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Aladdin's Dragons

Designer:Richard Breese
Publisher name:Rio Grande Games
Article number:#150
Price:US$ 27.95
No. of players:2-5
Age:12 years and up
Duration:1 hour
Awards:Gamers Choice Awards: Multiplayer Nominees (2001)
German reviews:H@LL9000
English reviews:EFUN, ES
Information:BoardGameGeek (EN)
Online shop:EFUN (EN)
Translations:Morgenland (2000); Hans im Gl├╝ck; Richard Breese
Predecessors:Keydom (1998); R&D Games; Richard Breese
Press info:The dragons have the jewels, but have left their caves to travel. The players loot the dragons' caves of jewels and use them to acquire precious artifacts in the castle. The players' access to the caves, the city, the castle and the other places in the game is controlled by tokens. Each has the same tokens and must allocate them to the various places they want to visit each turn, but only the player with the highest tokens may visit the place. Thus, players must use strategy and cunning to win this game.
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