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Dragonball - Alla ricerca delle sette sfere

Year:1998Picture of 'Dragonball - Alla ricerca delle sette sfere'
Designer:Andrea Angiolino
Paolo Parrucci
Publisher name:Nexus Editrice
Price:lir 19.000
No. of players:2-5
Age:8 years and up
Duration:½ hour
Comment:"Dragonball - Alla ricerca delle Sette Sfere" has been awarded a Special
Nomination at the Best of Show contest of the Lucca Games show in march
Press info:"Dragonball - Alla ricerca delle Sette Sfere" is a simple boardgame where every player is seeking to get the famous Seven Balls and make the Wish spell. Each player is a character of the famous comic/Tv serial, hears rumors about the would-be location of the magic spheres and goes along the board seeking treasures: some of them are actually the spheres, others are useful items to be used in the game. Treasures can also be taken from opponents, if they are met on the board and a challenge is won. This game is supposed to be played by itself, but game materials are useful to enrich the RPG in the same collection. The game board is the first "official" map of the world of Dragonball, so it has been put by fan on several web sites unrelated to the game. Challenges can also be solved using the other boardgame of the collection, " Dragonball Z - Il torneo".
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