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Yves Hirschfeld

Designer:Yves Hirschfeld
Award Winning Games:Auswahlliste 'Spiel des Jahres' (Selection List for Game of the Year)Schoko & Co (1988)
Biography:1953 born in Straßburg
                    theater study in Paris
                    study at the Conservatoire of Versailles
                    actor and stage manager
                    married, 2 children
1988 "Schoko & Co." on the selection list of "Spiel des Jahres"
                    hobbies: films, sport, painting, literature

Published games

Ambition SchmidtYves Hirschfeld
Gilles Monnet
Board   07.08.15 
Chairs1999Fundex GamesYves Hirschfeld
Yurkovic Design Inc.
Board BoardGameGeek-INFO (EN) 10.01.07 
Klappe!2016Huch!Yves Hirschfeld
Fabien Bleuze
Board angespielt (DE), DCLIQ (DE), MikesGamingNet (DE), ReichDerSpiele (DE), SpielKult (DE) 19.01.17 
Schoko & Co1987SchmidtYves Hirschfeld
Gilles Monnet
Board EFUN-ORDER (EN), ER (EN), JurySdJ (DE), PA, Spielphase (DE), WestparkGamers (EN) 07.08.15Out of print

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