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Dragonball Z - Il Torneo Tenkaichi

Designer:Andrea Angiolino
Paolo Parrucci
Publisher name:Nexus Editrice
Price:lir 19.000
No. of players:2-6
Age:8 years and up
Duration:20 minutes
Comment:Indipendent but compatible with 'Dragonball - Alla ricerca delle sette sfere' and 'Dragonball - Il gioco di ruolo'.
Press info:"Dragonball Z - Il Torneo Tenkaichi" is a "boardgame without board" where the Dragonball characters fight each other in a martial arts tournament. Each player has a cardboard character, together with the character sheet. A tournament arena is defined on the table using stand-up scenarios to mark the corners. During the game, each player chooses martial art attacks and defences. Movement and combat ranges are measured with rulers of different colors. When a character is thrown out of the arena or put KO, he lost the combat.

This game can be played by itself or it can be used as an advanced combat system for either "Dragonball + Dragonball Z - Il gioco di ruolo" or "Dragonball - Alla ricerca delle Sette Sfere": character statistics of the three games are totally compatible. Game materials are very useful to enrich both the RPG and the other boardgame.
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