manor1985PacesetterTroy DenningBoard 
China incident1985World Wide Wargames
The Wargamer
Laurel CochranWarThe Wargamer
Chinagold2004Bambus SpieleverlagGünter CornettBoard 
Chinamoon2003EurogamesBruno FaiduttiBoard 
Chinatopf1996HabaStefanie Rohner
Christian Wolf
Chinatown1999AleaKarsten HartwigBoard 
Chinese Civil War1978World Wide WargamesBob FowlerWar 
Chinese Farm1975SPIHowie BaraschWar 
Chinese Tiles1940  Board 
Chip Chip Hurra2001Klee Spiele GmbHKlaus TeuberBoard 
Chip'n Dale: Rescue Rangers Game MB Board 
Chips1981Ideal Board 
Chiromagica1870  Board 
Chit Chat1963MBHugh DownsBoard 
Chitin: I1977MetagamingHoward ThompsonWar 
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang1968MB Board 
Chivalry1888Parker BrothersGeorge S. ParkerBoard 
Chobolo1998Games For the MindSteven PoelzingBoard 
Choco1998Tactic Board 
Choice1977ASSRalph AnspachBoard 
Choice1989Hexagames / TST-EnterprisesSid SacksonBoard 
Choice1989Fun Connection GmbHSid SacksonBoard 
Choices1976Family PastimesJim DeacoveBoard 
Choiss1987The Choiss Game Corporation Board 
Chomp!2000GamewrightScott KimballBoard 
Choo Choo Hallmark Board 
Chop Stix2000TDC Games Inc Board 
Chop Suey1967Ideal Board 
Chopper Chase1987MB Board 
Chopper Strike1976MB War 
Chopping Maul1999Jolly Roger Games BoardMaul of America
Chosin Pacific Rim PublishingTed CarlsonWar 
Christian Endeavor1896Parker Brothers Board 
Christians and Lions1982Omicron Games CompanySteve Davidson
Douglas J. Woods
Christmas Game1983Family PastimesJim DeacoveBoard 
Christmas Trivia1985Universal GamesDavid A. ColbertBoard 
Christopher Columbus1992BMI Holdings Ltd Board 
Chromino2001PiatnikLouis AbrahamBoard 
Chromino2009AsmodeeLouis AbrahamBoard 
Chronicles1995Cygnus Ventures Board 
Chronology1997Great American Puzzle FactoryHarold JohnsonBoard 
Chrononauts2000Looney LaboratoriesAndrew LooneyBoardChrononauts
Chrononauts: Lost Identities2001Looney LaboratoriesAndrew LooneyBoardChrononauts
Chronopia1997Target Games ABJohn Robertson
Alan Cowsill
D. Glynn
Chronopia: War in the Eternal Realm2002Excelsior EntertainmentThom Talamini
Dave Jones
Bill King
Chug-A-Lug1969Reiss Games Board 
Chug-It1987Baron/Scott Board 
Chung Toi1994Design Science ToysReginald ChungBoard 
E.S. Lowe
Chutes à Gogo1992RavensburgerMax J. KobbertBoard 
Chutes and Ladders VCR1986MB Board 
Chutes Away1977Gabriel Board 
What-cha-Ma-Call-It, Inc
Ciao Ciao1997Drei MagierAlex RandolphBoard 
Cinch   Board 
Cincinnati in a Box Late for the Sky Production Company Board 
Cinderella1950Parker Brothers Board 
Cinématographe1995Îlot 307Frank Desgagnés
Yves St-Jean
Cinq-O2003Spears Games, Mattel UK Ltd. Board 
Ciphagrams1988Samico Board 
Circle Gammon1940Parker Brothers Board 
Circuit1980Severn LeisureBrian FosterBoard 
Circulation : An Incredible Journey1978Teaching Concepts Board 
Circus Boy1956Harlett Gilmar Board 
Circus Imperium1988FASA CorporationL. Ross Babcock III
Jordan K. Weisman
Sam Lewis
Circus Maximus1980Avalon HillMichael MathenyBoardAdult Strategy
