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Designer:Andreas Schleicher
Art:Andreas Schleicher
Publisher name:Dionysos Games
No. of players:1-4
Age:6 years and up
Duration:1 to 5 minutes
German, Mit80, Spieltroll
Comment:Omiga stands for "One Minute Game" - an action paced card game for two players that lasts for about one minute. Both players play simultaneously, attacking and defending at the same time by placing square cards (with forms and colors, so they only match following certain rules) in an attempt to encircle the opponent. As the table is your battleground, Omiga is a different experience wherever you play it.

How to play

The goal of Omiga is to either place a card behind an opponents card or build a path up to the other side of the table. Setup is to put two matching cards at the center of the table. Both players draw three cards and at the same time start to look at them and try to place them to the cards already placed while minding the three placement rules:

- Form and color of your card must match with adjacent cards.
- The card must be orthogonally adjacent to at least one of your cards.
- The card must be diagonally or orthogonally adjacent to at least one of the opponents cards.

The player who manages to place a card "behind" any card of the opponent, wins the game. This can be after 30 seconds or after a 5 minute battle.

Additional rules
Kids can play it, too, but for those who are a bit too young we've designed special rules for children. Also, for when you're in a calmer mood, we came up with a soltaire rule, called the Zen Mode.
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