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Hope S. Hwang

Designer:Hope S. Hwang
Award Winning Games:
Guildhallà la carte: card game award of the Fairplay magazine, Rank: 6 (2013)
Spiel des Jahres: Recommendations for 'Kennerspiel' (2014)

Published games

Advanced Guildhall Fantasy: The Gathering2017AEGHope S. HwangBoard 
Ganymede2018Sorry We Are FrenchHope S. HwangBoard 
Ganymede: Moon2019Sorry We Are FrenchHope S. HwangBoard 
Guildhall2013Pegasus Spiele
Hope S. HwangBoardGuildhall
Guildhall 2: Neue Ränkespiele2014Pegasus SpieleHope S. HwangBoard 
Guildhall Fantasy: Alliance2016AEGHope S. HwangBoard 
Guildhall Fantasy: Coalition2016AEGHope S. HwangBoard 
Guildhall – Neue Ränkespiele2014Pegasus Spiele
Hope S. HwangBoardGuildhall
Sherlock 132015BoardM FactoryHope S. HwangBoard 
Show me your Sound2021Nice Game
Gat Game Studio
Hope S. Hwang
Gary Kim
Yohan Goh
the DOME2015BoardM FactoryHope S. HwangBoard 
the GATE2015BoardM FactoryHope S. HwangBoard 

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