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Year:Essen 2001Picture of 'Dvonn'
Designer:Kris Burm
Publisher name:Don & Co
Status:Out of print
Number in series:4
Price:DM 50.00
No. of players:2
Age:9 years and up
Duration:½ hour
-Gamers Choice Awards: Two Player Winners (2002)
-Auswahlliste 'Spiel des Jahres' (Selection List for Game of the Year) (2002)
German reviews:FAIRspielt, GamesWePlay, H@LL9000, JurySdJ, ReichDerSpiele, Spieletest, Spielphase
English reviews:E2P, Faidutti
French reviews:Faidutti
Translations:Dvonn (2001); Rio Grande Games; Kris Burm
Successors:Dvonn (2008); Smart Games; Kris Burm
Contents:1 Spielbrett
36 Spielsteine
3 rote Steine
Last modified:08.12.23

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