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Designer:Bruno Faidutti
Publisher name:999 Games
Status:In print
No. of players:3-7
Age:10 years and up
Duration:1 hour to 1½ hours
English reviews:E2P, EFUN, Faidutti
French reviews:Faidutti
Information:BoardGameGeek (EN)
FAQ:Faidutti (EN,FR)
Homepages:Faidutti (EN,FR)
Rules:Faidutti (EN,FR)
Variants:Faidutti (EN,FR)
Online shop:EFUN (EN)
Translations:Citadelles (1999); Multisim; Bruno Faidutti
Ohne Furcht und Adel (2000); Hans im Glück; Bruno Faidutti
Citadels (2002); Fantasy Flight; Bruno Faidutti
Last modified:10.01.07

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