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Knock! Knock!

Jahr:Essen 2004Bild von 'Knock! Knock!'
Autor/in:Bruno Faidutti
GwenaŽl Bouquin
Verlag:Jolly Roger Games
Anzahl Spieler:3-5
Altersgruppe:ab 7 Jahre
Spieldauer:¼ bis ½ Stunde
Deutsche Rezensionen:GoodGameGuide
Englische Rezensionen:GoodGameGuide
Beschreibung:Knock! Knock! is a game of bluff where players send partygoers to other players to see if they are welcomed or rejected. Is the guest cool or a geek? Will they help make a bigger, better party or drive people away?
Material:56 Cards: 15 Monsters (7 normal, 2 Bouncers, 1 Rocker, 5 Vamps), 15 Ghosts (dto.), 15 Vampires (dto.), 5 Nerds, 3 Grim Reapers, 2 Headless Horsemen, 5 Blank Cards, rules.
Letzte Änderung:12.12.13

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