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Colossal Arena

Year:Essen 2004Picture of 'Colossal Arena'
Designer:Reiner Knizia
Publisher name:Fantasy Flight
Status:Out of print
No. of players:3-5
Age:8 years and up
Duration:1 hour
German reviews:H@LL9000, Ringbote
English reviews:Faidutti
French reviews:Faidutti
Predecessors:Titan: The Arena (1997); Avalon Hill; Reiner Knizia
Successors:Equinox (2021); Plan B Games; Reiner Knizia
Similar games:Grand National Derby (1996); Piatnik; Reiner Knizia
Galaxy: The Dark Ages (2000); GMT Games; Don Greenwood,Reiner Knizia
Picture of 'Colossal Arena'
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