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Dragonsgate College

Year:Essen 2017Picture of 'Dragonsgate College'
Designer:Thomas Vande Ginste
Wolf Plancke
Publisher name:NSKN Games
Status:In print
No. of players:2-4
Age:12 years and up
Duration:1 hour to 1½ hours
German reviews:BRETTSPIEgeL, BrettspieleReport, RoterDorn, Spieletest, angespielt
Box text:Welcome to the school for exceptionally talented students of the ancient art of Dungeon Crawling! Are you ready to make your House proud?
Dragonsgate College is a strategic game utilizing a unique dice drafting mechanism, that puts 2-4 players in charge of Student Houses locked in a battle for recognition and prestige. Each turn players draft dice that allow them to perform multiple actions: recruiting new apprentices and teachers, placing new facilities on their player boards, and more. Each turn they also have the opportunity to raise the general skill levels of their House, in order to give their apprentices a greater push towards performing feats of bravery and cunning.
Constructing student facilities, hiring seasoned adventurers as teachers, dabbling in the arcane arts of wizardry and subterfuge, and cleverly outmaneuvering your opponents all this awaits you within the walls of this ancient university. Prove your worth, and maybe you will even get a tenure!
Contents:Rules Booklet
Game Board
4 Player Boards
Tokens and tiles:
12 Level tiles,
12 Mastery tiles,
30 Career tiles (Wizards, Rogues and Warriors ),
44 Apprentice tiles (3 in each player colour, 32 generic),
30 Professor tiles (3 in each player colour, 18 generic),
36 Building tiles,
16 Imp tokens,
36 Coin tokens (values 1 and 5),
50 Wizardry cards,
4 Turn Summary,
Starting Resources and Prestige at Game End cards,
16 wooden marker cubes in 4 player colours,
16 wooden marker discs in 4 player colours,
21 dice (3 in each player colour),
8 neutral dice,
1 combined action die,
2 wooden columns (1 Starting Player marker and 1 Turn Marker)
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