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Draco and Co

Year:Essen 2001
Designer:Bruno Faidutti
Michael Schacht
Publisher name:Eurogames
Series:Blue Games
No. of players:3-6
Duration:½ to ¾ hour
English reviews:EFUN
Information:Faidutti (EN,FR)
Online shop:EFUN (EN)
Translations:Der König der Diebe (2001); Eurogames; Bruno Faidutti,Michael Schacht
Similar games:Die Tafelrunde (2000); Spiele aus Timbuktu; Michael Schacht
Press info:Everybody remembers King Arthur and the knights of the round table... but who remembers his evil cousin, Draco, king of rogues and bandits. Draco was the leader of the so-called «round table», a gang of brigands who scoured the kingdom's roads for loot and plunder. Every night, the bandits were meeting at the «repentant knight» tavern, sitting around the big round table who gave its name to the gang. Draco, so called because of his terrible breath, was divying up the loot. The heroes he liked most sat on his right, the unwanted on his left. With drink's help, all the gang members were trying to gain the favours of bandit king... and get a bigger part of the loot.
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