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Lunar Rails

Year:2003Picture of 'Lunar Rails'
Designer:Robert Stribula
Publisher name:Mayfair
Series:Empire Builder System
No. of players:2-6
Age:10 years and up
Duration:3 to 4 hours
Box text:Dawn on the moon. The brilliant blue Earth rises above the crater's edge. Amid the lunar dust in the cold emptiness that is the lunar atmosphere, you can feel the strength and power of the train rushing by, but you can not hear it... One can't help but wonder at the willfulness of the human race, shaping the universe one rock at a time. From dome to dome, installation to mine to city, all the settlements on the moon must be connected by rail. There are no roads for cars, no atmosphere for airplanes. The only economical solution is rail. High speed, high capacity, reliable, efficient.

Are you up to the challenge? Can you drive the rail lines from Sinus Iridum to Mare Nectarus? Or from the Ice Mines at Scott to the Far Side metropolis in Mare Ingenii? Will your route bring you fortune and success, or will your competitors drive the development on the Moon? Will you invest in better trains: faster? Stronger? Or perhaps both?

Welcome to the Moon! Face the challenges of building a rail empire on this barren and airless world. Plot your network of steel to earn fortune and glory. Your rails, and those of your competitors, will span the surface of the moon, transporting goods from supplier to demand. While no political boundaries stand in your way, mountains, craters, and the destructive forces of nature may. Spend your money wisely, make every mile marker count, and the wealth of the Moon will be yours to command. Based on the award-winning Empire Builder Game System, Lunar Rails uses erasable crayons to draw track between Lunar cities. The specially-coated gameboard lets you wipe it clean after each game, so every time you play the experience will be different! You get to decide on the best way to lay track to take advantage of the options before you!
Contents:1 puzzle-cut board
95 load chips
1 sheet of load labels
2 decks of cards-including:
- 130 demand cards
- 20 event cards
- 18 locomotive cards (2-sided)
6 wipe-off crayons
6 pawns
1 pack of money
1 rulebook
Picture of 'Lunar Rails'
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