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Year:Nürnberg 2001Picture of 'Pitstop'
Designer:Spartaco Albertarelli
Angelo Zucca
Publisher name:eg Spiele
Price:DM 60
No. of players:2-6
Age:14 years and up
Duration:½ hour to 1½ hours
Online shop:EFUN (EN)
Press info:PITSTOP is a motor racing game with a special set of tiles that give the players the opportunity to rebuild virtually any circuit (F1, Formula Cart,
Gran Turismo, etc.).

Game concept is very simple: you decide the gear and roll from 1 to 6 special dice. Dice determine the speed of the car, and the fuel consuption. At the and of your turn you must set the gear for next turn. Every curve has his own speed limit and if you are too fast you loose Tyres-point (but you can exit the curve with a higher gear). If you don't have any more tyres-point you are no more allowed to exceed the speed timits.

The game is turn based and the players play according to their position on the track. The leading player is the first one and so on. When the last player has thrown the dice, the position on the track determines next turn playing sequence. If two players are on the same space, the player with the higher gear will throw the dice before the other.

During the race (always 3 laps) the players must decide the pitstop strategy (1 stop, two stops, no stops) depending on the tyres and fuel consuption. The dice determines the fuel consuption, while the tyres consuption is up to the players. You can decide to enter a curve at a speed higher then the speed limit, but using some of your tyres point (advanced rules let you also decide between hard and soft tyres).

The most important decision you make during the race, is the gear setting at the end of your turn. The leading player has the advantage to roll before all the others, but he has also to set the gear in advance and this is an advantage for the following players.

The second most important decision, is to calculate the "braking point", that means the best distance to next curve to start lowering your gear. There are several possible strategies, depending on the track, the tyres selected and the "pitstop strategy".
Picture of 'Pitstop'
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