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John Yianni

Designer and Artist:John Yianni
Award Winning Games:Spiel der Spiele: Games for two PlayersHive (2006)

Published games

Army of Frogs2007Gen42John YianniBoard 
Hive2001Gen42John YianniBoard 
John YianniBoard 
Hive: Erweiterung 3: Assel2013Huch!John YianniBoard 
Hive: Mosquito Expansion2007Gen42John YianniBoard 
Junkyard Races2003Gen42John YianniBoard 
Logan Stones2009Huch!John YianniBoard 
Tatsu2016Gen42John YianniBoard 
Tatsu2016Huch!John YianniBoard 

Games published as artist

Logan Stones2009Huch!John YianniBoard 

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