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Hover Tank 3

Autor/in:John Bohrer
Verlag:Winsome Games
Preis:US$ 30
Anzahl Spieler:2
Spieldauer:2 Stunden
Hintergrund:Science Fiction
Englische Rezensionen:EZ
Beschreibung:Oil is found in the desolate Eurasian TransCaucasus,
an uninhabited land between two unfriendly nationa.
Both rush to occupy & claim this windswept waste.
Both nations have powerful allies ready to help them.
The date is June 3, 2022. The prize is Black Gold.
Material:Over 60 military miniatures
25+ Step Loss chips
8 hefty dice
24 page Battle Manual rulebook
11"x17" full color map
1 Turn Order Display
a resealable clear box
4 extra ziplock bags, one for each set of National & Allied forces
Letzte Änderung:09.01.07

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