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Elliot Rudell

Designer:Elliot Rudell

Published games

4-Way Spelldown!2004CadacoElliot RudellBoard   26.04.20 
All Queens Chess2015ThinkFunElliot RudellBoard   26.04.20 
Befour You Know (The Color will Show)2009Patch Products
Play Monster
Elliot RudellBoard   26.04.20 
Boneless Chicken Launch Far Out ToysElliot RudellBoard   26.04.20 
Ducks in a row2008ThinkFunElliot RudellBoard   26.04.20 
In your face MGA EntertainmentElliot RudellBoard   26.04.20 
Kong: Skull Island Game2005Pressman Toy CorporationElliot RudellBoard   26.04.20 
Nab-It!2010HasbroElliot Rudell
Kyle Miller
Board   26.04.20 
Spelling Bee Bingo2000Pressman Toy CorporationElliot RudellBoard   26.04.20 
Splash out Far Out ToysElliot RudellBoard   26.04.20 
Throw in a row1992Parker Brothers
Elliot RudellBoard   26.04.20 
Tricky Wave2018Game FactoryElliot RudellBoard (DE), ReichDerSpiele (DE), Spielevater (DE) 07.02.21 
Spin Master
Elliot RudellBoard   26.04.20 
Wet Head1988Jumbo
Imagination Games
Zing Toys
Elliot RudellBoard   26.04.20 
Who cut the cheese?2018Epoch Everlasting PlayElliot RudellBoard   26.04.20 
Word Rummy Kartenspiel2004CadacoElliot RudellBoard   26.04.20 

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