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W.G. Armintrout

Designer:W.G. Armintrout

Published games

BILI THE AXE - Up Harzburk!  W.G. ArmintroutBoard   10.01.07 
BioForge  W.G. ArmintroutBoard   09.01.07 
CONAN - Beyond Thunder River  W.G. ArmintroutBoard   10.01.07 
CONAN - Moon of Blood  W.G. ArmintroutBoard   10.01.07 
CONAN - The Wyrmslayer  W.G. ArmintroutBoard   10.01.07 
Death Game 2090  W.G. ArmintroutBoard   10.01.07 
Flight 131989Steve Jackson GamesW.G. ArmintroutRPGGURPS  09.01.07 
For Love of Mother-Not  W.G. ArmintroutBoard   10.01.07 
Harlequin Fantasy ProductionsW.G. ArmintroutRPGShadowrun  10.01.07 
Hot Spot1979MetagamingW.G. ArmintroutBoard EFUN-ORDER (EN) 10.01.07 
Mean Streets  W.G. ArmintroutBoard   10.01.07 
One World1979MetagamingW.G. ArmintroutBoard   10.01.07 
Pacific Strike  W.G. ArmintroutBoard   09.01.07 

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