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I cavalieri del Tempio

Year:1990Picture of 'I cavalieri del Tempio'
Designer:Andrea Angiolino
Agostino Carocci
Giuliano Boschi
Luca Giuliano
Massimo Casa
Publisher name:E.Elle
Series:I Cavalieri del Tempio
Price:lir 38.000
Type:Basic rules
Comment:Avventure nei segreti della storia
Press info:"I Cavalieri del Tempio" is a RPG dedicated to the legend of the Templar Knights. Players have the role of members of a secret and exoteric organization born from the ashes of the Templar Order destroyed by the King of France and the Pope. Templars got exoteric knowledge in the East that allow them to separate their "astral body" from the phisical one. This allow them to travel in time and space, to direct the course of history following their secret "Celestial Plan".

PCs are of course, at the beginning, the outermost part of the organization, knowing very less of the real purposes of their missions. The setting is strictly historical and the kind of magic available reflects the credible supernatural power that could be belived at that age in the real world.

"I Cavalieri del Tempio" was influenced by Umerto Eco's novel "Il pendolo di Foucault", that has been published for the first time in Italy in october 1988. The medieval setting of the game is also under the influence of Eco's "il nome della rosa": one of the official adventures, appeared in the supplement "E.Elle Avventura" n.1, is even set in the ruins of Eco's abbey some years after the burning that destroyed it.
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