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HellRail: 3rd Perdition

Year:Essen 2001Picture of 'HellRail: 3rd Perdition'
Designer:James Kyle
Publisher name:Mayfair
Status:In print
Price:US$ 20
No. of players:2-4
Age:10 years and up
Duration:1 hour
German reviews:DSK, GoodGameGuide, Spielphase
English reviews:EFUN
Online shop:EFUN (EN)
Translations:HellRail (2002); Giochirari; James Kyle
Predecessors:HellRail (1998); Galloglass Games; James Kyle,Sandie Richardson,Chris Young
HellRail: 2nd Perdition (1999); Galloglass Games; James Kyle
Press info:A conflagration of conductors conveying condemnees to confinement.
Each of the players fancies himself an engineer of the HellRail, conducting the souls of sinners to their torturous abodes in the great Inferno. But, only one of them will triumph and be spared eternal atrocity. Why not enliven your own gathering ?

Based in part on Dante's Inferno.
Contents:45 rail cards
10 circle cards
4 engine cards
4 wooden engines
15 circle effect tokens
9 special tokens
8 special markers
1 rules book
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