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Gary Kim

Designer:Gary Kim

Published games

Cannon Buster2017Happy BaobabGary KimBoard   06.02.21 
Distant Suns2022ielloYeon-Min Jung
Gary Kim
Board Fjelfras (DE), SpielKult (DE) 21.09.22In print
Nine2019Sorry We Are FrenchGary KimBoard BoardgameMonkeys (DE) 14.03.20 
Nomaden2017LudonauteGary KimBoardLegends of LumaBrettspielpoesie (DE), GamesWePlay (DE) 28.01.18In print
Nomaden / Nomads2017LudonauteGary KimBoard   06.02.21 
Show me your Sound2021Nice Game
Gat Game Studio
Hope S. Hwang
Gary Kim
Yohan Goh
Board (DE) 21.03.22 

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