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The Legend of Robin Hood

Jahr:1982Bild von 'The Legend of Robin Hood'
Autor/in:Joe Bisio
Verlag:Avalon Hill
Status:Produktion eingestellt
Gewicht:378 g
Größe:15 x 22 x 3 cm
Anzahl Spieler:2
Spieldauer:2 Stunden
Kommentar:maintheme:Saga majortheme:Robin Hood
Beschreibung:Robin Hood is basically a two-Player game. One Player assumes the role of Robin Hood, the other Player that of the Sheriff of Nottingham. Each Player, in the course of the game, can recruit other personalities (leaders) and units of fighting men. The Sheriff Player must attempt to maintain law and order by ensuring the collection of taxes and the safe travel of the rich through Sherwood Forest. Robin Hood must build up a band of merry outlaws, and exact a toll from the rich. ...
Material:22 x 17" Mapboard, One Counter Sheet (100 Pieces), One Rulebook, One Six-Sided Die.
Bild von 'The Legend of Robin Hood'
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