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Orlando Furioso

Year:2002Picture of 'Orlando Furioso'
Designer:Andrea Angiolino
Gianluca Meluzzi
Publisher name:Rose & Poison
Price:EUR 12.00
Type:Basic rules
Predecessors:Orlando Furioso (1993); City Council of Rome; Andrea Angiolino,Gianluca Meluzzi
Successors:I Dadi, I Cavallier, L'Arme e gli Amori (2003); Rose & Poison; Gianluca Meluzzi,Lorenzo Trenti
Similar games:Inventare destini - I giochi di ruolo per l'educazione (2003); La Meridiana; Andrea Angiolino,Luca Giuliano,Beniamino Sidoti
Comment:maintheme: Orlando furioso (poem by Ariosto)
In Italian.

Special Nomination at Best of Show prize, Lucca Games show, November 2002.
Press info:This is a simple but complete role-playing games about King Charles' Paladins, as told by Ludovico Ariosto in the poem with the same title. The game has all the ingredients of a classic heroic fantasy, but with the subtle irony and humor of the original literary source. This is a second edition with several more rules, magic items, more monsters and a new
section describing the world of Ariosto's poem.
Contents:48 illustrated pages including adventure
Last modified:11.01.07

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