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Year:1981Picture of 'Moonstar'
Designer:Alex Randolph
Publisher name:Avalon Hill
Status:Out of print
Article number:6325
No. of players:1-
Duration:½ hour
Online shop:EFUN (EN)
Translations:Corona (1974); Ravensburger; Alex Randolph
Similar games:Ricochet Robot (1999); Rio Grande Games; Alex Randolph
Rasende Roboter (1999); Hans im Glück; Alex Randolph
Box text:Moonstar combines numbers calculations, memory, and quick-thinking into a fest-playing, action-packed, exciting contest of pure skill. A game with endless variety.
Contents:Spielplan, 15 Mond-Plättchen, 21 Planeten-Plättchen, Sanduhr, 11 Würfel, Spielregel. + deutsche Regelübersetzung.
Picture of 'Moonstar'
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