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Cosmic Encounter

Year:1977Picture of 'Cosmic Encounter'
Designer:Bill Eberle
Jack Kittredge
Peter Olotka
Bill Norton
Publisher name:Eon
Status:Out of print
No. of players:2-4
Age:12 years and up
Duration:1 hour
English reviews:EZ, Faidutti, GamePile
French reviews:Faidutti
Information:BoardGameGeek (EN), Wikipedia (DE)
Homepages:Homepage (EN)
Online shop:EFUN (EN)
Successors:Cosmic Encounter (2000); Avalon Hill; Bill Eberle,Jack Kittredge,Peter Olotka,Bill Norton
Cosmic Encounter (2008); Fantasy Flight; Bill Eberle,Jack Kittredge,Peter Olotka,Bill Norton
Contents:4 Planet System hexagons
1 Space Warp hexagon
4 sets of 20 coloured tokens
4 sets of 4 Star discs
46 Challenge cards
8 Edict cards
15 Alien Power cards
1 Hyper-Space Cone
rules booklet
Picture of 'Cosmic Encounter'
Picture of 'Cosmic Encounter'
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