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Il Mischiastorie - Osvaldo e i cacciatori

Year:2005Picture of 'Il Mischiastorie - Osvaldo e i cacciatori'
Designer:Andrea Angiolino
Art:Valeria de Caterini
Publisher name:Lapis
Price:EUR 13.50
Sub type:Children's game
No. of players:1
Age:3 years and up
Duration:5 minutes to ½ hour
Press info:Il Mischiastorie ("the Storymixer") is a tile game in solitaire, actually the first "gamebook" for children who can't read. With it, you can make many stories about the Little Hare. Look for the tile with the yellow star, where the little hare wakes up and sees the hunters coming, and put it in front of you. In the lower right corner there is a red circle. Look for all the tiles with a red circle in the lower left corner: there are two of them, one where the little hare goes back to his den and thinks about what to do, another in which he leaves the wood and goes to the city. Choose one and put it besides the first tile: for example, choose the one in which the hare goes to town. Do you see a black circle in the lower right corner? Look for all the tiles with the black circle on the left, choose the one you like more... and so on, until you reach the end of the story: a tile with another star on the right.

Now you can show your story to everyone you like: your mum, a cousin, a friend... but showing it is not enough: you have to tell them your story. For example, why the hare goes to the city? Is he just scared of the hunters? Is he bored of his life in the wood? Is he curious about the city? When you are finished, you can start again with a new story, choosing different tiles: there are so many possibilities! And when you are expert, you can decide to put together tiles without caring of the symbols, or even draw new tiles using the blank ones you found in the box.

The project allow the release of further titles in the collection that can be played indipendently but can also be mixed together for longer and richer stories.
Contents:1 deck of 30 tiles
2 blank tiles to add new scenes
Picture of 'Il Mischiastorie - Osvaldo e i cacciatori'
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