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Descent: Road to Legend Companion App

Jahr:2016Bild von 'Descent: Road to Legend Companion App'
Verlag:Fantasy Flight
Pressetext:Finally, Road to Legend is inherently intertwined with your physical Descent products. Within Road to Legend, you’ll find a collection manager where you can input exactly which expansions, Hero and Monster Collections, and Lieutenant Packs you own. Then, the Road to Legend app draws directly upon the contents of these expansions to change the flavor of every quest. For instance, if you own the Manor of Ravens expansion, you’ll be able to choose to play as the heroes Alys Raine or Thaiden Mistpeak. If you’ve picked up the Oath of the Outcast Hero and Monster Collection, you may suddenly encounter a group of bane spiders in one of your quests. Ultimately, the more physical Descent products you own, the more you can get out of Road to Legend.
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