Circus Maximus1978BattlelineMichael MathenyBoard 
Circus Minimus2000The GamersDean EssigBoard 
Circus Mouse1997F.X. SchmidVirginia CharvesBoard 
Cirondo2004CGCL LimitedAngus Wright
Andi Wright
Citadel1949Parker Brothers Board 
Citadel1976Fantasy Games UnlimitedRoy GoodmanBoard 
Citadel of Blood1980SPIEric Lee SmithBoardAres
Citadel: The Battle of Dien Bien Phu1977GDWFrank ChadwickWar 
Citadelles1999MultisimBruno FaiduttiBoard 
Citadels2002Fantasy FlightBruno FaiduttiBoard 
Cités Nouvelles1974Miro Board 
City1989JumboWolfgang Kramer
Andreas Spottog
City and Guilds2004JKLM GamesSteve KingsburyBoard 
City of Chaos1996Monocle GamesMartyn Oliver
Colin Thornton
City of Sorcerers1982Standard Games & Publications, Ltd.Alan PaullBoard 
City States of Arklyrell1983Task Force GamesMichael B. JoslynWar 
Cityfight1979SPIJoseph (Joe) M. Balkoski
Stephen Donaldson
Cityscape2001pinSjaak GriffioenBoard 
Citytech1989FASA CorporationL. Ross Babcock III
Jordan K. Weisman
Forest Brown
Civil Power1996Strategy Gaming SocietyBrian TrainBoard 
Civil War1961Avalon HillCharles RobertsWar 
Civil War 20612003Oxford St. Board Games, LLCJohn W. DavisBoard 
Civil War Classics1991Fresno Gaming Association War 
Civil War Game1974Learningames Board 
Civilization1986Avalon HillFrancis G. TreshamBoardCivilization
Welt der Spiele
Francis G. TreshamBoardCivilization
Civilization1981Hartland TrefoilFrancis G. TreshamBoardCivilization
Civilization1988Gibsons GamesFrancis G. TreshamBoardCivilization
Civilization - West Extension Board1988Hartland TrefoilFrancis G. TreshamBoardCivilization
Civilization Expansion Trade Cards Set Avalon HillFrancis G. TreshamBoardCivilization
Civl War Game 18631961Parker BrothersEditors of Life MagazineBoard 
CLAC2001Juegos MatePaulo Tirao
Leandro Cagliero
Diego Beltramone
Claim1999CaroliOliver DeiserBoard 
Claim1984JumboAlex RandolphBoard 
Claim to Fame1990Parker Brothers Board 
Clan War AEGDave WilliamsWar 
Clans2002Winning MovesLeo ColoviniBoardSpielvergnügen im Quadrat
Clans2002Rio Grande GamesLeo ColoviniBoard 
Clash1986Pressman Toy Corporation
Peter Pan Playthings
Clash of Eagles1993CamelotIvan Arsuffi
Giacomo Fedele
Clash of Eagles: Borodino & Friedland1999Decision GamesKevin Zucker
Walt Dippel
Jack A. Werth
Clash of Empires: 19141988World Wide Wargames
The Wargamer
Kerry AndersonWarThe Wargamer
Clash of Giants II2004GMT GamesTed RaicerWar 
Clash of Giants: Campaigns of Tannenberg and the Marne, 19142001GMT GamesTed RaicerWar 
Clash of Steel1984World Wide WargamesLouis R. CoatneyWar 
Clash of Steel: Battleship Engagements of WWII1996 Michael SmithWar 
Clash of the Titans Game1981Whitman Board 
Clash of Titans1998Moments in HistoryJohn DeschWar 
Class Struggle1980Avalon HillBertell OllmanBoard 
Classic Major League Baseball1987New Classic Games Board 
Classic Victorian Parlour Games Compendium1997John Napir Limited Board 
Classical Stupendous GamesVincent Mous
Andy Schwarz
Classical Hack2002LMW WorksPhilip J. Viverito
