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André François

Designer:André François
Award Winning Games:Auswahlliste 'Spiel des Jahres' (Selection List for Game of the Year)Campus (1985)
Biography:                    born in Belgia
                    moved to South Africa
                    moved back to Belgium
                    book author, song texter, game developer
1985 "Campus" on the selection list of "Spiel des Jahres"

Published games

Börsenkrach1994ASSAndré FrançoisBoard BoardGameGeek-INFO (EN), Spielphase (DE) 07.11.07Out of print
Campus1985AmigoAndré FrançoisBoard BoardGameGeek-INFO (EN), EFUN-ORDER (EN), GoodGameGuide (DE), JurySdJ (DE), PA, Spielphase (DE) 18.11.07 
Pivot Wizards of the CoastAndré FrançoisBoard EFUN-ORDER (EN) 10.01.07 

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