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Ronald M. Corn

Designer:Ronald M. Corn
Biography:Ronald Corn lives and works in New Jersey, U.S.A. which is
located about 40 miles west of New York City. He was born in 1934 in
New York City. He received his chemical engineering degree from Columbia
University in New York City in 1956. Ron spent more than 37 years as an
engineer and manager for the U.S. Department of Defense. He is currently
an engineering consultant who assists in the design and teaching of
Engineering Courses. He has a wife and two grown children (a daughter
and a son).

  Ron began collecting and inventing games in the late 1960s. . His game
collection includes more than 1,000 games. Ron now spends part of his
time as a computer software salesman in a store which is part of a large
U.S.A. retail chain where his knowledge of computer games is put to good

In 1977, Ron was introduced to Sid Sackson by the owner of a game shop
where both of them happened to shop for games to add to their
collections. Sid's first visit to see Ron's large game collection
started their close friendship that continues today.

Sid Sackson encouraged Ronald to begin inventing games. Rons first
published game, Buried Treasure, appeared in Sid Sackson's 1981 book
Card Games Around the World. Ronald Corn has invented dozens of game.
His first boxed game, Crimesolvers, appeared in 1986 in the United
States and Holland. Crimesolvers was listed in the Games Magazine 100
and in Omni Magazine's pick of the top 10 games for 1986. Ronald
continues to create new games that he hopes will be available soon.

(written by Ronald Corn)

Published games

Crime Solvers1986MarucaRonald M. CornBoard 
Double Identity1987spielboxRonald M. CornBoardSpielbox
Mark1997FranjosRonald M. CornBoard 
Moord Spel JumboRonald M. CornBoard 
Pow Wow1996FranjosRonald M. CornBoard 
Sponsor1987JumboRonald M. CornBoard 

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