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Autor/in:Wolfgang Kramer
Michael Kiesling
Grafik:Franz Vohwinkel
Verlag:Rio Grande Games
Preis:US$ 29.95
Anzahl Spieler:2-6
Altersgruppe:ab 12 Jahre
Spieldauer:20 Minuten bis ½ Stunde
Englische Rezensionen:EBG, EFUN
Bezugsquellen:EFUN (EN)
Übersetzungen:Evergreen (1999); Goldsieber; Wolfgang Kramer,Michael Kiesling
Pressetext:Like the trees that are ever green, some concert performers are always popular with audiences. These singers continue to fill concert halls year after year. Like the tides, their popularity ebbs and flows, but always their presence on the bill brings paying customers to the hall. And, of course, they occasionally produce hit records, which adds to their popularity and value. As concert organizers, the players use their influence cards to obligate artists to appear at their concerts. The amount an organizer earns for a concert will depend on how many artists perform and the popularity of those that do. Each player must organize three concerts of their own and participate in the final concert.
Letzte Änderung:11.01.07

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