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Il gobbo maledetto

Year:2002Picture of 'Il gobbo maledetto'
Designer:Andrea Angiolino
Gregory Alegi
Publisher name:Novecento Grafica e Comunicazione
Price:EUR 12.40
Predecessors:Il gobbo maledetto (1993); Demetra; Andrea Angiolino,Gregory Alegi
Press info:This is a solo-adventure gamebook. You are a pilot that just come out from the Italian Aviation Military School in june 1941. You are assigned to a Savoia Marchetti S.79 torpedo bomber and you take off from the Pantelleria island for your mission. You have to search for the English fleet heading to Malta, try to sink an enemy ship with your only torpedo bomb and fly back to your home airport. Nearly one hundred original photographs show all the main events of the game. This is a second edition, with some little corrections and far more photos than the first.
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