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Dicke Dämonen

Year:Essen 2004Picture of 'Dicke Dämonen'
Designer:Heinrich Glumpler
Publisher name:Edition Erlkönig
Price:EUR 15.00
No. of players:1-4
Age:10 years and up
Duration:20 minutes
German reviews:GoodGameGuide, H@LL9000, ReichDerSpiele, SpielKult, Spielphase
English reviews:Faidutti
French reviews:Faidutti
Information:BoardGameGeek (EN)
Successors:Dicke Dämonen (2014); Edition Erlkönig; Heinrich Glumpler
Comment:No language specific material included, rules in different languages can be downloaded.
Press info:In a game of "Dicke Daemonen" the players are magicians trying to rule the world. Curiously this is a small world indeed because in the eyes of a magician the world consists of magical power lines and power fields only.

Power lines and power fields
There are four power lines - earth, fire, air and water. Whereever these lines enfold the space the power fields are created. Whereever the lines cross each other the corners of these fields materialize.

Ghosts and Demons
The magicians summon ghosts and demons to rule the world. But at the start of it all nobody knows which type of creature will be the strongest.

Ghosts - white creatures - appear in the center of a power field and whereever they are summoned everything freezes in terror. Neither ghosts nor demons may appear any more in a power field after a ghost is summoned there.

Demons - wearing the colors of the power lines - appear in the corners of the power fields adjacent to the lines having their color. No demon will enter a field where a ghost was summoned.

Each magician summons - again and again - one of four creatures at a place of his choice and so the world fills up up with ghosts and demons.

The color ruling the world
As soon as no more creature can be summoned any more the fate of the world is decided - and one of the colors will be the strongest.

But which magician wins? Only once in the game each magician may predict a color - one of the demon colors or the color white belonging to the ghosts. And each magician must predict a different color. This look to the future costs a lot of energy. As soon as a magician predicts a color he will be harassed by fate and the other magicians. So it is an important decision which color to predict ? and when to predict it.

The magician who predicted the color which is the the strongest in the end - rules the world ... of the Dicke Daemonen.
Contents:cloth bag
50 Pawns in five colors
4 colored strings
1 rule sheet (german)
Picture of 'Dicke Dämonen'
Picture of 'Dicke Dämonen'
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