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Eric W. Solomon

Designer:Eric W. Solomon
Award Winning Games:
AlaskaAuswahlliste 'Spiel des Jahres' (Selection List for Game of the Year) (1979)
BillabongDeutscher Spielepreis ('German Game Award'), Rank: 10 (1994)
Auswahlliste 'Spiel des Jahres' (Selection List for Game of the Year) (1994)
CasablancaAuswahlliste 'Spiel des Jahres' (Selection List for Game of the Year) (1991)
Deutscher Spielepreis ('German Game Award'), Rank: 5 (1991)
Biography:1935 born in Birmingham
                    education in a nuclear research laboratory
1959 graduation in mathematics
                    work at ICL
1965 freelance computer consultnt
1979 winner of the "President Cub" in Crocket
1979 "Alaska" on the selection list of "Spiel des Jahres"
1994 "Billabong" on the selection list of "Spiel des Jahres"
                    Hobbies: Cricket, horse riding

Published games

Agent1975PelikanEric W. SolomonBoardBuchkassette
Alaska1979RavensburgerEric W. SolomonBoard 
Ballonrennen1977RavensburgerEric W. SolomonBoard 
Billabong1993FranjosEric W. SolomonBoard 
Billabong1995AmigoEric W. SolomonBoard 
Billabong2002FranjosEric W. SolomonBoard 
Billabong2018FranjosEric W. SolomonBoard 
Black Box1990FranjosEric W. SolomonBoard 
Black Box1978Waddingtons GamesEric W. SolomonBoard 
Black Box1978Parker BrothersEric W. SolomonBoard 
Black Box1977MBEric W. SolomonBoard 
Black Box1978Capiepa - Jeux √ČducatifsEric W. SolomonBoard 
Casablanca1991AmigoEric W. SolomonBoard 
Conspiracy1982MBEric W. SolomonBoard 
Entropy  Eric W. SolomonBoard 
Games Programming C.U.P.Eric W. SolomonBook 
Games with Pencil and Paper1993DoverEric W. SolomonBook 
Games with Pencil and Paper1973Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd.Eric W. SolomonBook 
Goldrausch in Alaska mit Cronat Gold1981Ravensburger-PromotionEric W. SolomonBoard 
Hyle1990FranjosEric W. SolomonBoard 
Hyle 72015FranjosEric W. SolomonBoard 
Hyle de Luxe1997FranjosEric W. SolomonBoard 
James Bond Geheimagent 0071982F.X. SchmidEric W. SolomonBoard 
Black Box
1978Parker BrothersEric W. SolomonBoard 
Ordo1978Parker BrothersEric W. SolomonBoard 
Sigma File1970Seven TownsEric W. SolomonBoard 
Vis-a-Vis Selchow&RighterEric W. SolomonBoard 

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