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IDW Games

Publisher name:IDW Games
IDW, Idea and Design Works
Comment:Idea and Design Works, LLC
Street:2765 Truxtun Road
City:San Diego

Published games

Arcane Academy2016IDW GamesKevin Wilson
Eric M. Lang
Board   16.05.16 
Awesome Kingdom: Mines & Labyrinths2016IDW GamesKevin WilsonBoard   16.05.16 
Back to the Future: An Adventure Through Time2016IDW GamesBen Pinchback
Matt Riddle Ben Pinchback
Board   16.05.16 
Back To The Future: OUTATIME2016IDW GamesDaryl AndrewsBoard   16.05.16 
Cat Tower: Kickstarter Edition2016IDW GamesAza ChenBoard   16.05.16 
Escape from 100 Million B.C.2017IDW GamesKevin WilsonBoard muwins (DE) 11.02.19 
Little Circuses2016IDW GamesKevin WilsonBoard   16.05.16 
Orphan Black: The Card Game2016IDW GamesSen-Foong Lim
Jay Cormier
Board   16.05.16 
Schnurrrlock Holmes2018IDW GamesStephen SauerBoard Brettspielpoesie (DE), Spielezar (DE), Spielstil (DE), Weltenraum (DE) 21.03.18In print
IDW Games
Matt Loomis
Isaac Shalev
Board angespielt (DE), BrettspieleRunde (DE), Fjelfras (DE), MikesGamingNet (DE), ReichDerSpiele (DE), SpielDochMal (DE), Spieletest (DE), SpielKult (DE), Spielstil (DE), UnsereSpielewelt (DE) 14.10.18In print
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadows of the Past2016IDW GamesKevin WilsonBoard   16.05.16 
The Godfather: A New Don2016IDW GamesSen-Foong Lim
Jay Cormier
Board   16.05.16 
The Godfather: An Offer You Cant Refuse2016IDW GamesNathan McNair
Nate Murray
Board   16.05.16 
The X-Files: Trust No One Expansion2016IDW GamesKevin WilsonBoard BoardgameMonkeys (DE) 16.05.16 
Wasteland Express Delivery Service2016IDW GamesJonathan Gilmour
Ben Pinchback
Matt Riddle Ben Pinchback
Board   16.05.16 

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