Ed Backer
Rich Kohlbacher
WarClassical Hack
Clay to win1988Coleco Games Board 
Clay-O-Rama1987DragonDavid CookBoard 
New Classic Games
Richard MooreBoard 
Clean Sweep2001 Travis EberleBoard 
Clean Water: The Water Pollution Game1972Urban Systems, Inc. Board 
Cleopatra's Gambit2002Hammerdog LLCVictor TalalayBoard 
Cleric's Revenge1985Iron Crown EnterprisesR. BrittonWar 
Clever Endeavor1989Mind Games UK Ltd Board 
Click!2003dV GiochiCarlo A. RossiBoard 
Clickety-Clak1940MB Board 
Clifford Crazy Eights Card Game2003Scholastic Entertainment Inc. Board 
Clifford the Big Red Dog Happy Birthday Game2000Rose Art Board 
Climb The Mountain1951Parker Brothers Board 
Clue - The Great Museum Caper1991Waddingtons Games Board 
Clue FX2003Hasbro Board 
Clue II VCR Mystery Game1988Parker Brothers Board 
Clue Jr. - The Case of the Hidden Toys1998Parker Brothers
Clue Jr. - The Case of the Missing Cake2003Parker Brothers Board 
Clue Jr. - The Case of The Missing Pet1989Parker Brothers Board 
Clue Jr. Travel Game1994Parker Brothers Board 
Clue Little Detective1992Parker Brothers Board 
Clue Master Detective1988Parker Brothers
Waddingtons Games
Clue VCR Mystery Game1985Parker Brothers Board 
Clue: Simpsons Version2000MB Board 
Clue: The Card Game2002Winning MovesPhilip OrbanesBoard 
Clue: The Haunted Mansion2002Parker Brothers Board 
Cluedo - Das Kartenspiel2003Winning MovesPhilip OrbanesBoard 
Cluedo - Juniordetektiv2000Parker Brothers
Cluedo Live2004Parker Brothers Board 
Cluedo Passport to Murder2000Hasbro Board 
Cluedo Super Sleuth1995Waddingtons Games
Anthony PrattBoard 
Clutch Football1984Maine-Ly GamesRon PoissonBoard 
Cluzzle2004NorthStarGamesDominic CrapuchettesBoard 
CNN The Game1994GamePlanKen Donaghue
Susan Oman Gross
Co-Op Games Manual1990Family PastimesJim DeacoveBoard 
Co-Op Marble Games1997Family PastimesJim DeacoveBoard 
Co-Op Parlor Games1997Family PastimesJim DeacoveBoard 
Coast to Coast1964Copp Clark Publishing Company Board 
Strategy and Tactics
Brad HesselWarS&T
Cobra1985TSR War 
Cockpit1992Schauroth & LorenzManuel Lorenz
Kai Schauroth
Cockpit of Europe2004Red Sash GamesIan Weir
Tom Klubi
Roger Clewley
Coco Crazy1992RavensburgerHajo BückenBoard 
Cocotaki2002AmigoHaim ShafirBoard 
Coda2004Winning MovesEiji WakasugiBoard 
Coda2004GakkenEiji WakasugiBoard 
Code - X2001M+A Spiele Board 
Code 7771986JumboRobert AbbottBoard 
Code Breaker1998Winning MovesRobert Abbott
Alex Randolph
Code Master: Secret Agent2001innovative KIDSDavid SeidmanBoard 
Code Name: Sector1977Parker Brothers Board 
Code of Bushido1991Avalon HillBob McNamaraWarASL
Codswallop1996Paul Lamond Games, Prism Leisure Corp. plcGames TalkBoard 
Coffee Kheper Games Board 
Cohorts: Game of Roman Checkers1977TSR Board 
Cold Days in Hell2000UGGAndreas Bertram
Dirk Blech
WarEmpires of Apocalypse
Cold Feet1967Ideal Board 
Cold Turkey1995MB Board 
Cold War1987Victory GamesJohn Prados
L. Glynn
Cold War2003HexagamesNicolas NormandonBoard 
Collect1972Stanley GibbonsHenry CareyBoard 
