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Emanuele Ornella

Designer:Emanuele Ornella
Award Winning Games:
Byzanzà la carte: card game award of the Fairplay magazine, Rank: 2 (2009)
PioneersSpiel des Jahres: Recommendations for 'Kennerspiel' (2018)

Published games

Assyria2009Ystari GamesEmanuele OrnellaBoard 
Byzanz2008AmigoEmanuele OrnellaBoard 
Byzanz2017lautapelit.fiEmanuele OrnellaBoard 
Charon Inc.2010Gryphon GamesEmanuele OrnellaBoard 
Fantasy Pub2003Mind the MoveEmanuele OrnellaBoard 
Fantasy Pub2005Tilsit EditionsEmanuele OrnellaBoard 
Future Energy2023Queen GamesEmanuele OrnellaBoard 
Hermagor2006Mind the MoveEmanuele OrnellaBoard 
Il Principe2005Mind the MoveEmanuele OrnellaBoard 
Il Principe2006AmigoEmanuele OrnellaBoard 
QWG Games
Emanuele OrnellaBoard 
Okanagan: Valley of the Lakes2017MatagotEmanuele OrnellaBoard 
Oltre Mare2005AmigoEmanuele OrnellaBoard 
Oltremare - Merchants of Venice2004Mind the MoveEmanuele OrnellaBoard 
Peppers of the Caribbean2018White Goblin GamesEmanuele OrnellaBoard 
Pioneers2017Queen GamesEmanuele OrnellaBoard 

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