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Jahr:Essen 1999
Autor/in:Alan R. Moon
Verlag:Rio Grande Games
Preis:US$ 40
Anzahl Spieler:2-6
Altersgruppe:ab 10 Jahre
Spieldauer:1 Stunde
Englische Rezensionen:E2P, EFUN, Faidutti
Französische Rezensionen:Faidutti
Informationen:Wikipedia (DE)
Bezugsquellen:EFUN (EN)
Übersetzungen:Elfenland (1998); Amigo; Alan R. Moon
Elfengold (1999); Amigo; Alan R. Moon
Vorgänger:Elfenroads (1992); White Wind; Alan R. Moon
Pressetext:In Elfenland, young elves have to pass a very special test before they are
accepted as grown-ups. All elf girls and elf boys receive a map of Elfenland,
and they have to visit as many famous towns in Elfenland as possible, using
the common types of transportation: dragons, unicorns, giant pigs, elfcycles,
troll wagons, magic clouds, ferries and rafts. These types of transportation,
however, are available in limited numbers and can only be used in specific
regions. Thus, an exciting race starts among the elves to find out who will
make the best use of the available transportation. The one to visit the most
towns will win the game.
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