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Glenn Drover

Designer:Glenn Drover

Published games

Age of Empires III2007Tropical GamesGlenn DroverBoard 
Age of Empires III2008Pro LudoGlenn DroverBoard 
Age of Empires III: Das Zeitalter der Entdeckungen2007Pro LudoGlenn DroverBoard 
Age of Mythology2003Eagle GamesGlenn DroverBoard 
Age of Mythology2004Pro LudoGlenn DroverBoard 
Age of Mythology, 5-6 Player Expansion2003Eagle GamesGlenn DroverBoard 
American Civil War2001Eagle GamesGlenn DroverWar 
Attack!2003Eagle GamesGlenn DroverBoardAttack
Attack! Deluxe2016Eagle-Gryphon GamesMike Selinker
Glenn Drover
Sean Brown
Attack! Expansion2003Eagle GamesGlenn DroverBoardAttack
Civilization - Das Brettspiel2004Eagle GamesGlenn DroverBoard 
Empires: Galactic Rebellion2016Eagle-Gryphon GamesGlenn Drover
Don Beyer
Extraordinary Adventures: Pirates2019Forbidden GamesGlenn DroverBoard 
Extraordinary Voyages2016Mr. B. GamesGlenn Drover
Don Beyer
Glenn Drovers Empires: Age of Discovery Deluxe Edition2015Eagle-Gryphon GamesGlenn DroverBoard 
Mosaic2023Forbidden Games
Glenn DroverBoard 
Pirates! The Board Game2006Eagle GamesGlenn Drover
Sid Meier
Raccoon Tycoon2018Forbidden GamesGlenn Drover
Chu-Lan Kao
Raccoon Tycoon2023PiatnikGlenn DroverBoard 
Railroad Rivals2018Forbidden GamesGlenn DroverBoard 
Railroad Tycoon2005Eagle GamesMartin Wallace
Glenn Drover
Rails of Europe2007FRED DistributionGlenn DroverBoard 
Rails of the Eastern U.S.2008FRED DistributionGlenn DroverBoardRails of the World
Rails of the World2008FRED DistributionGlenn DroverBoardRails of the World
Railways of Nippon2018Eagle-Gryphon GamesMartin Wallace
Glenn Drover
Hisashi Hayashi
Railways of the World2009Eagle GamesMartin Wallace
Glenn Drover
Victory and Glory: Napoleon2016Electric GamesGlenn DroverBoard 
War! Age of Imperialism2001Eagle GamesGlenn DroverWar 
WarQuest2016L4 StudiosGlenn DroverBoard 

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