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This War of Mine

Jahr:Essen 2017Bild von 'This War of Mine'
Autor/in:Michał Oracz
Jakub Wiśniewski
11 Bit Studios
Anzahl Spieler:1-6
Altersgruppe:ab 14 Jahre
Spieldauer:¾ Stunde bis 2 Stunden
Deutsche, ERKLAERPEER, PKS, SpieLama, SpielDochMal
Übersetzungen:This War of Mine (2018); Galakta,11 Bit Studios; Michał Oracz,Jakub Wiśniewski
Pressetext:This War of Mine: The Board Game is a cooperative game about surviving in a war-ravaged city for 1-6 players by the well know designers Michał Oracz and Jakub Wiśniewski based on the gripping survival game This War of Mine by 11bit studios In this breathtaking experience players will have to resolve many deeply emotional situations, which are provided by the unique book of scripts an entirely new way to introduce storytelling and RPG elements into a board game. The brutal realism of This War of Mine: The Board Game is further enhanced by managing the shelter a ruined building where the players are hiding. You will have to craft new, useful things, search through the rabble or even dig into the collapsed cellar. It is completely up to the players, how they will use their resources and what parts of the city they will explore. Will you survive the war?
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