Collection particulière2001Sentosphère Board 
Collector1993Deutsche BundespostBertram KaesBoard 
College Basketball1955Cadaco Board 
College Bowl1962Lowell Toy Mfg. Board 
College: The Game of Knowledge1984Sibilatrix, Inc. Board 
Collegiate Crew1974 Jeff CornettBoard 
Collide-O!2004Playroom EntertainmentMaureen HironBoard 
Colliding Circles1995Graham's GamesGraham LipscombBoard 
Collision!1969Whitman Board 
Colomino1973RavensburgerMax J. KobbertBoardCasinoserie
Colomino1973HallmarkMax J. KobbertBoard 
Colonial Administrator   Board 
Colonial Diplomacy1994Avalon HillP. HawesBoard 
Colonisatorvitale1989Euro Games USADuccio Vitale
François Nedelec
Colony2001SpieltriebNicole Stiehl
Till Meyer
Colony Delta1979Fantasy Games UnlimitedJeff Dee
Adam L. Gruen
Color Clowns1978Orda IndustriesTheora DesignBoard 
Color Match1982Ideal Board 
Color Train Game Jumbo Board 
Colorado1997Holz & Design Norbert DinterMichael AntonowBoard 
Colorado County1999SchmidtReinhard StaupeBoard 
Colorama1996RavensburgerEkkehard Geister
Manfred Lehmann
Coloretto2003AbacusspieleMichael SchachtBoardColoretto
Coloretto2003Rio Grande GamesMichael SchachtBoardColoretto
Coloretto2003999 GamesMichael SchachtBoardColoretto
Coloretto - Die Extrakarten2004Spiele aus TimbuktuMichael SchachtBoardColoretto
Colormaze2001Kadon EnterprisesDwayne MearsBoard 
Colors1990Dal NegroEnnio PeresBoard 
Columbo1974MB Board 
Columbus1991SchmidtMarius MeyerBoard 
Columbus1991RavensburgerWolfgang KramerBoard 
Columbus1992Task Force GamesMark D. MacLaughlinBoardExpansion Set 1
Columbus Was Wrong1973Pacific Games Board 
Column2002tjgamesTim SchutzBoard 
Columns2000pinDavid WardBoard 
Columns2004Out of the Box PublishingDavid WardBoard 
Coma - Uma Guerra Biológica Game OfficeCarlos Seabra
Fernando Fonseca Jr.
Combat1963Ideal War 
Combat1968MeritBrian Horrocks
G. Rostant
Combat1981GameformsRoger DamonWar 
Combat Cards1984YaquintoBud DaunhauerWar 
Combat Cars Äventyrsspel Board 
Combat Command1972SPI
Strategy and Tactics
James F. (Jim) DunniganWarS&T
Combat Kursk: Clash Along the Psel 1943 (ATS Upgrade)2004Critical Hit Inc.Ray TapioWar 
Combat Soldiers - In the Battle of the Bulge2004Lost Battalion GamesNeal SchlafferBoard 
Combat Tank Game1964Magic Wand Corp. Board 
Combat Wings1986Tsukuda Hobby War 
Combat Zone1998Holistic Design Inc. Board 
Combat! Kursk2001Critical Hit Inc.Ray TapioWar 
Combat! Normandy1999Critical Hit Inc.Ray TapioWarCombat
Combat! Rangers1998Critical Hit Inc.Ray TapioWar 
Combat! Stalingrad2004Critical Hit Inc.Ray TapioWarCombat
Combat! Stalingrad1998Critical Hit Inc.Ray Tapio
Kurt Martin
Combinato1973Wilhelm Heyne VerlagTom Werneck
Frank Ullmann
Combined Arms1974SPI
Strategy and Tactics
James F. (Jim) DunniganWarS&T
Combined Arms, Modern Miniature Wargaming1988GDWFrank ChadwickWar 
Combit2001Winning MovesKlaus Palesch
Horst-Rainer Rösner
Combo1997Pressman Toy Corporation Board 
Combots1983FASA CorporationBill Fawcett
Jordan K. Weisman
Comeback1996Staupe Spi