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Carte in tavola!

Year:2004Picture of 'Carte in tavola!'
Designer:Andrea Angiolino
Publisher name:Editoriale Scienza
Price:EUR 14.00
No. of players:1-25
Duration:10 minutes
Information:BoardGameGeek (EN)
Press info:This book collects the rules for 15 card games that are good for childrens and adults alike. There are 12 multi-player ones, 2 solitaires and a magic trick. Some are well known, some are less and one, "Castelli assediati", is new (it only appeared on a issue of the Italian magazine "GiocAreA"). There are a few variants for each game. Among the games there is the traditional version of Werewolves/Mafia.
Contents:One 55 deck of traditional cards with three jokers.
Last modified:09.01.07

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