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Drakon Expansion Set One

Designer:Tom Jolly
Publisher name:Fantasy Flight
Status:In print
Article number:TJ02
No. of players:2-6
Age:10 years and up
Duration:20 minutes to 1 hour
German reviews:WestparkGamers
English reviews:EFUN, Faidutti
French reviews:Faidutti
Online shop:EFUN (EN)
Press info:The old dragon Drakon has some new tricks! Not only is she forcing her prisoners to race through her dungeons collecting gold, but now she has revealed a treacherous new maze and is chasing the prisoners herself!

Drakon: Expansion One contains 48 new tiles, a movable dragon counter, and rules for 14 new chamber actions (including a secret passage, a magic harp, a double gold room, and more) that you can add to your Drakon game. You need a copy of the Drakon board game (second printing) to use this expansion.
Contents:48 new tiles
movable dragon counter
Last modified:10.01.07

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