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Identity Games

Publisher name:Identity Games
Street:Het witte huis - Wijnhaven 3e
City:3011 WG Rotterdam
Phone:++31+(0)10-201 45 55
Fax:++31+(0)10-214 12 06

Published games

Escape Room Duo2019noris
Identity Games
 BoardEscape RoomBrettspielpoesie (DE), SpieleAkademie (DE) 01.11.19 
Foto-Safari2005Identity Games
Californian Products
Arthur TebbeBoard Spielphase (DE)EUR 25.0010.01.07 
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - The Angel of Darkness2003Identity GamesArthur TebbeBoard DHK (DE), H@LL9000 (DE), Spielphase (DE), Topolino (DE)EUR 29.9010.01.07In print
Zeepkistenrace2003Identity GamesArthur TebbeBoard   10.01.07 

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