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Ken Fisher

Designer:Ken Fisher

Published games

Witches2014AmigoKen Fisher
Joe Andrews
Wizard1996AmigoKen FisherBoardWizard
Wizard1984U.S. Games SystemsKen FisherBoard 
Wizard Deluxe Edition1999U.S. Games SystemsKen FisherBoard 
Wizard Junior2011AmigoKen FisherBoard 
Wizard – Jubiläumsedition2006AmigoKen FisherBoardWizard
Wizard: 20th Jubiläumsedition2016AmigoKen FisherBoard 
Wizard: 25 Jahre-Edition2021AmigoKen FisherBoardWizard
Wizard: Jubiläumsedition2016AmigoKen FisherBoard 
WOW: World of Words2013U.S. Games SystemsKen FisherBoard 

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