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Tom Dalgliesh

Designer and Artist:Tom Dalgliesh
Award Winning Games:
Hammer of the ScotsGamers Choice Awards: Historical Simulation Winners (2003)
Pacific VictoryGamers Choice Awards: Historical Simulation Nominees (2001)
Phantoms of the Ice la carte: card game award of the Fairplay magazine, Rank: 5 (1995)

Published games

Airline1975Gamma Two GamesTom Dalgliesh
Ron Gibson
Lance Gutteridge
Board BoardGameGeek-INFO (EN) 10.01.07 
Athens & Sparta2007Columbia GamesTom DalglieshBoard GoodGameGuide (DE) 04.09.10 
Bobby Lee1993Columbia GamesTom DalglieshWarWooden Block GamesBoardGameGeek-INFO (EN), EFUN (EN), ES (EN), EZ (EN) 10.01.07 
Bobby Lee 2nd Edition1995Columbia GamesTom DalglieshWar BoardGameGeek-INFO (EN), EFUN-ORDER (EN), ES (EN), ES-FAQ (EN), EZ (EN) 10.01.07 
Dixie: First Bull Run1994Columbia GamesTom DalglieshBoard EZ (EN) 10.01.07 
Eagles: Waterloo Columbia GamesTom DalglieshWar EZ (EN) 10.01.07 
Hammer of the Scots2002Columbia GamesTom Dalgliesh
Jerry Taylor
War EFUN (EN) 10.01.07 
Napoleon1993Columbia GamesTom DalglieshWarWooden Block GamesEFUN (EN), EFUN-ORDER (EN), ES (EN), EZ (EN) 09.01.07 
Napoleon1977Avalon HillTom DalglieshWar EFUN-ORDER (EN), ES (EN), EZ (EN) 10.01.07 
Napoleon1974Gamma Two GamesTom DalglieshWar ES (EN), EZ (EN) 10.01.07 
Pacific Victory2000Columbia GamesTom DalglieshWarWooden Block GamesES (EN), EZ (EN)US$ 59.9810.01.07In print
Phantoms II1996White WindTom DalglieshBoard   09.01.07 
Phantoms of the Ice1994White WindTom DalglieshBoard EFUN-ORDER (EN), H@LL9000 (DE), Spielphase (DE) 14.01.14Out of print
Power Play1997AmigoTom DalglieshBoard darkpact (DE), DHK (DE), EFUN (EN), EFUN-ORDER (EN), GoodGameGuide (DE), Spielphase (DE), WestparkGamers (EN)DM 1110.01.07 
Slapshot2011Columbia GamesTom DalglieshBoard Spieletest (DE) 31.03.12 
Slapshot2005Columbia GamesTom DalglieshBoard   10.01.07 
Slapshot1982Avalon HillTom DalglieshBoardBookshelf GameEFUN-ORDER (EN) 03.11.13Out of print
Smokers Wild1978Avalon HillTom Dalgliesh
C. Forward
G. Rogers
Board   09.01.07 
The Last Spike2015Columbia GamesTom DalglieshBoard Doppelspiel (DE), H@LL9000 (DE) 15.02.17 
Victory: The Blocks of War1998Columbia GamesTom Dalgliesh
Grant Dalgliesh
BoardWooden Block GamesEFUN-ORDER (EN), EFUN (EN), ELP (EN), ES (EN), EZ (EN) 09.01.07 

Games published as artist

Athens & Sparta2007Columbia GamesTom DalglieshBoard GoodGameGuide (DE) 04.09.10 

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