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Orlando Furioso

Year:1993Picture of 'Orlando Furioso'
Designer:Andrea Angiolino
Gianluca Meluzzi
Publisher name:City Council of Rome
Type:Basic rules
Successors:Orlando Furioso (2002); Rose & Poison; Andrea Angiolino,Gianluca Meluzzi
I Dadi, I Cavallier, L'Arme e gli Amori (2003); Rose & Poison; Gianluca Meluzzi,Lorenzo Trenti
Comment:maintheme: Orlando furioso (poem by Ariosto)

in Italian

Published by the City Council of Rome to be distributed for free to schools and public libraries all over Italy.
Press info:This is a very easy fantasy RPG where player become Paladins, moorish warriors and other characters of the Renaissance poems about King Charlemagne. Besides the literary setting, the game contains all the ingredients of the most classic epic fantasy: heroic knights, wizards, monsters, magic items and so on.

The system is the same that already appeared in the mythic RPG Mediterraneo, with some more special rules for the specific setting such as the one for combat on horse.

The tone is fantastic and lightly humorous, as in Ariosto's poem: paradoxes are even present in the adventures, as sometime where in the literary world of the Italian poet.

The first edition has been a 32-pages booklet published in 1000 copies by the Biblioteca Centrale per Ragazzi (Central Library for Kids) and by the City Council of Rome, to be freely distributed to teachers and librarians all over Italy. Since the booklet is aimed to people that could have never seen a role playing game and that could decide to use it in an educative activity, it has a general introduction about role-playing games and the full list of the ones already published in Italy at the time (a bit more than 30, between original Italian systems and translations), with a short description of each.

The core of the booklet include all the rules, the character sheet, a bestiary and a complete adventure: "The patience of King Charles". The latter has been written in blocks linked as in a choose-your-adventure gamebook, so to help the beginner Master to handle his players' decisions about where to go and hgow to pursue their goal. The players have to rescue King Charles patience: he lost it because his best Paladins are mostly running after Angelica, and as everything that it lost it went to the moon. Some notes on how to handle RPG in schools and public libraries close the booklet.
Contents:32 pages booklet including an adventure
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